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yjdave 12-03-2002 09:34 AM

vermont tire beyond fender question
i have bought a house on 25 acres in vermont, and will be moving there in the spring. haven't lived there for many moons, but seems to me, you couldn't have tires that extended beyond the fenders. any of you guys know if this is still the case? olin18, vtcj7, ? if it is, does anybody here have any feedback on the xenon 4 inch flares? they're pricey at $300, but they will allow me to keep my factory islander side steps. i'm running 12.50 33's and i stick out beyond the factory flares by a couple inches.. thanks guys

Olin18 12-03-2002 10:42 AM

Re: vermont tire beyond fender question
Dave, Where in VT are you going to be living? It is a beautiful place, I love a lot. We are right in the middle of a serious early winter cold snap. Last night was 5 deg! and there is lots of snow too.
It is true that you can not have tires that stick out past the fenders. However, I wouldn't go and do something like getting fenders for $300. I have had my tires sticking out for 3 years, and haven't really had a problem. A lot of truck guys will throw on a pair of skinny tires when they go for insp. Then just put their larger ones back on when they are done. There are ways to get around it. You see a lot of trucks and Jeeps around that have tires sticking out. It is just a matter of finding the right place to go to get inspected.
25 acers is a pretty nice plot, were you going to be at? The local club up here can be seen at there are a lot of good people in that club.
Happy moving!

yjdave 12-03-2002 11:33 AM

Re: vermont tire beyond fender question
olin, i bought a house in topsham.. its about 20 miles east of barre, and the house sits up on a hill overlooking east corinth. thats where they filmed beetlejuice. i have logging roads on my property, and potentially some good wheeling in my own backyard. i was up there the first week of november for the closing, and it was 12 degrees when i got out of the car in rutland... plus a 25 mph wind. having driven straight up from 85 degrees in florida, needless to say i froze my a#$ off. thanks for the info.

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