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balanced 12-09-2002 08:48 PM

stubborn rotor on cj
I am pulling the front end apart to put in new wheel bearings and I am stuck. I have removed the caliper, the lock-out hub. I removed both nuts and the washers. The rotor just won't budge. Are there any old tricks that anyone has up there sleve? I am pulling very hard on the rotor w/my feet against the leaf spring, and it is not seeing it my way yet.
I don't think it is supposed to be this hard. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks, Gary

**DONOTDELETE** 12-09-2002 09:11 PM

Re: stubborn rotor on cj
Get a big BRASS hammer and whack it a few times. This will break the corrosion loose and allow you to remove the rotor.

Jeeper99xj 12-10-2002 03:21 PM

Re: stubborn rotor on cj
Big Fing hammer and wack it a coule times, all direction and adventually you'll beark it loose.


lindy80cj7 12-10-2002 04:05 PM

Re: stubborn rotor on cj
Aren't the rotors attached to the hub via the studs? I thought you take the hub off press the studs out and then the rotor will come off.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-10-2002 05:14 PM

Re: stubborn rotor on cj
It's been my unfortunate experience with this circumstance that the reason the rotor/bearings will not come off the spindle is because it has seized to the spindle.
this can happen if you drive for extended periods with poor or no grease in the wheel bearings.
Yes the only way to get the spindle off is to hit it, hit from the backside on the top, then the bottom until it comes off.
Chance are (If my suspicions are correct) your inner bearing and seal will remain on the spindle while everything else comes off (rotor, outer wheel bearing).
Now before you ask how to get a seized bearing off the spindle know this; if you are successful it won't matter, the heat created by all that friction expands the spindle making it useless.
You will be able to remove the bolts that hold the spindle to the outer knuckle and (hopefully if the spindle isn't totally warped) remove the spindle.
I would suggest replacing the whole setup.
Spindle, Hubm rotor, bearings and inner seal.
I tried in vain to re-use worn parts (one of each in all combinations) only to find out that they just wear out quickly leaving you working on it (outer knuckles, spindle, etc... All the time.
Yes its expensive but fixing it all IMHO is the only way to do it.

Good luck I hope I am wrong.


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