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o/t weight loss

ok.....im doing pretty good with my diet (290 down to 268), but i have hit the wall on weight loss, i cant seem to lose anymore weight.......i walk my dog 4-6 miles a day and im taking xenical (fat blocker)perscribed by my DR., i have cut my food intake in 1/3 to 1/2......im looking at joining a gym at the end of the month.....any suggestions on how to lose more weight.........my DR. wants me down to 210-220lb cause of bad knees and HBP in my family..........what tips can i get from you guys about weight training???? im used to power lifting (heavy weights low reps) most of my life cause of the sports i played (football, wrestling)........plus i quit [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]....so if anybody can help please do (my body fat index is 30 if that helps)

john [img]images/graemlins/puke.gif[/img]
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Re: o/t weight loss

Drink a ton of water a day. Your body burns calories processing it, but there is no calories in it to gain. You also end up walking more, to the bathroom and back. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] Another great snack is celery, if you can stand it. It is the only negative calorie food. It actually takes more calories to eat it than it contains.

Powerlifting does nothing for the high blood pressure or weight loss. You want a more aerobic excersize. Treadmill, basketball, swimming, tennis, crap like that. Throw in FLASHDANCE and try to keep up. [img]images/graemlins/puke.gif[/img]

Good Luck, whatever you try.
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Re: o/t weight loss

weightlifting though is a good idea...high reps (10-15)less weight to build muscle. then your resting metabolic rate will be higher with the additional muscle.

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Re: o/t weight loss

1. The Atkins diet is working great for me!
2. So good that I'll soon be able to remove
3. "Too Fat"
4. From my profile! [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
5. But I still can't do anything about the "Too Old" part! [img]images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]

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Re: o/t weight loss

whatever you're doing excercise-wise, shake it up...when you do something over and over, your body gets efficient at doing it, and it becomes ineffective...do something different, in effect confusing your body, and forcing it to work harder and more inefficiently...

there's a decent article on inefficient excercise and inefficient food consumption (i.e. you burn more calories digesting calcium-rich foods than you would if you ate something with equal calories but no calcium) in the Feb. issue of Men's Health...
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Re: o/t weight loss

Reduce carbs, not just calories. Maintain a healthy intake of protein so that you maintain your muscle mass. This is key to maintaining your metabolism. For a guy your size, 300 grams of protein a day. Drink lots of water. When you are hungry, snack on boiled eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken, beef jerky, whey protein. Avoid simple carbs (sugars) and processed carbs like bread and pasta. Especially avoid carbs & fats together (like pizza). Carbs produce an increase in blood insulin to deal with the sugars and shuttle whatever nutrients you just consumed into your cells. So carbs & protein is good, it builds muscle. Carbs plus fat is bad, it fills your fat cells. For energy, eat fruit and vegetables. Try to spread the meals out and eat every 2 hours. Count carbs, more than calories. Add in more carbs if it starts really zapping your energy. But that loss in energy is indicative of the caloric deficit you are creating, so it is to some degree inevitable.

Join a bodybuilding forum to get advice on training. There are many ideas, and more than one right way to go. Build up slowly. High volume (8-12 reps per set) and 4 or more sets per exercise is much easier on the body and burns more calories than HIT (low volume, high intensity, infrequent). Rest only long enough to catch your breath, not 3-4 minutes while you wait for your muscles to recover fully. You are after fatique, not records lifts.

Formulate a routine that works your entire body. Figure out realistically how many days a week you have to work out and from there figure out how you want to split up the routine. In the beginning you can work out more frequently (2-3 times per week total body), but eventually you will need more recovery and 2x a week, then eventually only repeating a body part every 5-7 days.

So for a beginner:
complete body workout 3x week

Intermediate: push (chest, shoulders, tiiceps) pull (back, biceps, legs) routine 2x week (ie 4 workouts)

advanced: 4 or 5 day split (legs, back, shoulders, chest, and possibly an arm day)

When things get stale after 3-4 months of training, change things around. Try to do things you can see yourself being able to maintain for a lifetime.

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Re: o/t weight loss

i'm a nursing major at wvu and in my nursing 110 clas i've learned that lifting is the worst type of activity, because it is the lowest fat burner, and even if you do light weights with low reps, it still builds more muscle than it burns fat, and that will cause you to gain weight. running is the best activity, so with walking your dog 4-6 miles a day you're on the best track you can go. also change up your activity. if you can, try to work out differently a few days of the week (shoot hoops or something, but make sure you're not just standing there). Changing activity makes the body lose weight faster. And contrary to popular belief (sorry barfnick), there is no food that has "negative calories." Celery is filled with water and has virtually no calories, but it does not take more calories to eat it than it does if you weren't eating it. It will, however fill you up. that is why 3-4 vegetables and 2-3 fruits are reccomended every day, they fill you up and are good for you, so they keep you from eating more junk. Sorry this is so long, I hope that I helped in any way. Good luck with your diet!
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Re: o/t weight loss

"i'm a nursing major at wvu and in my nursing 110 clas i've learned that lifting is the worst type of activity, because it is the lowest fat burner, and even if you do light weights with low reps, it still builds more muscle than it burns fat, and that will cause you to gain weight."

Although he may not have articulated it, he wants to lose FAT not simply WEIGHT. The muscle he maintains through weight training will prevent the wasting effect of typical weight loss and will give him the kind of physique he will be proud of. The muscle mass will increase his overall caloric requirements as it is active tissue. This will assist in losing and maintaining fat loss by burning calories even when at rest.

running is the best activity

My wife was an avid runner. Entered in many races and placed with respectable times. Ran year round. Me, I lifted weights. I decided to join her. The transition from weight training to running was easy, as weight training at a brisk pace builds aerobic capacity. Very quickly I was outrunning her in both distance and speed.

Weight training mimicks hard physical labor. Something that man is well equipped to adapt to. In days gone by, men and women labored in the fields all day. It did the body good. If anything, running for long periods is unnatural, and not everyone's body is built to withstand that punishment.

Also, I look at the runners at the gym. Stick figures with bird legs, bad posture, that count calories. Not the look most men are after.

I am for aerobic activity to maintain health, but I strongly disagree with relying on running. A study of runners showed they had no greater leg strength than non runners. You have to do more than run to maintain your fitness. Strength is critical to posture, balance, injury prevention. Weight training is the most efficient way to gain strength.
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Re: o/t weight loss

First, you never want to go on a diet. You need to change your eating habits slowly, methodically and permanently. If you go on a diet, when the diet s over, you gain it all back.

The first few pounds are the easiest. A 10 pound loss in a week or two is pretty common. Some people can loose 5-8 pounds in a couple of days. After that, it gets much slower.

The worst thing you can do for your heart s go into fluctuating weight cycles where you continually loose a lot of weight, gain it back, loose it again, etc.

I went diabetic type II a few years ago, that will loose you a lot of weight fast but wouldn't recommend t. My doctor won't even talk to me about diet, he tells me to talk to the dietician. I actually gained weight on the diet they put me on at first.

Count carbohydrates. 60 per meal and 30 per snack, three meals and three snacks a day max. The carbs are listed in the nutrition information on the package. I walked into the office around Christmas time and the receptionist had a plate of fudge on her desk. I commented that I could see that somebody had been to Laura Little's Fudge Shop, best fudge in KC. She asked me if I wanted a piece. I told her I'd pass, I could either have about two pieces of the fudge or eat lunch.

Try to eat about the same times every day, once you are used to it try stretching the times out to where you don't have that last snack. Look at the carbs on different things, you can have a lot of popcorn instead of a small chocolate bar.
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Re: o/t weight loss

I started weight-watchers last January and lost 36 pounds. Have been maintaining since May, but I started back again two weeks ago. Had regained 6 lbs. since Thanksgiving, now wanting to get to a -50 lbs. Good luck. I like the weight-watchers because it limits amounts, but can have anything I want.
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