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OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

On Saturday morning, I was driving into town and saw a hitchiker...he just was wearing a coat, gloves and had a cup of coffee.....So I stopped and picked him up. He was very thankful saying he was just going to work to try and be able to get off during the week. Granted he wasn't the most clean looking fella but I thought I would try. He was a little nervous but I think more of me. I had my knife out and open under my leg...you never know....

Anyway I dropped the guy off, he was very thankful and said merry christmas....so I told my wife and she freaked out about that....it just sucks that there is so much problems with people hitch-hiking these days.....

Would you have picked the guy up?
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

It is kind of a bummer that people are so hard to trust. I myself try to help a person out when ever I can. But in the same breath, I have passed on many a hiker, because they gave me a strange feeling.
I used to live is a nice small town in Vermont. Now I live in a larger town/city. When I lived in the small town I would pick up everyone I saw, and never worried about it. Most of the time I knew the person who was hiking. Maybe I didn't know them personally, but I see them around and what not.
I often wonder if a person knows they are going to need to get a ride with someone, why they don't make a least a little effort to look respectable. At least a smile you know...
If I was alon, and not in a hurry and the guy looked like he was just on the way to work, then I probably would have picked him up.
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

I picked up a hitchiker on the way to Alpine Utah on my Honeymoon. That was not a swift move on my part. The guy had run out of gas.

There's that "still small voice" we've all experienced. I've learned to listen to it.. and when it says " Pick 'em up" I do... when it says "Don't pick 'em up" I don't. It really as simple as that for me to make up my mind...
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

It's been years since I've picked up a hitch hiker. The last time I did was in '90, I was on my way from Lansing MI to Dallas TX and I picked a guy up outside Kalamazo and dropped him off in St Louis. He payed for dinner at a fast food joint and offered to drive but there was no way I would let him drive. Like 85Jeepny, I had a weapon in plain view. It's a shame that we can't trust people anymore. It's semi rural where I live now and I've thought about picking one up from time to time, but I always think about my family and decide not to. I have been on the other end and gotten a ride from a truck drive once(got stranded and it was 50 miles to home). Too few good people left in the world now I guess. Either that or just too many bad ones.
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

I've got a simple policy on hitchhikers...if I don't know them I don't pick them up. Until a few years ago, I would stop in cold weather in places like Turnigan pass--the weather here can kill you. Then a guy picked up a 17 year old kid that killed him right there in that pass. Kid was arrested the same day, but that pretty well decided me not to pick up hitchikers again. I've made a few exceptions, but only when I have a strong feeling that they need HELP, not just a ride....and only if I've got my 1911A1 along.
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

My policy is really simple, I do not pick up any one I do not know when they are hitch hiking. Here in Southern California most of the people hitching are the ones you do not want in your vehicle. The only expections I make are peopl out on a trail. The only person I picked up was when I was out wheeling on a fire trail locally and a guy was walking don the trail. Most of the time you never see a hiker up that far so I stopped to see if everything was ok and his buddy had broken down up the trail. I gave him a lift to the end of the trail so he could get his cell and call another friend for a tow truck and some extra parts. I guess his buddy has a full size rig and they were going to tow the broken rig down with the full size. I always stop on the trail to offer help if any one needs it. I just hope that they will do the same for me.

One of my last trips out I ran across this lifted Ranger that had high centered on a small hill. He was sitting on the frame rails with no tires touching the ground. There was an Explorer, a new Tacoma, and a Baja Bug out there (It was a the beginning of the trail where it was quite flat). As we were trying to figure out how to help this guy out a full size Chevy on 40’s rolls by without even stopping. I even drove over my yank strap. He did not even stop wave or nothing. I thought what a ______. When I asked who was going to pull the guy out every one took off and left me sitting there. The Tacoma took off so fast I did not even get a look at the guy. The Baja quietly pulled away. The Explorer stayed but flat refused to pull the guy out. So it was up to me and my 90 horse power Jeep. I gave him a few tugs in 4 low and he was free. It turns out that when he high centered he gunned the truck and blew out the front hub. He was very grateful for the help and we followed him out to make sure he got on the road ok.

Another time we were out riding around and buddy of mine stopped to see if a Toyota with a flat tire needed help. It was getting pretty late and did not want some one stuck there all night or trying to hike out of there at night. He stopped rolled down the window and yelled out to see if any one was near and there was not a soul insight. He heard a bush rattle and looked down. Now he swears that he saw 2 eyes a baseball hat and what appeared to be a barrel of a rifle. Well needless to say he spun all 4 tires leaving that bush and the truck in a cloud of dust. When we came back down the trial out the way out the truck was still there, but we did not stop that time.

I love helping people out when I can but you really have to be careful. It is a fine line between person in trouble and maniac when you are looking in from the outside. But we all have to so what we feel is right and safe.
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

I've never given anybody a ride (too afraid to around here) though if i ever seen anybody that needs a ride out at our island house (only about 400 year round residents, everybody is really nice) i'd pick them up. I have been picked up a couple times out there all by nice people. I've pulled some people out that i don't know offroad and i was at silver lake and got pulled out by strangers twice. I went to pull this guy out that was pretty stuck at the top of a hill in a stock tj and got up there and he didn't speek english, i lined up to give him a second yank but back down because i had a bad feeling so i backed down because it was too hard to communicate with him and it's kinda risky pulling some one down off the side of a dune. Go with your gut instinct especially if your alone.

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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

Small town, big town, you never know. I've always lived in and around Philadelphia, I never really stopped for anyone except to offer help on a busy highway or in a neighborhood. The only time I picked someone up is when I was visiting my parents and I passed a guy I went to high school with hitching. I gave him a ride to his place and never saw him again. Ten years later I here he's spending time in jail for mugging someone. And this guy was an honor student in high school! On another note twice when I was broken down, a trucker stopped to help me. Both great guys. Whenever one of the big rigs blows by me on the highway now, I try and give'm the benefit of the doubt.


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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

This happened to my uncle. He picked a guy way out in the middle of nowhere. As they were coming in to a town the guy pulls out a big knife and starts cleaning his fingernails with it. He says."what would you do if a guy pulled a knife on you and told he was gonna take your truck"? Without hesitation, my uncle says, "well... I'd prolly reach down here, get my 38 and blow his freeken brains out, why"? OH!...uh...just wondering says the hiker as he quickly put his knife away. He told him he was turning at the next corner and made him get out. A quick thinking bluff that may have saved his life!
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Re: OT/ Picking up Hitchhikers

I am also one that listens to the voices.

I do carry a 9mm with me, and keep it off to the side out of view. It's there and ready, but never been needed.
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