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CarbonCopy 01-20-2004 10:36 PM

Looking for wheelers in Southern Ontario
I'm looking for some people around the London area to wheel with.. I tried the offroad clubs, but driving to another city for the meetings just sucks, so I haven't ever gone to more than a few..

Anyway, if anyone out there is from around here, let me know, I'm *REALLY* looking for some different spots to wheel..


Jeeper99xj 01-20-2004 10:56 PM

Re: Looking for wheelers in Southern Ontario
How far are you form suilt st. marie? I think it's in ontario. Out side the soo is where i flopped my tj. There's some cool areas to wheel and the crew of people i went out with were really cool, laid back and didn't whine about everything. I think they are having a run in the spring which will be really cool but most of the runs they have are winch only with 33's being about the minimum tire size even if you want to pull a ton of cable. The run i went on maybe 1 rig out of 20 didn't winch and there were a couple buggies on 44's out.


CarbonCopy 01-20-2004 11:19 PM

Re: Looking for wheelers in Southern Ontario
SSM is a good 6 hour drive north (on a good day).. And that is half my problem.. It gets pretty rocky as you get more north, but down here is just a lot of farming land.. I talk with people through work who are up there (as well as Barrie, Timmins etc) and there is no shortage of places there.. Although there is lots of mud around my area if you don't mind cleaning for hours afterwards..

As for runs like you are mentioning, I have to limit myself, as I have a very stock rig, with minimal lift, with slightly larger leafs, larger shackels, and a 3" body lift, and sporting 33" BFG MT's, and no winch..


Jeeper99xj 01-20-2004 11:55 PM

Re: Looking for wheelers in Southern Ontario
Too bad it's that far of a drive, their runs are a blast. I'll be up there with my yj which has a winch, will have a 4" lift and 33's and maybe lockers and gears though that's iffy money wise by then and i will be trailering my junk there and back so i'm not too worried about trail carnage. The run i went on was pretty muddy though it wasn't flat by any means, lots of short hills and obsticles. If my junk would have made it through the entire run it probably would have been the best run i had ever been on.


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