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2 questions

Why don't I see anybody take some bigger rims? Why is everybody going on 15" rims & big meats, and not using 16" rims?

And the other one. I should have my bumpstops welded on the frame, 'cos all the bolts are broken, and there's way too much work into removing them. I should take the axles off to get enough space to insert a drill. Then I should drill the whole bolt throught (since I can get only metric-bolts here). Then I should deal with the rest of the bolts inside the frame (rattling etc.). Then I should cut in the "spiral thing" (what's the name) for the new bolts. Get bolts. Then put them in. Way too much of the work. So I was wondering if welding the BS's is going to have any bad sides? As I see it, there are no forces on the BS except ones from the axle hitting it, which go vertical, thus making little or no effect on the weldings, just "pushing" the BS up towards the frame. Would they come off by themselves from shaking, or is it going to be OK?

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Re: 2 questions

I know one reason is sidewall flex. With a 15" rim, there's more sidewall so it flexes better.
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Re: 2 questions

Welding sounds good to me why not? Croatia! I work in a machine shop in Cleveland Ohio we have a lot of Croatians working here and we also have a lot of Serbs theyre always arguing and fighting with each other. Guess they brought the war here. Whats it like in Croatia? My Grandfather came from Chezoslovakia.Im glad he did from what they tell me. Seems like the whole world hates the US but they all seem to migrate here. I think it's pretty cool to hear from someone from Croatia , I have a lot of Croation friends here. Have a nice day Junik Urban [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: 2 questions

Hmmm... What goes around, comes around. We used to live so much better then Chech. folks. We used to laugh at them & feel pitty at the same time. Then we had war. Now they laugh at us! And feel sorry for us, as well.
Actually, I don't wanna make this a debate, at least not in this forum, so I am not going to tell you about the war. The war was here, stupid and pointless as always. Lot of people died (both sides), mostly civilians. Now everything is normal, but we went like 50 years backwards (we are almost in stone age!).
Anyway, as it usually happens, we blame them, they blame us... It's important that the war is over. And the Supreme Court (the one for the crimes against humanity) is doing its job. I hope those responsible will be punished. But again, not in this forum.

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Seems like the whole world hates the US

[/ QUOTE ]

I'll tell you what I think about it. For 22 yrs I've been living in Croatia. For 5 yrs in Italy. Italians hate americans more than enybody else I've ever met. But then again, you can't globalize on a statement like that. I, personally, adore the USA and everything related. Even though there are some severe nonsenses in you (for example) law &amp; system, people simply belive it. They've created something, and bad how it may/may not seem, people keep it alive &amp; it works. To immagine how it's here, you'll have to think about the wild west, Bronco Bill, Doc Holyday, Billy the Kid etc.
IMHO, people hate US 'cos, at least from the outside, it looks like you guys are doing great! You (seem to) have everything right there, you don't need nobody (except for the export). You could afford to close, to neglect as much as possible all foreign affairs and concentrate to build the State from the inside. And we (anybody else) can't do it. So, compared to most of us, you're (as a country) rich, colorful, full of oportunity... everything one could ask for. In fewer words - jealousy! Pure and simple.
I allow everybody to have his/her oppinion. I have mine. We can argue. But that's it. But, I know (a lot!) of folks that go so far as to not eating hamburgers. Not just those from McD or BurgerKing, but *ANY* hamburgers. 'Cos they're an american invention (I could never thank you enough for that one!). Same with ketchup. Fries (althoug they're french, no?).
And, of course, the US dollar is strong. Very strong, very stabile. Even after that black 9/11, it went down just a bit, returnig strong in notime. And wether you like it or not, everybody compares everything to US$. Cos it's unlikely to devalvate or go up suddenla. It's (almost) fixed. And they hate it.

I don't. I love it. I love everything american. In my little, I'm trying to live some kind of "american dream" myself. And I like it. Love it. Every little bit of it!

It's that something,...that sort of everybody united despite all the ratial (and various other) differences, everybody stood together whenever there was a need. Here you'll get much more hypocrits who'll simply say "it happened to YOU, not me. [bleep] happens." And they'll leave.
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Re: 2 questions

another reason for 15" rims.. is they hold the tire better.. if you look at a rim.. you will have the very outside lip.. and just inside of that on a 15" rim.. is small hump up.. and the bead of the tire is held there with air pressure.. on a 16" rim they do not have the inner hump.. there fore when we run lower tire pressure for off road.. the tires come off the rims easier...
another reason is just that 15" rims and tires are so plentiful.. and cheap.. i think with the tire and rim market opening up.. we will start seeing larger rims and tires getting used more and more regulary..
yes go ahead and weld them.. but make sure you check your frame.. make sure it is solid enough.. get all the road grime.. grease.. mud.. and yuck.. paint.. off of it.. and inspect it.. if its solid.. go for it.. weld them suckers up..
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Re: 2 questions

Ketchup American? Sorry, but it was invented by the Chinese, originally it was a fish sauce.

I love the history of items, and have many books on the subject. I'll have to look up some common ones.

You DO NOT want to know where toothpaste originated, or how...just be thankful it's what it is today.

Sorry to get off track. Many things people assume are a US invention are not, we just capitalize on it more.
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Re: 2 questions

Well BlueDevil, IMHO the saddest thing is that the rest of the world could have what the US has if they'd just free their people. Personal Freedom and a "Free" economy is a noble idea. The problem is that many in the rest of the world are not willing to let go of their petty (and sometimes not petty) biases, hatereds and become willing to live and let live. 1500 year old grudges are quite hard to stamp out. It's not magic, it's just good people living good lives.

Several years ago I met a lady who'd lived in England, Holland, Ireland and South Aferica. She came to the US and applied for citizenship. I asked her why here in the US, given what many in the world think of the US. Her reply surprised me. She said that here in the US it was the first time she'd met truly good people who just wanted to be left alone. She wanted to be among those people and be counted with them.

I think she's hit the nail on the head and is correct in her assessment. In general the people in the US are great, good people. They'll give you the shirt off their back and then some and not ask a dime in return. As a people we ain't perfect, but I think we're at least on the right path, and marching in the right direction.
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Re: 2 questions

I have a 73 CJ-5 that came with a set of 33x12.50x15's cant stand them or the way the handle on the highway so put a set of 33x8.50X16's on it (10 ply recaps) tires only cost me 74 bucks each and handle in mud, snow and wet highways much better then those wide sobs will keep the 12.50s for going to the dunes but for every day driving forget it not to mention I get 60,000+ miles out of my recaps oh yeah I run the same tires on my 78 J-10 and my 73 J4000 they came stock with 15's too
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Re: 2 questions


It is funny to read what some people think about the US...First, fries are defenitely french!!! Then, yes the dollar is a very strong money but, as doing business in europe (which will get bigger soon with almost 10 more countries) nobody cares about dollars any more, it is Euro, and , if you didn't knpw, 1$=1euro and it has been like that for a few months...
I lived over there a few years and, yes, it is a very nice country. They have their own problem to deal with as we have ours, but, do yourself a favor. You are NOT american but Croatian. Instead of dreaming about being american try to do your best to make your house, city, country be the way you want it, you can dream about a better place or make one... Europe could become a very nice place if every ones of us work toward this goal, so, put your sleeves up and go for it...
They don't have more than us in terms of ressources but, they are all pushing the same way and they LOVE their country...
Well, about the rimes it is defenitely a question of side flex!!! [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: 2 questions

About the bump stops, there's one big downside to welding them on: Rust. You'll have a nice, tight little space between the bump stop and the frame that will hold water a long time after it gets wet. In addition, where you weld, all of the paint and oil will be burned off. Rust will be impossible to prevent. Rust, of course, is why the bolts are broken off now.

How about this: Drill and tap some new holes along side the old ones. Give the back of the bump stops and the frame in the area a good, heavy coat of paint. Then bolt the bump stops up with stainless steel bolts and a lot of anti-sieze. Or regular bolts but cover them and the female threads with grease before you put it together.

There are drills made for getting into tight places. The motor is at a right angle to the chuck, instead of in line with it. If you can borrow one of them for a couple of hours, you won't need to move the axel to drill the holes.

If you can't get a close-quarters drill, just come up along side the springs, and let the holes be at a slight angle. It won't hurt anything.

I just restored an old frame, and there was severe rust damage under the bump stops - over half the thickness of the frame was gone, and the steel on the bump stops was completely gone except for the ears where the bolt holes are.

Never pass up a chance to fight rust on an old Jeep.

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