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O/T What is up with this war coverage?

Is it just me or does this war coverage seem really weird?

I realize that there probably ought to be more access for the press than the last Gulf War, but this just seems weird. I just watched a reporter talking about how special forces took this airfield in N. Iraq earlier this week, now she is saying that this is going to be a major resupply point, with supplies coming in on C-130s and C-141s. Why is that being broadcast to the world? Why doesn't she just put up a map with where a guy with a shoulder fired anti aircraft missile should stand to get a good shot. How is troop movements, especially SF movements, a topic for hourly updates for the news? Why are we broadcasting to the world that our supply lines are vulnerable? We spend all these resources to blind the Iraqi military, and then broadcast half of what he needs to know over CNN. WTF?

And don't even get me started on these 2 "market bombings" that just happened. That is a tough one to figure out. Tuesday reporters are going on and on how the civilian population is going about their business all unconcerned (I saw that on at least 2 news outlets), then the next day a market full of people gets hit, then again yesterday. Look a the creators that where left. Can anyone say mortar? That wasn't our stuff, we are hitting them with much bigger stuff than that. Hmmm, lets see, who would mortar their own people in the middle of the day with a bunch of cameras around. Hmmmm, yep that’s a tough one.

Sorry about the rant, but this just seems really strange to me. Any other veterans on here think all the troop movement info is a bit much?
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

I guess some of what they are revealing would be obvious to the enemy observer? Not sure. You ask a good question.

I'd certainly not be reporting that the last thing coalition forces want is to be drawn into street fighting. They clearly reported that regarding the British remaining outside (sorry for the phonetic spelling) Basra. Isn't that only going to make the enemy stop defending the perimeter of the Cities and force the coalition into coming in after them? Maybe they would eventually figure that out, but I'd keep them thinking that they need to defend beyond the City limits to limit coalition advances. Some of them seem to be stupid enough to keep coming out with tanks and armoured vehicles. Keep them fighting on grounds the coalition has the edge over. I'm sure Saddam and his men are watching CNN and surfing the net. Did we really need them to confirm to him the sandstorm had grounded certain aircraft? Once again, maybe this stuff is obvious. Don't know. Also, the suicide bombing tactic might not be a good idea to spread the word of success and vulnerability. It's not like the bomber made it back to report how he succeeded. Apparently the rash of explosive laden aircraft hijackers in the 60's was an idea spread by media coverage. True or false? This I've heard. What's that old saying, loose lips sink ships?
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

The problem is simple: we give too much freedom to the press to be invasive. (this applies to peoples lives as well as war coverage)

That said however, the people have a right to know what is going on!

It's a balancing act for sure, and if you ask a newsman he says there are too many restrictions. If you ask a serviceman (or woman) they will say that the newspeople give too much away!

I think what it comes down to though is that the US isn't really worried about a major counterattack. There is more worry about terrorist like incidents like the car suicide bombing. Actually, I think they hope one of the Republican Guard outfits WILL take a shot at that northern airfield. It would get a major unit out in the open where we can hit it like the hammer of Thor without worrying about civilian casulties. Honestly I don't think that Iraq will be pulling any major offensives. Local counter attacks yes, but they are far too defensive minded to try a major attack.

'Course that's just my opinion from what I've seen and what I'm gleaning from history.
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

I always wondered that..

It seems that this war started with a bit of a surprise attack.. well sort of, but the Afghan war sure as hell didn't..

It does almost seem like they are saying "Ok, were going to shoot this building, obviously you can't save it, but feel free to remove all the equiptment. Maybe put some civilians in it."

:-/ One of the reasons that the Battle of Britian was so screwed up was because pilots were coming down saying ... "I got 4 of those Kraut Bastards."

When infact they maybe had 1/8th of a kill.

I think broadcasting any information, is going to be a hinderance on the effort.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is the POW situation.

Can someone answer me why it's any differetn that Iraw shows POWs on TV being interviewed, and the US shows POWs laying on the ground infront of a humvee being handcuffed?

Is it because they have not yet been declared "POWs"?

Just a question ive been trying to find an answer for..

Oh.. and why were the US soldiers accepting an interview?
I thought it was Name, Rank, Serial number.. ?
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

It's true the news media had said too much here and there..Since they have to cover the war all the time though, they need to try to say something the will keep you from changing to the other networks. they go too far
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

1. Perhaps this article, Pentagon to Press: Shut Up or Else will be of interest... [img]images/graemlins/censor.gif[/img]
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

Perhaps I didn't state my objection very clearly, I wasn't real happy when I posted that. I just have a problem with reporters giving away info (to the enemy, who is watching CNN/NBC/FOX.....). Troop movements don't need to be reported with that much specificity. Sadam doesn't need to know who is where, who the reinforcements are and when they arrive, where the supply lines are weak, and where his thugs are successfully harrassing our troups, all things I have seen reported to death in the last 24 hours. I am no fan of censorship, I want reporting about what is going on, right up to the point where the enemy can use that info to put our guys in body bags.

Maybe I am at the point now that I am looking at his "old school'. Whe I was in, you didn't say where your ship was, except when you were on liberty. You didn't talk about who else was on your boat, and you never, ever said a word to anyone about what the SEALS (or any other Special Forces) were doing, even if it was just that they went to the head.

Maybe I am over reacting to what I am hearing, and all this info is already compromised, but I kind of doubt it.

Well, I am over it I guess. Back out to the garage! I am firing up my welder for the first time this afternoon. Should be interesting.

God bless our troops
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

I agree with you that way too much info is being released. I`m praying the big mouth of some idiot reporter
doesn`t get anyone killed. I`m not for one minute going to pretend I understand all the complex issues of
this war. But I do think our government wants to keep it as "Open" as possible for the world as well as our
own people to observe whats going on. I would just like to here that its over.

Say a prayer for our troops, our leaders, and the people of Iraq.
God bless America.
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

I figure it is a gamble on the part of the Bush administration. The reporters shoot off about troop movements, but they are also sending out video live from the aid deliveries. The more that I see from the embedded reporters, the more i think it was a brilliant PR move by the Bush clan.

I also don't think that her report would have made it on the air had the airfield not been in Kurdish controlled territory. The network which airs sensitive data has too much too lose out on, so I bet they screen it all real well.

The market bombings could only have been US ordnance if it DIDN'T detonate on impact. Mortar seems most likely, maybe SAM falling back to earth.
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Re: O/T What is up with this war coverage?

The more truth they report from there the better chance they have of sending misinformation and having it believed. I believe Uncle Sam has more control over what's being reported in some cases than we give him credit for. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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