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Olin18 11-20-2002 11:41 AM

OT - Xcase in 84 chevy
Does anyone know what the Tcase is in an 84 chevy that has the 4 speed in front of it. The trans is a SM465 I am pretty sure. Is the case a drivers side drop... Thanks if anyone knows.

ChristianOffroad 11-20-2002 03:01 PM

Re: OT - Xcase in 84 chevy
Should be a NP208. This is a passenger drop chain drive 'case.

JEEPN 11-20-2002 07:22 PM

Re: OT - Xcase in 84 chevy
Depends on what model it is, the heavy ones (tonners and some heavy 3/4 tons) used an NP205 with the slip yoke to the rear axle. Otherwise it was the NP208, it's easy to tell, one is cast iron and weighs around 170 pounds, the other is aluminum and weighs about half that.

Olin18 11-22-2002 08:30 AM

Re: OT - Xcase in 84 chevy
Thanks for the info. From what you have mentioned, and after going to look at this truck. It turned out to be an 84 C-10, 3/4 ton. I would guess that the Tcase was the 208 because it was alum.
It looked like a pretty good score for my parts rig for my motor swap. It has the 350/SM465/?208? However that is passanger side drop.
Does anyone know how wide the axels are on these c-10s. I know that this is probably a question for the chevy board. But what I am getting at is a total drivetrain swap. Motor, trans, tras case, D shafts (this truck has a one ton rear) and axels. D44 front Passangers side. And I think the rear was a D60 ! I have never even considered haveing axels shortend. I think that my be a bit much work for me.

ryankopecki 11-23-2002 03:24 PM

Re: OT - Xcase in 84 chevy
If it has a 1 ton rear it is probably a 14 bolt. The dana 60 rear was very rarely used in chevys. That truck should also have a 10 bolt front. This is about the equal of a dana 44. They both have the same size ring gear, ujoints, and inner axle shafts. The 10 bolt has bigger stub shafts.

The axles are about 69" wide front and 66" wide rear. You can use hummer wheels to effectively narrow it about 7". And they only cost about $80 each with the bead lock. But hummer wheels aren't a direct bolt on. Search on here or POR for info on using those wheels if you want.

I prefer the 208 over the 205 because of its lower gearing.

I'm thinking about doing this same swap.

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