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Reitman 09-16-2003 07:41 PM

75 CJ 5 questions
There's a 75 CJ5 that I'm looking at, well I haven't actualy laid eyes on it yet, but it's a 304, dana 30 and dana 44, t-15 and dana 20 x-fer case...

Was there a big change from 75 to 76 body wise? I see in the catalogs that most parts are for 76-?? what is so different in the 75's?

This guy is asking $2800 for it. The engine is newly rebuilt and he says everything but the body is in great shape. Honestly the body is the least of my concerns..

Anyone have any feedback on that year or specific hardware?

Thanks in advance.


sorry-I must have been smoking crack when I typed this thing up the first's a 75 with Dana 44 rear, not a 70 with Dana 40...sheesh

barfnick 09-16-2003 07:47 PM

Re: 75 CJ 5 questions
The biggest change body-wise is the windshield width. The body mounts also changed quite a bit. The rear axle should be a Dana 44, not a 40.

Reitman 09-16-2003 08:11 PM

Re: 75 CJ 5 questions
Yeah, I realized it was a 44, but that's what he typed and I was just copying...I think I've got him down to $2500, but again, I haven't seen it in person also has new Dick Cepek tires on it.


Dex 09-16-2003 08:47 PM

Re: 75 CJ 5 questions
i paid 3200 for my cj5 that was poss to be '77 but i didnt know jeeps and still dont, title says '77 but i cant find any such of that? it is salvage jeep and built again from ground up, heck it has tiny wipers at top so maybe its '60s but it is fiberglass tub and it is dana 20 and 44rear and 30 front with a t-15 is what i was told??
but its 350 chevy heavyly built, got all the cam and port and posished double hump heads , crane pro roller rocker arms, flat top pistons which brings it up to about 11 to 1 compression and it wont run off nut'en lower than 93 octane and really wants about 95, i have just rewired it end to end and replaced all bolts i took out with stainless steel,(2 coffee cans full) and redid the body lift and it has also 8 leaf springs on all 4 coners. edelbrock hi flow pump which feeds 500 cfm 2 bbl very well,that sits on high rise edelbrock rpm intake, i'm guessing its about a '74????
but having prob with 3rd gear grind and need to find out how to rebuild t-15 or fix 3rd sicro. and to maybe go to a drop pitman arm, some on here say my bent or crooked sterring arm is bad news???, but to go straight across to wheel would have to have about a 6" drop??in a arm? do they make those?
Real McCoy DEX

3jeepguy 09-16-2003 08:50 PM

Re: 75 CJ 5 questions
the 75 cj 5 was the last of the willys styled jeeps in 76 jeep (amc ) retooled the cj5 to match the newly introduced cj7 the 75 cj5 still has the space under the drivers seat to mount a fuel tank still has the tool box under the passenger seat the whole tub is wider than the 76 the frame is different than the 76 and 75 was the last year that renegade was a power option in 76 you could get a 4 or a 6 lung renegade it was trim only

shuffjb 09-17-2003 06:40 AM

Re: 75 CJ 5 questions

I have a 75 CJ5 with the same engine and tran setup. If the engine and drivetrain run good and the frame is not rusted out then this jeep deserves a closer look. Most body / interior problems can be fixed with some time and effort. As they say, jeeps are built not bought. Of course, if you need it to be driveable right away, that will be your primary consideration.

Mine came from a friend who had kept it in a garage so I didn't have too many high mileage worries, but after two months of steady part time wrenching, I am still replacing/upgrading stuff to make it a reliable daily driver (maybe that is an oxymoron for jeeps? [img]images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]). Here is a list of what I have had to replace on mine:
- Oil, Tran, Tcase, Diff Fluids changed
- Tires/wheels (could have kept the wheels)
- Exhaust from engine back (had headers and glasspacks)
- Rear Springs
- Radiator (rusted out from sitting 10 yrs)
- Complete wiring harness (Centech GV-10J)
That has it almost set mechanically. I am still tinkering with the wiring since I am adding a console, stereo, and other stuff.

The pros with the pre '75 are the classic look (it is the last year that is identical to the military version M38A1), you may be able to skip the catalytic converter stuff, in Florida I will be able to register it as an antique in a year or so (2005), and it has simpler systems than the '76-86.

The cons are harder to find bolt on parts for anything earlier than '76 (seats, tops, lift kits, etc.), and it has been on this earth 28 years or more.

So, depends on your goals. If you don't mind doing some wrenching and can afford some downtime after you buy it and have the resources (money, time) to get it built up to where you want it, the '75 with the 304 is a good ride.

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