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Pigpen 07-15-2003 09:21 AM

76 CJ5 sell whole or part out?
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I have done quite a few mods over the years and I wonder if I'll get better money out of selling it outright or parting it out. If I went whole what should I ask? I hate to tear it apart but I will.
Here's the stats.
76CJ5 with 75 title
fresh 360 + .030, lumpy cam, dual plane 4 barrel edle intake and edle carb. New timming chain housing/oil pump. headers and complete inframe dual exhaust, PS, fresh radiator, dual eletric fan, 100amp alternator
CJ T18A, Dana 20 with a 2.54 "Bronco gear" conversion, Twin sticked to allow all drive versions, 2 wheel front high/low, etc..
Dana 30 with lock right, big disc
Dana 44 with Trac Loc, 3.73 gears
4-5 inch suspension lift, don't know what kind
25 gallon tank, (7-10 mpg I needed something larger to get between gas stations.)
Used fiberglass tub, fenders, windshield frame and hood, metal grill, The body has just a rattle can paint job so scratches can be painted away. No bling, bling here. If it does'nt have a function it's not on the Jeep.
Full roll cage with 4 point frame tie in
Frame mount swing tire carrier, trailer hitch
6k Dayton winch with 150 feet cable
33x12.5x15 TSL Thornbirds with 1000 miles
1 bikini top, 1 fastback top and one ex military hard top needs work and great full hard doors
Also included would be a 304 engine with 1000 miles with the external engine stuff on the 360, most of an extra Dana 20, assorted this and that.
The jeep is alot of fun but now I have two kids and no time and no space to pile all the crap. This is a single guy/gal/one child and one dog type of vehicle.

Picture enclosed, son not included.
Please don't make offers on parts at this time, after owning this for 12 years I'm having enough trouble trying to cope with the idea of selling the whole thing. [img]images/graemlins/crybaby.gif[/img]

babypoo 07-17-2003 08:22 PM

Re: 76 CJ5 sell whole or part out?
I hate to tell you but you will most likely get more out if it by parting it out on e-bay or something like that. With the old or new Jeeps once modified you will almost never get your money out of them. But the question is how important is the money to you, is it worth the hassle of un-bolting your hardwork one piece at a time? Or would you rather watch it drive away with a new Jeeper knowing someone will enjoy all te work you put into it.
[email protected]

RedSandDog 07-18-2003 01:33 AM

Re: 76 CJ5 sell whole or part out?
You might try putting the whole vehicle up on eBay, as is. Start it off at $2000 or something, and set the reserve to what you think would be a good price. If someone meets the reserve, great, you got what you wanted out of it. If not you will know what folks think it is worth, but will still have the Jeep.

Nice job, by the way.

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