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JJSLUG 07-14-2003 03:53 PM

First Damage!!!
OK I got my 99 Wrangler for 2 weeks now. Can not wait to try some off roading.
Well anyway I go to the beach with my 9 year old son. I take the Hard top off myself.
Have a great day.
I return to put my Hard top back on and I get in and slip it slides off and shatters my back window.

Now I am getting quotes mostly over $500.

I have so many things I want for the Jeep and now have to

put 500 into NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LEVE 07-14-2003 04:01 PM

Re: First Damage!!!
1. Humm...Perhaps a crazy idea, but...
2. I've been eye'n the Dodge Caravans...
3. They've got HUGE back windows on the lift gage.
4. I can get one pretty cheap at the local Pull 'N Pay.
5. I've been thinking about pulling one,
6. And having it cut down to order,
7. Like a "WindJammer"
8. I wonder if it'd be big enough to fab a rear HT window?

babypoo 07-14-2003 04:10 PM

Re: First Damage!!!
don't worry about it you don't need a window let alone a top or doors in Illinois it barely even gets cold there...LOL. Did you have the factory hardtop?
[email protected]

**DONOTDELETE** 07-14-2003 04:30 PM

Re: First Damage!!!
call your insurance company. Tell them a branch fell and smashed it. Be sure to have a time and date ready. Around here there is a $100 deductable for something like that... Just a suggestion

JJSLUG 07-15-2003 08:46 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
Yes it is a factory hard top. I talked to my insurance agent and she said I can report it but my insurance is likely to go up. I have 100 glass coverage. I am only paying 275 for 6 months full coverage 100,000 300,000 with renters and roadside. So if it goes up a little I guess big deal.

I had a guy quote me 330 yesterday. He went to my Jeep and was going to do it. He went to pick up the glass calls says get someone else he miss quoted.

I am leaving to Erie for Walleye fishing right from work so I will just cover it up until next week.

Just thought it was funny how I damaged IT. Not a great story.

Call me Mr. Dumass:-)

OH well

After I broke the window I did put it in 4WDL and do donuts in my Dads back yard.

He will not have to mow the lawn for a while, pretty fun.

Anyway my brother heard about the window before I told him and he sent me a e-mail with a sound clip of shattering glass.

Fun stuff [img]images/graemlins/givemebeer.gif[/img]

RickB 07-15-2003 09:17 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
Hey, when you coming to Erie? The fish are biting pretty good right now.

Have you checked the yards for the glass? I'll check the local ones here for you.

ecamp55 07-15-2003 09:18 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
Just a thought but, in my experience, glass breakage is a claim on your comp. coverage (unless it is a direct result of an accident) and should have no effect on your rates and there is normally NO deductible on comp.

JJSLUG 07-15-2003 09:41 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
I am leaving Chicago at about 5:00 today.

We are fishing tomorrow morning Beer in hand at 6:30 AM

This is are 4th annual trip. We love IT.

We fish 3 days then go out to PUT IN BAY and party Friday come home Saturday with a day to recover.

IF you find glass out there let me know by 3:00 CST that is when I leave work. IF it is really cheap I might get it.

I am not sure about the GLASS coverage.

I just got new insurance with Country Companies real cute 25 yr old blonde. We kind of have gotten together a few times.

I am on Vacation figure deal with it when I get back.

My Safari Bikini top came yesterday. IF I had that I would not of tried to put that thing on.

I appreciate the comments mostly wanted to tell you all about my stupidity.

RickB 07-15-2003 09:52 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
Sorry, the local yards don't have anything.

Have fun fishing. The weather should be excellent for you, good weather is hard to come by here.

JJSLUG 07-15-2003 10:05 AM

Re: First Damage!!!
Thanks for looking I thing the Insurance is the way to go.

I will be using the safari top most of the summer now anyway.

Checked the Forcast and yes it looks great.

The last 4 years we have gone out the same week and it has always been great.

One year we had a storm all around us but we just got a little rain.

I am so READY!!!!


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