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Anyone here had any experience running propane? I found a website on how to convert over. I think it would be pretty cool becase of the gas form. What are the pros and cons? web page
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Re: Propane....

Auburn Rock Crawlers Association -- go here and ask also. There are quite a few guys that have done this conversion. Some fairly knowledgable guys. The only cons I see is Filling it up? Or carry an extra tank. Pros runs at any angle (like FI) and burns pretty efficiently. [img]images/graemlins/RockOn.gif[/img]
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Re: Propane....

Actually the biggest con for me is the smell. I occasionally serviced a couple propane powered trucks back when I was a grease monkey. No matter how careful you are, they still have that propane scent to them.
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Re: Propane....

Been running a 420 Smallbock Chevy in my CJ5 buggy on propane for about 3 years. I like the fact that the system has no electronics but runs just as good as EFI with many less parts. It idles perfectly at any angle, burns very clean, has a very cold charge with a very high ignition temp. It also has a 104 octane rating so you can safely use as much as 12 to 1 compression ratio with more timing advance without detenation. The motor I use is built for propane, with 10.5 compression, hardened exhaust valves and seats. With the higher flash temp, exhaust gas temp is also higher and burns the stock valve seats after about 40K miles. I use a MSD ignition for the muli-spark. Propane has a slow burn time compared to pump gas, the muli-spark allows for a more complete burn(no propane smell out the exhaust).
I also run a pro-shot NOS system off the liquid output of the propane tank, propane is perfect for NOS, no fuel puddling, both are very close to the same temp(about -175 degrees) and you don't need to retard the time during the NOS shot because of the high octane of the raw propane.

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Re: Propane....

In Holland lots of cars are running on LPG. Don't know if it's the same as propane, but I guess it's about the same. Engine runs hotter. Not only the exhaustvalves suffer, but the whole engine an d cooling system. Because of less energie in LPG, the mpg is less then regular fuel. The engine also delivers less power, noticeble in higher gears. Fuel tanks are smaller, (less actionradius) they add extra weigt and need space. A filler is needed, mostly resulting in an extra hole some place. Biggest pro is the price of LPG, being a quart or third of the regular fuel prices.
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Re: Propane....

well I got a college credit in this field. I don't remember the mileage you can acheive from propane but i am pretty sure its the same. but the reason to convert to it is because its dirt cheap and burns clean as the guy above said which is true. It doesn't cost much to convert to run propane. the only problem is there is no gas stations that are setup to sell propane. but my professor told me that you can go to like a ride on bus depot, because the ride on buses around here run on propane. just ask them if you can fillup and give them 5 bucks just to make them happy so you can come back. they are not setup to sell it just pump into their buses, but that setup can benifit you cause you can rip them off.

one problem is that if you vehicle leaks propane in you garage and the there is some kind of spark the propane can and will explode, not cool. haha the neighbors see the roof jump and windows shatter out doors open in a direction they shouldn't and flames shoot out of all three. Just playin back on track though if you do run propane I would actually park my vehicle in the garage and get that brinks home security systems that protects against many dangers. it has the ability to detect propane leaks.
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Re: Propane....

Well after reading this post I did a bit of researching because I was very interested. It seems fuel consumption and milage is about the same, but its a more reliable fuel source. It will run at any angle constantly. One article I read made it seem like it increased engine life. I'd venture to even guess that it keeps your oil cleaner since the only byproduct is CO2 gas.

I emailed a company online (forgot who) requesting a quote to what it would cost me to convert to propane. Still the only downside I've seen is finding a place to fill up if you're in the boonies. I read you can buy those tanks used for BBQ grills but they don't last long.

As for going to bus stations to fill up....well I guess thats up to the manager of the station. My guess is they wouldn't let you walk out of their with a full tank for $5. And as for wanting to rip people off...well thats just unethical in my book....and dishonest. There isn't much I hate more than theives and liars.
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Re: Propane....

Hmm...well 3 things....

1. From an above post, LPG is the same as Propane

2. I have a 500Gal tank in the groud outside of my house used for my heating system. I've got a company that comes by and fills it when I call them...and they just bill me...The cost of the gas is about the same as good'ol 87 in the winter when there is a high demand for it, but in the summer it is cheap.

3. I'm sure you could get a 500 gal. or less tank for you house and then just set something up for filling you rig...

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Re: Propane....

Hank Hill loves those who use propane and propane products! [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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Re: Propane....

dammit bobby, that's propane and propance accessories

that boy just aint right
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