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CJJ92YJ 09-09-2003 11:15 AM

Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
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I'm going to replace the exhaust system in my '92 Wrangler. I have been debating over paying the $600 the local muffler shops want, and ordering from Quadratec and doing it myself. Problem is, I don't have a welder, so it all has to be bolt in. In the back of the Quadratec magazine, where it shows all the axles, tranny's, X-fre cases, etc., there is a page for stock exhaust systems. I crawled under the old Jeep and steined it out pretty good, then looked in the magazine. I've noticed a few differences.

1.) The Catalytic converter is bolted at the front to the f ront pipe and the support on the skid plate. The pic in the magazine does not show a bolted connection.

2.) The tail pipe has hangers welded on the outside which are obviously supported by the body. The pic in the magazine does not show these supports welded on the outside.

I called Quadratec, and the dude there didn't know if it really had these parts as they are currently on my Jeep. He just had a generic picture as it shows in the magazine. Has anyone ever ordered these parts from Quadratec, and do they really come that way, or do they come right. If they come the right way, I want to order them soon, before the weather turns to crap. But if I am going to have to do some welding, I will have to rethink my situation.

Thanks for all the help.

RiffRaff 09-09-2003 12:48 PM

Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
I'm not sure about the parts, but rather than pay someone $600 for the work, I would go buy a small welder for $300 at home depot or a similar store. An exhaust system is a good place to start learning how to weld since the welds don't have to be pretty.

CJJ92YJ 09-09-2003 02:52 PM

Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
As many times as I have tried to justify that to the finance minister, she still don't get it. I would try to explain it again, but wold rather just get it fixed if it comes to that.

bchiker 09-09-2003 06:06 PM

Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
I've Replaced mine with parts from Auto Zone everything fit and I used clamps. No need for a welder. But I did cut the old tail pipe with a sawsall to get it out. Use the old bracket on the front of the Cat. That's just a gasket and 4 bolts. NO BIG DEAL! Do it yourself. The only place that may give you trouble is the fresh air port on the side of the cat. Mine is smashed closed and not used. Good Luck

shuffjb 09-09-2003 10:52 PM

Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
I just redid my entire exhaust from the engine to the rear corners with nothing but muffler clamps and Advance Auto Parts behind a set of hedman headers. It was a challenge but it is holding so far. See this thread for some talk and pics:

AMC 304 V8 Exhaust Thread

Good Luck

ddieken 09-09-2003 11:33 PM

Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine
There are a lot of options when it comes to exhaust systems. The attached picture shows a very basic system with a stock-type cat, aluminized pipe, a rolled edge stock-type muffler and a crimp-bend tail pipe. A basic stock replacement system like that should not cost more than $400 installed at the muffler shop. The total will quickly add up when you want extras such as stainless steel tubing, a high flow cat, a performance muffler and a SS tip. I could see $600 and more for something like that.

With a non-welded system, the clamps always rust and the joints are flexible. They will eventually leak. Especially on an off-road vehicle which sees more flex and vibration than a highway cruiser. Unless I am planning on taking the exhaust system apart frequently (as I do on my CJ), I am a believer in a welded exhaust system. I would have it done right (hopefully) at a muffler shop, pay the money, not have any problems for a long time and go on to other things.

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