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84_CJ7 07-15-2003 09:03 AM

FYI - Nutter Bypass
I finally did the Nutter Bypass. I had already converted to the TFI upgrade, removed emissions and installed a Weber so the ECM wasn't doing anything. For me it only involved making the disconnect of the orange and purple wires at the ECM and routing directly to the ignition module. The problem that I encountered was a plug at the module that omitted the purple wire. I did not want to cut off the connector and run 4 spade connectors to the module so I solved my problem this way.
(Note: When I say module connector I do not mean the connector at the end of the ignition module, I am referring to the connector that it plugs into - part of the wiring harness.)
I spliced my orange and purple wires near the ECM where I had cut them and ran new orange and purple wires to the connector for the module. I cut the orange wire at the module connector and spiced the new orange wire there. Now if you look at the connector it has a spot for the purple wire but nothing is there. I took a small screwdriver and worked my way through the connector to where the spade should be. I then took a larger screwdriver and worked it through from front to back. Then I used the screwdriver to keep an opening in the connector as I worked the purple wire through. Once the purple wire was through I put a spade connector on the end and forced it back down into the module connector. Put some dielectric grease on it, plugged it into the module and it's like a factory connection. So if I have to change the module out its one plug and no big deal - keeps it clean, too.
Others may have done the same thing but I have never seen it mentioned. Thought I would share tip that has worked out well for me.


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