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O/T Super Bowl, the day after

Super Bowl, the day after

While what I had to say about tolerance of the joys of other still stands, it did not apply to the offensiveness of the commercials and half time show that went along with the televising of the Super Bowl. I was watching the James Bond movie ďFor Your Eyes OnlyĒ on the personal DVD player that replaced the defective one I got for Christmas (first one locked up while playing). Across the room, the big screen was tuned to Fox News with the volume turned down to a whisper. I switched over to the Super Bowl with about three minutes left in the first half. Just in time to see Carolina make a beautiful play with a long pass that was run in for a touchdown and wound up tying the score. Next time I looked up New England was one yard from the goal line and took the Carolina effort back. Somewhere, I guess Carolina kicked a field goal because the score was 14/10. All this with 3 minutes on the play clock.

The end of the half was followed by the jabbering of the commentators and then the half time show. When the singing started, I pressed the mute button and my television is set up to display the closed captions while in mute mode. I could say that I was shocked at what I saw, but apparently that was the goal of MTV. Songs about sex, drugs and alcohol were very much out of place bundled with a sporting even. This morning the exposing of Janet Jacksonís breast on stage has been a lead story on Fox News. MTV claims it was an accident but Fox News ainít buying it. I missed it because my attention was focused on the closed caption box, so I canít really comment other than to say that given the lewdness of the bump and grind routine they were performing on stage, Iím very suspicious of the ďaccidentĒ explanation.

The commercials were offensive as well. Most of them were just stupid and offended me on an intellectual level but some were way over the line either in the way they depicted people and/or their sexually suggestive content. Iím no prude, Iíve been to a jiggle bar or two in my time, but this is way out of place on my television and on a family, network channel broadcast. Iím thinking a product boycott email writing campaign is in order.

This, at the same time that the language has become so offensive on televised award and radio talk shows, appears to be an attempt to push the envelope. In the Ď60s Laugh-In, The Smothers Brothers and a couple of other shows pushed the envelope too, but that was different. Jeanieís costume had to fit such that her navel didnít show at the same time that skimpier swimwear was common on the beach. Now, they want to put on television what is against the law to exhibit in the jiggle bars where younger patrons have to show ID to prove they are adults.

Iím the last one to promote government censorship, but where in the constitution is the right to abuse the freedom of speech to the point of being this offensive? Iíve even questioned some religious people as to why they want to cover up Godís most beautiful creation, the human body, but for one person to violate what is socially acceptable at the time and place by exposing herself just for probable shock value and as a publicity stunt is despicable behavior.
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

That was the worst halftime show I can remember. Kid Rock Nellie P Diddy and Janet, are you kidding me? It was horrible, I wish I had the pay per view victoria secret half time show. [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

did anyone see the pay per view half time show?
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after


I did not see *any* of the SB program last night... my boys and I watched Clint's "Pale Rider" on vhs. Of course, immediately this AM I saw reference to the Timberlake/Jackson escapade. [img]images/graemlins/bs.gif[/img]

Uncommon for a change, but I'm agreed w/ you 'in toto' on the issues you raise on the specific topic of SB half-time show and commercials, and on TV content (shows/commercials) in general. (I watch very little TV anymore for a variety of reasons, but [lack of acceptable] content weighs heavily as a factor.)

And, you are absolutely correct about their constitutional right to 'free speech'; as I am in my right to express my views (verbally, written and financially) on their expression thereof. In that light, can you provide me w/ a list of the commercial sponsors of the halftime show/game? (Budweiser is the only one I am aware of, and that does not help a whole lot since I do not imbibe...)

[img]images/graemlins/goodpost.gif[/img] Many thanks for a well-written post.
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

I thought the halftime show stunk it up, but I have to disgree on the quality of the commercials. I loved some of the Budweiser and Bud Light commercials. I thought the dog in the "Fetch" commercial was the funniest looking dog I've seen. Janet Jackson and MTV will probably never be seen again on a nathionally televised event other than MTV.
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

in their defense, beyonce (for whom any given outfit would fit into a jacket pocket) was quite respectfully dressed for her singing of the national anthem. [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img] to her (or more likely her handlers) for that...there is some hope...
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

1. Well... Well... Well...
2. What's it gonna take go get America,
3. To WAKE UP and smell the postum?
4. We call good evil,
5. We call evil good,
6. We kill our children,
7. We forget God,
8. We trample his laws,
9. We ignore the Sabbath Day,
10. We are going to hell in a Hand-basket,
11. And we wonder why this incident happened?
12. Well, look forward to more of it,
13. Until we get sick of such prevision.
15. It's not a matter of being a Prude (and what's the problem with that?)
16. It's a matter of living God's laws,
17. Because they work.
18. So, many will continued to satiate the perverseness,
19. And continue to ripen in their own filth...
20. When is enough, enough?
21. Well, I haven't got an answer.
23. It was enough for me four decades ago...
24. It's God's call, not mine...
25. It's his call,
26. But it's us who push the timetable.
27. The older I get,
28. The more I just want off this ride,
28. The scenery worsens,
29. The sounds become a cacophony...
30. And the I older I get it's,
31. Like livin' in a fishbowl,
32. Where the water's gettin' mighty cloudy...
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

In much the same way that NBC & SNL tried to be edgy & 'hip' by putting Andy Kaufman, Andrew 'Dice' Clay and Martin Lawrence on the air with promises of 'good behavior', CBS danced close to the flame & got burned. I don't buy it that noone in upper CBS management knew this was coming, and the cut-away was a bit too fast (unless they were running through a delay) for it not to have been expected...it was on the screen just long enough for your jaw to drop. I like naked women just as much as the next guy, but that just wasn't the place for it. The content may have been right for the demographic they were *trying* to attract, but they pissed on everyone else in the process and now they're gonna have hell to pay for it. I don't mind stuff like that on TV when I'm watching something where that's expected behavior. I know not to have my kid in the room if we're watching an MTV awards show, or to be ready to cover his eyes if we let him sit in the room for '24' or something else violent, but this was just plain out of left field and not in keeping with the 'traditional' half-time fare which usually has well established talented artists and tends to be fairly patriotic. This was just a mess...period. Janet was doing alright with her re-deux of 'Rhythm Nation', then crapped on the whole thing by bumping & grinding with Justin and the boob exposure was just the cherry on top of the pile.
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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

AOL was the official sponsor of the halftime show. Some other Super Bowl sponsors were; McDonald's, Viacom, Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, General Motor's, Frito Lay's (may be a subsidiary of Pepsi), Pizza Hut (part of Pepsico). You may find others by searching the web.

In searching the web for the sponsors, I came across an MSNBC story, ďCall this one the Super Bowl of sleazeĒ. It states that, ďCBS rushed out an apology, but there were reports that MTV had hinted during its afternoon programming that Jackson's appearance would be one for the record books.Ē

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
27. The older I get,
28. The more I just want off this ride,

[/ QUOTE ]
I find myself saying, ďLuckily, I donít have that much longer to put up with itĒ, about a lot of things recently. My one year old granddaughter does though and I ainít gonna let anybody think they have my consent by default.

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Re: O/T Super Bowl, the day after

After watching the news the other day, I began to wonder what happened to morals in our country/world? Ever so slightly the world is edging its way to a desensitized state where nothing is shocking anymore. As the news clearly showed all the cockamamy bs that is going on in the world today I began to wonder... What was the exact cause of the fall of Rome. They were a HUGE prosperous nation that had everything going for them, yet they became nothing but myths, legends, and occasional discoveries in architechtural digs.

Because of crap like that I don't bother with network television anymore. I stick to the Discovery Channel series of shows. I'd rather stimulate my brain with something educational than see who can stab someone in the back the best in order to kick them off some stupid island.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to end up as a fossil representing a once-powerful nation that COULD have been greater than it was.

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