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Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

I drove out to the tire place today, looking for a set of 33/12.5's to go on my jeep when my current 33/9.5's wore out. I figured I had 6 months.

When I got there and actually took a look at what I had, I realised there were several completely bald, were talking smooth, patches on my 33's. Not good. Even I know that.

I have 15/7 Rims. I'm told by the tire guy my bolt pattern is for a Ford Ranger. (Don't ask, previous owner.)

The following are Canadian prices.

$209 for a new set of 33/12.50's from a local dealer. (Big-O-Brand) That's 4 tires. Then they need to be eco taxed $10 a peice, mounted and balanced. $10-$15 a peice, and taxed by the gov, 14.5%


Then I need rims.

My other option is to get a set of 35's that are at this tire place I went to.
They were mounted on a truck, tested, removed, and the guy ran.
They still have the little bits of rubber.. (those thin things I duno what there called)

They are 35/12.50 Coopers.
The guy wants a $1000 even. no taxes.
He claims they are worth $1600 (CDN of course)

Now my dilema..
I have to get new rims either way right?
I have about $1100 saved right now. But christmas is soon right? so I might be able to borrow or get my parents to pitch in.

I'm sure I could work the 35's down to $900 or $950. and get them mounted and balanced for free?? anyone think I can't?

I'm in a real bind here and I don't know what to do.

I guess my main question would be, will the 35's fit on my rig. and if so, will the rig hold up.

I don't punish it, and I've never rubbed before. (33/9.50)
I can be very gentle to it and stay mild until i've modded it to the point where the 35's will be fine.

I belive. I have stock axles for a '89 YJ.
Still have the vac-actuator in the front)
The wheels have a Jeep cover thingi with a Jeep logo, so I think they are Jeep wheels.
Anyone care to venture a guess?

I'm relying on you guys.. I'll throw up pics in a min to show you my lift. clearance, and other stuff.

So tell me..
Haggle the 35's down.. and go for it with my parents and siblings buying me a rim each for christmas?
Or go with the 33's?
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Find some used 33"s on wheels already
(I would bet 35"x12.5" will rub like %$#&@% since your not only going taller but wider as well)
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Dont know about Ford Rangers, but you should have a 5on4.5 bolt pattern if the rims are stock Jeep rims. The problem is they are only 7 inches wide. Those 35's would bulge horribly on the stock rims! Cooper makes a great tire, but I would look around for a more useable size. Even those 33-12.50's are going to bulge badly. I would suggest spending the money on something that will work. Just my opinion!
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Of course you want to go bigger, who doesn't. [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] But, were it me, I'd stick with what works. You have 33's now with no problems. Your axles have held up to 33's, no rubbing, no power problems. Plus the 33's ARE new, not LIKE new. I just went through the same type of deal, from 35's up to 37's, then 3 months later back down to 35's because the 37's were causing too many problems. I had to add more lift, and was going to have to upgrade the axles, no doubt about it. So, after a few months of babying it, I decided it wasn't worth it right now, and 35's had been working fine, so back to 35's it was. This was all after I spent a ton 'o' cash on the rear end, lift, tranny, sye, driveshaft, just to make the jeep handle the 35's reliably. So, unless you want to start dumping serious cash towards axles and such, stick with what you know works. Just my .02
And btw, rangers and yj/tj's all have 5-4.5 bolt pattern.
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Thnx for the info.

I was thinking about getting new wheels with the new tires. Either way I go I figure I'll need them.

There was also something that I forgot to add, but ofcourse I could sell the set of 4 33's. ( Only one bald patch. The rest do have 6 months tread.)
and the rims. 4 X 15/7 Jeep rims.
and a 33/12.50 I picked up as a spare.

Anyways. Here's the picture of my current lift and my rims. I'm sure they are Jeep now.

I know everyone will say the 33's. But they are more expensive for a smaller size.

My #1 question is, will the axles/ everything else hold up to the 35's? Is anyone running 35's on their stock axles?

Technically, there's only another inch of tire to worry about rubbing. (vertically.) and I will be getting rims that are backspaced properly to accomodate the extra 3" of width?

Attached Images
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Stay w/ the 33's. I don't think you can fit the 35's either w/o a problem. Keep in mind that what you have (i would bet cash) measure 31" actuall.(mine did on my chevy with 33" BFG A/T's..........worn)
A set of (real33" tall) tires will be plenty for what you have.
Good luck.
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

I would take into consideration the types of tires they are. Are both tires muds? I'd say run muds or swampers if you like to wheel your jeep on hard trails. I'd go with the 35's if plans for axles and gears are in the works but in the mean time baby it like it's a bomb about to bust, i've seen 2 dana 35's blow and both have blown either the spiders or ring and pinion up and one of them was running 31" at's and the other 33" muds both doing nothing extreme or stuff a stocker couldn't do, your front axle will also be a concern but not as big of one, i blew up a 297 u-joint (bigger than what you have)/ set of shafts running 32" swampers open up front but i was also climbing a crazy hill and driving like chris durham. You can run a 12.5" wide tire on a 15x7 though you will run on your springs at full lock garuenteed. Another option for tires is to check out local clubs and message board, you might have to drive some distance but you could probably find a set of tires used for cheep. If you like hard trails get your self of swampers but they arn't the best stret tires but they kick butt on the trail. Keep in mind that a 33" bias ply TSL is really close in size to a 35" mud. Do some investigating and searching and you can probably find tires cheeper, if you find some around chicago that you would want to be shipped to canada i'd pick em up and throw some shipping lables on them if you want to pay for the shipping.
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

Thnx XJ.

I really don't know what to do here.

I was hopeing I could sit on it for a while. Until I wore my tires right out.
But now I don't think I can.

Will a set of 33/12.50's go on 15/7 Rims?
Has anyone done it?

35's would be awsome.. and cheaper then 33's I'm really tempted.
The 33's are allterrains.. the 35's are Silver Eagle??? Coopers?

I haven't wheeled in a long time, and was just planning to get back into it. But VERY MILD.
You don't understand how mild.
I'm a University student and I already know that a broken part means I'm hooped!
I have not a single scratch of body damage either.
I love my Jeep, so much so, that I'm not willing to rack it around a tree jsut to say I did it.

Did i mention I don't have a job either?

Does anyone have a set of 35/12.50's on a 7" rim?

What I'm really looking for here is someone who has a set of 35/12.50's on their Jeep, running stock drive terrain, and 7" wide rims.. if someone here has that, and can tell me that they haven't grenaded anything. Then I'll be happy getting the 35's.

I'm running open front and back diffs.
I wouldn't mind a pair of second hand tires, but there are almsot none around here [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] I had to fight and scratch just to pickup my 33 spare.
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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

If you barely wheel your jeep and very mild (i'm assuming you barely need 4wd let alone 4 low for these trails and don't plan on anything nutz or really muddy and slick) stick with some 33" at's and you'll be happy if they lift and big tires are more for looks than offroad ability. If you do wheel in sloppy stuff or plan on going "hardcore" then muds might be to your benifit but it seems like the at's will The one d35 i saw blow up with 33's was climbing about a 5' high 75* grassy hill with not tire slipage and it just went pop. 15x7's will work with a 12.5" wide tire but it's not the best combo and the backspacing will hurt you.

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Re: Truning to you guys for some desperate help.

You can mount 12.50's on 7" rims, but they'll be badly crowned and will wear in the center pretty rapidly. The tire manufacturer should be able to reccomend the minimum rim width. I think for 12.50's the range is from 8-11" wide rims.

As for if they'll rub, check out this article "what fits & what hits" on the Jeep Tech page.
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