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surveyboy 11-19-2002 07:28 PM

preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
Well the time is getting closer and I am preping the frame. overall, its in great shape, just dirty, with some surface rust, nothing a wire wheel hasn't cleaned up. theres lots of areas that have black paint, (assuming orginal factory stuff) should I work like mad and get all that off? or just prime the whole thing and repaint? or before I prime, should I get some POR 15 and put that on then paint it?

Also, the inside of the frame is dirty, mosty dirt and crud. whats the easiest way to clean that?

Also, is there anything I should do to reinforce the frame? Redo the welds along the join in the frame, ect. any spot I would be a fool for not reinforcing?


pontiac58 11-19-2002 08:15 PM

Re: preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
The first thing i would do is cut off the stock rear crossmember. And stick a hose in the holes and let the crap role out the back of the frame. You do have to lift the front of the frame up. I couldnt believe how much crud came out of my CJ's frame. Once the frame is clean inside. Weld on a new heavier crossmember. Either have one made or buy the one from 4wd hardware. Leave any good sticking paint. If its stuck good the new paint will stick to that. For paint i like good old tractor enamel. The stuff is tuff as nails. Lately i have been added a auto paint hardener to the tractor enamel. The hardener makes the paint shine much more and the paint cures faster. For primer i would just use a good self etching primer.

Jim_Lou 11-20-2002 07:53 AM

Re: preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
By all means, touch up any welds that look suspect. My '78 had a bunch of TERRIBLE welds.

Also cut about a 1" hole in the front crossmember where it ties to the frame rails so that you can stick a garden hose in there and flush muck out.

If the back crossmember doesn't have holes in it, cut them too.

A while ago there was a post titled "POR - good idea or not", or something close. I had just done a frame rebuild and had some suggestions. Search for "butt-joint" and you'll find it.

itsaposcj5 11-20-2002 05:20 PM

Re: preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
If you want the ultimate in protection for your frame then have it powder coated. They will clean the frame and coat it. The coating is good and strong and is very scratch resistant.

surveyboy 11-20-2002 05:41 PM

Re: preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
any thoughts on how much $$$ it would be to powder coat it? also, what about if I ever have to weld on it, ie, frame tie ins, nerf bars, do I have to wire wheel that stuff off first?

Jim_Lou 11-20-2002 07:26 PM

Re: preping a frame for a frame swap-CJ
Wire wheel will do the job, but slowly; that stuff is really tough. Sandblasting is quicker, but still not fast.

I had a frame galvanized for $250. Same problem with welding in the future, except that a grinder cleans the galvanizing off pretty easily. There are 'cold galvanizing' sprays, really zinc-rich paint, that do a pretty good job of repair after welding, if you can get to both sides of the weld.

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