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greyj 08-29-2003 05:00 PM

mc 2100 donor question
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I'm looking to do the 2100 conversion, have read Tim's write up, and most of the other suggested links...Everyone suggests a ford/amc 302/304, but donors are slim pickings around here. I did find one on an 83 cougar with a 3.8 V6 (232 cid), but wanted to make sure that the key piece of information to look for was the 1.08 (which it is)...while I have read that too big of an engine may cause a problem, this thread suggests that I may be ok using the one I found. Here's what it looks like (just like every other 2100, i'm sure!)...Also, if this one will work, can anyone spot anything in the pics which should scare me off of using this particular carb? It was in the best shape of all the ones I found (hood down, air cleaner still on top, etc)...

Thanks all!

greyj 08-29-2003 05:03 PM

Re: mc 2100 donor question
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jdoggmoney 08-29-2003 07:14 PM

Re: mc 2100 donor question
Looks like the right one to me. My number was E3TE AVA though off of a 82 5.0. From what I've heard, people seem to have diffrent luck with diffrent carbs. For instance, mine has size 50 jets. I have heard others complain that 47s are too rich, but mine has run flawlessly. I say go for it. It has the large PCV port and looks to be in good cond.

I suggest using the carb number when getting your kit. Make the guy at the parts store look it up so you are certain to get the right kit. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

jdoggmoney 08-29-2003 07:18 PM

Re: mc 2100 donor question
Oh one more thing, if you haven't purchased the adapter yet, I suggest Mr. Gasket part # 1937. Seems to have better hardware and can be gotten faster through the local chain store. 2-3 days versus a week. Mine was $21.00. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

greyj 08-31-2003 01:38 PM

Re: mc 2100 donor question
For the record (and anyone else doing a search on the conversion), I went ahead and picked up the carb for $45 Canadian...When I called around for rebuild kits, prices ranged from C$70 at one of my local NAPA dealers (the other said they couldn't even order it) to $32 at one of the Ford dealers...I'm hoping that since it's a Motorcraft carb, the rebuild kit from ford (PN CT-1464) will be complete when it comes in on Wednesday...Finally, I ordered the Mr Gasket #1937 adapter from Canadian Tire. They have to special order it, but it's going to cost me C$24.75...I haven't looked at air cleaners yet, but the Mr Gasket 9" cleaner is about $30 at crappy tire, while I haven't yet priced out the K&N #601110 - I expect about $70-90 for that one, so I'll likely go with the paper Mr Gasket setup, which brings my total so far to under $150...I'll post an update when the rebuild kit arrives and as the project goes along....

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