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Forgive me for I have sinned...

Well I commited one of the utterly stupid things drivers can do. I failed to check my oil levels. Today I was driving to work and about 3/4th of the way there (20 mile trip) she stalls on me. I pull over and try to start it. It'll run good for a bit but keep dying. I finally get it limped off the tollway and into a parking lot. I parked it for the day and got a ride to work from my dad who came to pick me up.

After work I decided to try and fix whatever was wrong. I went to Autozone and bought a can of carb cleaner and another fuel filter, although I was pretty dang sure it wasn't the filter since I just added that marine sized one.

After taking my carb apart in the parking lot (I took it apart farther than I knew how..but got it back together right) and cleaned it all out with the carb cleaner. I swapped fuel fitlers and the engine still stalled out.

Oh, and recently I started hearing a ticking noise from the engine that correlated with RPM's. So one time after turning it over I notice smoke coming from the oil fill tube in the front of the engine (304). Out of a whim I check the oil and it wasn't even registering on the dipstick. Now when I first pulled the dipstick out it had oil on it, but when I wiped it down, put it in, and pulled out it had nothing. So I immediately stopped trying to turn it over and ran down the road to a gas station. Four quarts of oil later I was showing full on the dipstick, started it up and it ran great. No more ticking noise and no more stalling out.

Now I just hope I haven't done any major permanent damage to the engine. I know having no oil can be a real big problem. I'm hoping it had just enough to run for a bit and then stall when it couldn't lube anymore.

I'm just wondering where it all went now. I never smelled burning oil, nor did I see it in my exhaust. But it must have burnt off cause I just don't know where else it could have gone. I think my CJ is throwing a temper tantrum so I don't sell it.

So now you can all smack me upside the head and remind me to check my oil more often.

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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

I don't know should I laugh or...well here you go
[img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/spank.gif[/img]

it happens to the best among us. maybe it is a good thing for you that it happened - I bet you will not forget this lesson any time soon. what I am trying to say is that we all learn from mistakes
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

Yuup, I did the same thing a few months ago. Had a small leak coming from my filter, no way it could leak that much I thought, then I heard the ticking. Changed the oil and put the new filter on, ticking still there. Found out today it probably won't be but a few thousand miles and I'll have to rebuild, or something. Gonna try the Sea Foam thing before I change my oil again, hopefully that'll work. If not, dunno what I'm gonna do. [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

No lectures here Nick.
Quit stirring the campfire....and CHECK YOUR OIL!
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

1. James 1:22,
2. In your case it was ignorance.
3. Romans 4:14-15
4. John 8:10-11
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

well, depends how long you had no oil....

i had a buddy bust up the oil pan on his jeep, he drove it 20 mins home with no oil.....not smart...but it still ran for 50k miles after that (after he got a new oil pan)

cross yur fingers
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

Thing that would worry me is - why did it stall?

AMC 304 does not have safety check to shut off if oil is gone...

watch oil level close for next few weeks. watch close what kind of smoke comes from tail pipe and when... what does the exhaust smell like? - here you will find indication of what is going on inside

possible no serious damage was done...

check your oil
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

Also, and obviously, monitor the oil level for thenext few weeks, if it goes down again, ad you're not smoking, look for leaks from seals, and gaskets, don't forget the back of the heads...

hope you dind't do any permanent damage. reminds me of a Ford truck my brother had, I had it for a year while he was in Korea with the Army. i took good care of that thing. he came back and about a year later I borrowed it to haul some furniture about 60-70 on the highway. fired it up, horrible noise of clicking that went away after a few seconds. hhmph, ok, drove about 40 miles down the highway, all was fine. got out for a bit, got back in, fired it up and the sme noise. turned it off, pulled the dip stick, NO OIL! LANCE you stupid $%^%! he had oil bottle of oil in the tool box, i dumped it in, and went to the store to get more.

I sure am glad that when I had it, I used Duralube in it. The engine never got hot, ran beautifully, and kept running for as long as he had it.

Hope you have the same story with yours.
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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

I'd go ahead and change the oil that's in there, new filter - the works. I'd also fill it back up with synthetic. Hope it all works out!

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Re: Forgive me for I have sinned...

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
I'd also fill it back up with synthetic

[/ QUOTE ]

I think the last thing you'd want to do to an engine that has been run dry is fill it up with synth (unless you have used it before). It has a nasty tendancy due to its high detergent properties to eat the gunk that's built up around the seals and keeping the oil in the engine to begin with. I would change the oil and filter, drive it for 10 miles then do another oil/filter change to make sure that any possible contamination would be washed away. Some SeaFoam couldn't hurt either.
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