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OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

My wife's been asking me to sell my pickup since our daughter was born, so I can have something with a back seat. She's not comfy with the idea of driving my daughter in my CJ5 this winter - neither am I, for that matter - so I'm receptive to the idea.

Among the many back-seat-equipped Ram replacements I've been looking at over the last couple weeks, I found an extremely nice '75 Bronco, recently frame-offed, set up with all the offroading bells n' whistles - full cage, discs, 35" Ground Hawgs, etc. To top it all off, the thing runs without a hitch, no leaks, fresh rebuild of both the motor and tranny.

After joking with my wife that I needed to get it, I wasn't met with the revulsion I'd expected. She liked it. Her recommendation: I could sell my Ram AND my CJ, and use the leftover money to get that winch and other stuff I've always wanted... then the whole family could load up in this new-old Bronco and wheel about the countryside.

Nice idea, but.... sell the CJ?

Or, wheel with the family, air lockers, winch, even room for the pooches...

Right now I don't know what to do. The EB even has the soft top and folding windshield. It just doesn't seem like there's a clear answer.

I come to humbly request words of advice, encouragement, or outright scorn if that's all you got to offer [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Right now I don't know what to do.

[/ QUOTE ]
I'd say hold off. If the decision is that hard, it's probably the wrong one. Keep looking.
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

Not bad on the one hand. BUT, why would you want to drive AND wheel the "family cruise"? It won't work out in the end. Keep the CJ. Sounds like you need a fullsize cherokee to keep things happy in the family.......and tow the CJ.
Whatever you do, get a reliable family vehicle first. Keep the toys as a second. (as much as it pains me to say....even if it costs you the CJ)
I Like EB's too. But it would not make a great main driver for the family in the state you said...lifted and all.
So you need to think about whats most important to you.
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

actually, we do have a main family vehicle already. We'll just need another backseat for when I do the occasional ferrying to the sitter, maybe once a week. Otherwise, no, I wouldn't have even considered it.
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

When Tanya (my wife) and I found she was pregnant with Shayla (my daughter), she decided that she wanted "something with four doors". She was citing difficulty getting my nieces son Jared in and out of the back of our incredibly cherry '93 Fullsize Bronco. So with heavy heart we traded it in on a 30,000 mile '97 Plymouth Breeze...I should have known something was up when the stealership gave me more than I paid for it used on trade in.

The Breeze was okay....right until we wanted to go camping or do anything off-road. Sure, I had my Ranger that I wheeled, but it was a standard cab, and no room for the wife, I and a carseat (that resulted in the '76 highboy, which lead to the CJ5 a couple years later). Eventually we started having all sorts of problems with the plymouth and I kick myself for getting rid of the immaculate bronco.

Now we've bought a '95 fullsize Bronco that isn't as nice as the '93, and we are selling the Plymouth.....beware of trading when you aren't getting something you want!


I guess what I'm saying, is if it was me, I'd make the trade. An early bronco is every bit as good off road as a CJ7 (oh, my god, I spoke hearesy!) and has even more room. They are also classy looking. Do it, and lament the loss of the 5, and celebrate the inclusion of your family while wheeling!

(Remember, I'm going to be trading my 5 for a 7 in the spring...though granted the 5 will be staying in the family with my father--couldn't ask for a better home! The 7 is enough bigger to make it better for family wheeling)

Maybe you need to find a Scrambler or CJ6 with a full hardtop!

Let us know what you decide!
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

While I love the old broncos (I'm definately a [blue]FORD[/blue] man) I just couldn't recommend selling the CJ for a restored Bronco. It'd be awesome to have a restored one for driving around, but the CJ is a much nicer ride. I like the looks of the old bronc, and I LOVE the V8 Fords. But the body style of the bronco is HEAVY, and clumsy. I just don't like the mechanics of the Bronco, outside of the engine, and axles.

What is the real issue with the CJ5? If it's just a "part time" driver, couldn't you invest some cash into a full cage? Making it safer and add a rear seat. That should give you and the wife added confidence.

Just seems to be the best route.......
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

You could always come to the dark side and get a commando. I got one to build up, and be our trail family truckster. Still Jeep, a bit bigger than the CJ5, and interesting looking to boot [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

I too am a fan of the early broncos, eventually i will get one, but having it for a cruiser will get old trying to lift the family up into the truck.

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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

This is super common...We did the same thing. My wife has the main driver, her 93 Land Cruiser, and I had my CJ7. Lifted, 35's blah blah, well it was good, great driving good gas mileage, but when we found out we were pregnant with a second, there wasn't anyway we could keep THAT jeep and buy another family/DD. The cold weather is just not good in that jeep and young kids.

So I sold the Jeep and bought another Land Cruiser Wagon for cheap for me to drive, plenty of room, and also bought a trail toy. That would be the best way. i wouldn't have a trail/daily driver anymore. We just don't make enough money to break and instantly fix everything to make it to work every week.

Whatever you choose, just keep 4 Wheelin' and include the fam. Bronco's are nice, older ones sweet, but DD and trail, I dunno on a close to 30 year old vehicle.

Just my .02
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Re: OT/2 - help talk me back from the edge

Just another thought here,,,
Sell the Ram keep the CJ and buy the Bronco

Nothing cooler than an EB that is fixed up nice.

The CJ becomes the toy and everybody is happy.

My wife and I excepted the fact years ago that what was hers was hers and mine was mine in the car department. That was about 31 years ago and has worked well ever since [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. Over the years we have made changes to the rule however and as things develop we made exceptions or additions. We now have her car, Cherokee cause she does not like a large car, and I have the family boat, a Crown Vic. The toy is in the garage, My 87 YJ still with a broke tranny [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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