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New Wrangler owner - Help!

I bought a new Jeep Wrangler recently. It's now done 10,000 miles, and has needed to go back to the dealer for 8 separate problems (latest was clutch cyclinder failure). After speaking to both the dealer and Daimler-Chrysler the net result is that this level of failure is considered normal.

Now, the actual repairs are not the problem, they have all been covered under warranty. However, it is just plain annoying to have the vehicle keep breaking down, organizing a tow back to the dealer and then to be without a vehicle for 1-4 days each month while its being fixed. Rental or curtesy vehicles being specifically not covered by the warranty.

It's a fun vehicle to drive, but the build quality and reliability are just pathetic. From speaking to the dealer and daimler crysler its obvious that this is not a new issue. The entire service program is designed to do the bear minimum to avoid the vehicle meeting the lemon-laws, and every company representative is well versed at quoting the letter of these laws in "defence" of the vehicle.

Anyone been through this process and have any advice? About my only option it seems is to sell the vehicle, but i owe $22k on it still and the book value is only around $15k.
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

What were the other seven problems? I would be worried if a jeep didn't break on a regular basis. Quite honestly, I don't think a Jeep will ever break any reliability records, however I know plenty of people with newer jeeps that don't have any more problems with them than any other vehicle....except maybe Toyotas. Those damn things run forever.... As I see it, you have at least three options: 1) Sell it or trade it in and take the loss. 2) Keep it and get used to wrenching on your own junk after your warranty expires 3) Get some legal advise and/or write some higher ups in the Chrysler food chain. Its been my experience that the car companies want to keep customers. Screwing people over is bad for business.
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

Have you tried taking it to another dealership? I'd at least do that. There are a lot of guys on this board with the new Wranglers (TJ's) and they never complain about having 8 problems at once. CJ owners are a different story. Take that TJ into another dealers lot, let the first dealer know you are doing it, and hope for the best.
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

I bought my 2000 wrangler new. at 6000 miles, the tranny was shot and I had it replaced by the dealer. there was a service bullitin out laterfor that same issue. the jeep now has 37000 miles on it. it has been to tellico 3 times, uwharrie 13 times, and we have wheeled it hard for many of those miles. I have had absolutely no problems with anything since the tranny.
what kind of problems are you referring to?
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

No way! That's a lot more than anyone I have heard of, sounds like you either got a lemon or they're jerking your chain around. We beat on ours a ton, and even in 122,000 miles it hasn't been back to the dealership that many times, and we've had a lot of breakage. On my Trooper I suspected the dealership was tampering with it, because it was in every 5,000 miles or so for something different, for about 60,000 miles. Then one day I decided to bite the bullet and take it to a different garage, pay out of my pocket. Well, that was 85,000 miles ago and (knock on wood) I haven't had any problems since, it's been flawless.
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

I'm with the others here. I've got a 98 TJ with 97,000 km - no real major problems like you're describing. Gas gauge reads funny(bad sending unit), and the ignition module went a couple of months ago, but when it was new - I had no problems whatsoever.

Take it to another dealer, or find someone higher up at DC.

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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

Yes, please detail your problems for us. The only recurring things that happened with my 99 TJ was nothing to speak of. The driver's side window always got hard to crank for the last 1" of closure ....the heater/ac/vent doors had some minor linkage problems that were fixed twice (and never had any problems since) ..the fan switch took a crap when on the #3 setting ( the only setting that gave some decent volume without a bunch of blower noise) ...and the ventalation plenumn always made the passengers side floor wet until I pointed out to the service writer that the hose pointed straight forward into the engine bay ....they figured that it needed a downward facing elbow.

Oh ..and the toe was off from the factory took until the tires showed excessive wear before I figured it out. I thought that the high speed instablility (constant seeking - toe out) was just because of the short wheelbase. It was also off on my 02 (so much toe in that it lunched two sets of rotors in 12k) whom ever sets the toe at the factory is "pounding the puppy" ...maybe they're more concerned about the wheel being straight.

So what has caused you to tow the vehicle into the dealer?

Another thing that courtesy policy only on the new jeeps? The service dept told me if I had any warranty repair that would render the vehicle undrivable (that is I'd have to leave it there) ..that they would provide, at their cost, a rental vehicle. I've known people who have availed themselves of this service. This was admittedly on my 99. I haven't had the need for any such service on my 02.
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

Problems which i can think of:-

--clutch cylinder failure
--lights failure
--side window unusable (delivered with it off, and bent totally out of shape stored in the back)
--rear window unusable (delivered with it off, thought it was just me who couldnt figure out how to zip it on.. after about 10 salesmen tried to fit it they established it was missing some piece of the zipper)
--chasis sounded like a battle ship after about 3 weeks. (turned out something under there needed to be lubricated)
--vehicle had no oil filler cap when delivered (went to get first oil change at 2k miles and then engine bay was just nasty)
--engine warning light came on at 3k miles (took 3 separate visits before they established it was caused by a cracked spark plug)
--transmission fluid leak
--back seat fell off of retaining bolts
--3 separate safety recalls (cant remember what any of them were offhand)

There's a ton more, but thats the ones which come to mind. Eight of them required an over-night stay at the dealership. For one i got a curtesy vehicle for a week (due solely to demanding one from the dealership in the middle of a sales event where they needed me to stfu in a hurry)

DC basically quote the lemon laws still, and dont return my calls. Even worse, i have had them call me twice doing their quality surveys, both times i have said totally unsatisfied, and both times the interviewer has promised to get someone to call back to pursue it. Of course no one has.

Dealership is the same. Initial inquiries were met with very helpful and understanding response, until they realized i was serious about wanting a refund or replacement, at which point everyone started directing me to any department except their own, with none of them taking responsibility or returning calls. All suddenly started quoting lemon laws almost word for word hoever, which makes me assume this is not a new scenario for them.

Vehicle is sitting in a garage unused now, still with 12k miles. Just isnt worth the trouble of trying to pursuade the wife and kids to ride in it anymore. Meanwhile our second vehicle is a VW Jetta, and thank god.. would have been fired long ago if i was totally reliant on the jeep.

If anyone is thinking about buying a jeep as a sole vehicle, think long and hard about it.. [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

Oh, one other interesting aspect of all this.. during the course of one visit, the dealership stated that it is specifically stated in the warranty agreement that they can use reconditioned parts for any warranty repairs. In the context of the discussion this implied that if something breaks more than once it is 'normal' as the parts are no longer considered new.

Call it a hunch, but i doubt if many other manufacturers fit used parts onto new vehicles..
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Re: New Wrangler owner - Help!

I don't mean to be rude.. but alot of your so called "problems" sound like they were VERY SIMPLE things to notice and fix.. windows, oil cap, squeky "chasis" (you could have oiled it), that engine warning light about the spark plug.. after a couple things you could have pulled the plug and checked

Now if I had a warranty on my jeep, and was lazy I`d take it to the dealer too!! Since it's free. [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I would just get used to the small stuff... windows needing to be layed in the sun to fit easier, finding your own sounds/squeeks etc... if your not a hands on guy then maybe a jeep isn't for you??

You did not notice the OIL CAP for 2,000 miles!! Wudya do never look under the hood ???... Whenever I buy a vehicle I look under the hood multiple times and check things out..

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