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Horse 07-22-2003 05:51 PM

Kinda O/T Has anyone seen...
the tomb raider jeep in detail, have a pic of the rear, or have a link to it? I just caught a glimpse of the rear bumper on tv and it looks similar to what I had in mind for mine. Anyone know what it is, who makes it, etc? Thanks.

LEVE 07-22-2003 06:04 PM

Re: Kinda O/T Has anyone seen...
1. The Tomb Raider editon is NOT the same as the one in the movie.
2. Only three were made for the movie.[*] Hanson Enterprises front and rear bumpers[*] Bushwacker riveted fender flares.[*] Warn winch[*] Skyjacker four-inch skyjacker Double Flex suspension lift[*] Mickey Thompson 35-inch Baja Claw tires and Classic II wheel with bead locks[*] specially designed interior with , shifters, instrument panel, console and door trim, specially designed gauges[*] a skid plate with simulated HID lighting[*] roll cage with grab bars
3. See... and for all that money ya don't even get Angelina Jolie.

Horse 07-22-2003 06:19 PM

Re: Kinda O/T Has anyone seen...
Thanks Leve. I had seen they weren't the same. Jeep couldn't sale that thing off the lot anyway I don't think. I thought Hanson but didn't see it long enough to tell for sure. I saw it on a show that this girl was getting to drive it around. Sure is cool. I have been looking at Hanson for a while but DO NOT like that price tag. Saw that same link while I searched the net for pics. They must not want anyone to get a good look at it cuz I've not seen any good close ups of it.

knifeboy2 07-22-2003 07:22 PM

Re: Kinda O/T Has anyone seen...
I saw one on a lot the other day...didn't have time to stop and fully check it out though.

bluseman2a 07-22-2003 10:31 PM

Re: Kinda O/T Has anyone seen...
Saw one in person... not impressive.
especially for the money...
and LEVE is correct, as usual, no Angelina with the deal. [img]images/graemlins/crybaby.gif[/img]

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