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muddog 03-23-2003 08:54 PM

Body lift and steering shaft
I finally put in a 3 inch body lift today. Wouldn't advise doing it again, but its done. How much should the steering shaft slide? When I put the blocks in I really jacked the drivers side up because of the way my jack was positioned. Then after I was all done, I slid the boot from the steering shaft seam, and it looked like it had already slid about 1/2 inch or so. Does this sound right? If it doesn't slide apart far enough, what can happen?

Also, I wasn't able to bolt my shifter boot back in the same place because the shifter wouldn't go back far enough(had to do some generous trimming). Is this common with this lift?

JeepnGreg 03-23-2003 11:08 PM

Re: Body lift and steering shaft
yea those are common problems for the BIG body lifts....

the steering shaft may bind now, give it few good test turns before taking in on the road..

as for your shifter linkage...i dont know if you are talking t-case or tranny..... but a buddy of mine put a 3" body lift on his 97 and he couldnt get the t-case into 4 low after that untill he trimmed the body...

muddog 03-24-2003 12:03 AM

Re: Body lift and steering shaft
I had to trim a little off for the transfer case shifter, just so it wouldn't get knocked out of 2HI into 4HI. On my tranny shifter I couldn't even begin to go into reverse, and 2nd and 4th were questionable, probably would have gotten kicked out of gear if I left it. So by the time I got it trimmed, the hole was past the spot for the boot, and since the boot has a metal ring around it, I can't bolt it on. I'm thinking of just cutting a section of the metal out of the boot so I can bolt it in.

CJclay 03-24-2003 04:29 AM

Re: Body lift and steering shaft
A friend of mine put a 3" lift on his TJ and had the same shifter clearance problem. He ended up coming to my house and using my vice to bend knew curves into the shifter lever. It took 30 minutes or so of careful measuring and bending, but it worked like a champ. He didn't do any trimming or cutting.


CJclay 03-24-2003 04:30 AM

Re: Body lift and steering shaft
We also used a propane torch to heat the lever before bending it. Don't know if it really needed it or not, but I think that's what his lift kit recommended.


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