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Harbor Freight Winch 8000# for $300???

Has anyone here had one of these and actually used it?
I was about to shell out $800 for a mail marker hydraulic when a buddy of mine bought one of these. He has yet to use it, but i am thinking for $300 it may be worth a shot.
I dont get my cj7 stuck bad enuf to need anything real fancy, i am thinking if it pulls me out of 3 stucks a year it will be gettin alot of use.
it isnt like i need to be winching all day.
I will definately get a nice winch for my CJ-5 (my real off roader) but for my driver/occasional-mud jeep maybe one of these is all i need.
i noticed the line speed is AWEFUL SLOW, but then again, i am in no hurry with the 7

Anyone tried them out?
are they worth $300?
or is there a reason they are so dirt cheap.
My buddy who bought it pointed out they are identicle to the ramsey and the mile marker electric. same every thing.
could this be the same winch just remarked and sold as bulk?
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Re: Harbor Freight Winch 8000# for $300???

They do resemble the Ramsey. They aren`t real fast like you said, but they do work. Whatever choice you
make DON`T waste money on that M/M hydraulic winch, you would be way better off with an electric winch.
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Re: Harbor Freight Winch 8000# for $300???

Andy, jeeper99XJ has one.....seems to work OK....i dont know how hard he'd tested it

its slow but it will work.

im thinking of getting one too, but exhaust work and lift have to come first

i agree with going electric rather than hydralic.... if yur engine dies yur screwed with a hydraulic.

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Re: Harbor Freight Winch 8000# for $300???

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
My buddy who bought it pointed out they are identicle to the ramsey and the mile marker electric. same every thing.
could this be the same winch just remarked and sold as bulk?

[/ QUOTE ]

I've never seen one so I can't say how they work but I believe they are just a made in China copy of the real macoy, kinda like the cheap spray guns you can buy, but that doesn't mean they keep the quality during the copy process.
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Re: Harbor Freight Winch 8000# for $300???

I have seen it, put it in the cart,, and almost layed out the dough, but I cannot get over that 13 feet per Minute no load speed, I am not in a hurry, but that seems really slow.. Just my .02c
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why electric???? Hydraulic seems much better

See i disagree.
I think a hydraulic winch is better than electric in every way.
EXCEPT for the fact you cant run a Hydraulic without the engine running.
But you CAN run a hydraulic under any other situation.
You cant run an electric under water.
and i have been stuck in water and mud alot more times then i have just had my engine die on me.
and even if the engine did die, and i had an electric winch, i would only get MAYBE a minute of pulling before i killed my battery, and THEN i would really be screwed because i wouldnt be able to start me car again once i got it free.
the bottom line is this. Both are designed to be run with the engine on and running. When this isnt possible the electric does have the advantage of a short pull before it dies and leaves you stranded. But apart from that, the hyd. is better in every way excpet for possible rewind speed.

A hyd winch can pull all day long at full load without even flinching. An electric is great for short quick pulls but anything longer than a minute or 2 and you overheat and burn it up.

Electric winches have consumable components.. relays, brushes, windings, wiring... all of which can need frequent replacing and service.

Hydraulic winches have nothing but power steering fluid to worry about. use them all day every day and never have to replace anything.

Look at all big heavy winches. have you ever seen the military use an electric winch? have you ever seen a tow truck with an electric winch? Every seen constuction vehicles with electric winches?

Yes, the ability to pull after the engine dies is a nice feature, but is it really worth all the other shortcommings? I have never had any experience using a winch at all. so this is all based on alot of research and talking to other winch owners, and now i am bringing it up to you.

have any of you that own hydraulic ever needed to run it without your engine, and wished you had an electric?

have any of you with electric gotten stuck up to your bumper in water and not been able to use your winch and wished you had a hydraulic?

Come on everyone lets be honest here.
what are your true thoughts.

We all have to admit that each has their pros and cons.

I would just like to hear some honest testimonials, not just this "tastes great! less filling!" taking sides and playing favorites.

Like i will admit as much as i hate rice burners, that there are some nice lil zippy sporty jap cars out there that would be fun to drive and get great gas milage to boot, and yeah they are reliable as anything (some of them) but no, i would not trade my jeep for one of them ever.
But yes, i can see why others like them, and i can see why they think we are stupid for driving these 9mpg gas guzzling, need work daily, money pit, old clunkers.
But hey, it is a jeep thing, they will never understand.
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Re: why electric???? Hydraulic seems much better

I have to disagree also, while I haven`t had the occasion to run my winch underwater, I`ve seen others do
it without incident. If you have your electrical system set-up properly with double batterys, or even 1 GOOD
quality battery your going to get much more that a minutes worth of pulling. As far as the military goes, The
winches they run work off of REAL hydraulic pumps, NOT wimpy power steering pumps. Thats one of the major
problems with them, standard power steering pumps can be ruined from the abuse of constant use trying to
run a winch, I`ve seen that first hand. Standard power stg. pumps weren`t designed for that kind of load.
I wouldn`t even trust an AGR pump to handle that kind of load. Go ahead in install that hydraulic and take it
out and pull with it and see how long your pump lasts. And don`t even think about using high speed on the
winch, unless you`ve brought a spare pump. Now if you want to run one the right way, install a pto and run
the pump off that. But by the time you`ve done that you`d have less money in a quality electric winch and
(in my opinion), have something more reliable, and practical for that matter.
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Re: why electric???? Hydraulic seems much better

I, too, have been torn between hydraulic and electric winches. This is what I've found.

Both electric and hydraulic winches have their benefits. They cost about the same for quality ones.

Electric winches can be run submersed. Whoever told you that they can't be run wet was smokin' some good crack.

Electric winches can be used when you want to pull your vehicle through water without the motor running. They can also be used when you are tipped over as long as you have batteries that can handle it.

Electric winches usually overheat after 6-8 minutes of continuous use.

Electric winches can draw over 400amps and if you don't have 0 gauge or aught gauge cables you can heat the cables and lose efficiency. There is no such thing as running a winch off a 550cca battery. You need a large physical size battery so the chemical reaction can happen fast enough and dissipate heat. You need at least 900cca and preferably two batteries. I have two 850 batteries.

Can easily make them quick disconnect with electric fork truck connectors and can put them on a 2" receiver front or rear. Can leave it off the receivers so it doesn't kill your approach or departure angles.

Hydraulic winches can run all day. Often your power steering pump complains first if you don't have a Saginaw. The winch requires the power steering pump be spinning fast enough to produce peak volume. Plumbing a hydraulic system can get very expensive by the time you buy the gate valves and use real hydraulic lines instead of those crappy clamp-on ones. Can be a PITA to plumb it so it can be used on the back of the vehicle as well as the front. This is why 99% of the time you find hydraulic winches permanent mount on the front.

I, myself, am looking at an electric winch. Mainly for the simple fact that they are easy to install and I can make it so It can be run off the front or back easily (and keep it out of the weather when I don't need it on the truck). I have only been winched twice in my life. Both times it was because the vehicles I was with didn't have enough weight to get me out. In one instance it took two Jeeps tied together and a winch to get me out. The other time the Jeep had to tie itself to a tree to get me out.

As far as the Harbor Freight winch, I will probably end up getting one someday but lockers come first. I don't care about linespeed as much as I care about having one that can get me out. Even if I have to double-line it. It beats nothing to hell and back. It'd be different if I were going to be using it all the time.
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Re: Line speed-Harbor Freight

As far as line speed goes, from what I see, the Chicago Electric is rated at 4.5 feet/minute at full load, while I see others like the Warn 9k Winch rated at 5.9 feet/minute at full load. To me, an extra foot &amp; a half per minute doesn't seem like too much to give up for the savings, IF the quality is there.

Not to mention, it's very light, at 60lbs, while the Warn is almost 20 lbs heavier, at 77.

But, what about accessories, like a fairlead? Anyone know if you can get one for the Chicago Electric Winch? Or are they pretty universal?
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Re: why electric???? Hydraulic seems much better

You guys are all wrong! The only winch to have is PTO. I had a rhino PTO on my cj2a, and it rocked. yea, the engine had to be runnin to work, but when it was runnin, it would pull. It would pull until it pulled the jeep apart, broke the cable, or broke some other weak link. It would also lower the jeep down a cliff. Yea, you heard it right, it also worked in reverse. Super Speed capable, or so much power. PTO is the only way to go!

Now lets start bashing pto's.

Actually, I now have a warn. Because, I don't have a power take-off anymore.
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