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Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

I want to get rid of my Carter. Any suggestions on a good replacement? (89 Wrangler)
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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

I put a motorcraft 2100 on my '87 yj.Worked out great.You should also do the Nutter bypass.If you do a search on these subjects here you should get most if not all the info you need.You can e-mail me if you have any problems. Best to post your question here, cause you can get your answers and others can learn to.
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What\'s the \"search\" feature for again?

What's the "Search" feature on sites like this for again?

Oh yeah.... it's a digital paperweight.

Perhaps if you spent 5 mins actually trying to find some information and posting a halfway decent question, i.e.:

I found that some ppl run "X", some "Y" and some "Z" carbs on their Jeeps. I see there are pro's and con's to each. This is my current setup yadda lift, yadda motor, yadda whatever, and this is how I want to use the vehicle(it's a grocery getter, I crawl over 10 foot boulders, I pose for chics) and I think that "Y" would be best for me. Any comments?


How about using search to fond members that have different carbs on their Jeeps. Then, try looking up those members' profiles and get their emails and email them personally. I'd bet that most of the ppl here that like to tinker and mod their Jeeps would be more than willing to share their knowledge.

Then maybe you'd get more responses.

Once again, a little bit of effort and legwork on your part would probably go a long way to getting more useful info from members.

I'll give you a starter, try using the search feature for:

"MC 2100" or "2100" or "2100 carb" or something along those lines.

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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

hey dick-I did a search..Sorry not all of us are master mechanics.Hopin to get some feedback from diff people.I wasn't totally sat. with what I found. If you're married,I feel sorry for your wife. If you have kids, they should probably kill themselves. What A Dick!!
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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

You can do one of several things.......
Go with an early non stepper carter (thats what I have and like it)
MC 2100
webber = $$$$$$
rochester early syle 2bbl. (it will bolt on to the intake)
those are the easy ones.
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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

You can find Webers on ebay for a decent price. I'm happy with mine so far... I spent $289 for mine with shipping. I think Carbs Unlimited was the seller.

Still tuning it and it runs rich it but it's a big improvement over the Carter. Actually starts and idles easily now, believe it or not.
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He sent me a nice email so I replied to him>>

HogeyWrangler sent me a lovely email a little while ago, which I already replied to.

I informed him that asking such a basic question really isn't going to help him that much, and that he could have found the same answers in a matter of minutes using SEARCH.

The real issues he should be seeking info on are:

Will I need new gaskets?
Where do I get them? Do I have to make them?
What about jetting?
What about throttle linkages?
What about throttle cables?
What about vacuum sources on the carb?
What about EGR, etc?

It's always that small stuff that will kill you. You're much better off doing your research, then asking educated, pointed questions to address the real problems at hand rather than asking a sweeping, generalized question.

But what do I know, I only see:

"can I convert my NA(normally aspirated) 300ZX to a TT(twin turbo)"


"how much do stock rims weigh?"


"can I run NOS on my Z?"


"why does my Z shake when I brake hard?"


"why does my Z squeel when I first start it and I hit the gas?"


"what clutch should I get?"

asked 2, 4, 10 times a day.

Know how old that gets in a hurry?

Know how many of the vets who've been on the site for years have seen the same Q's hundreds of times? Guess how many answer it? None.

It's almost ALL in the FAQ and Tech sections for one thing, and we have nearly 1 million posts archived and searchable on my 300ZX site.

Back to this site, why not spend 10 or 15 mins doing a search to learn what kinds of carb will even fit on the Jeep first? Then look for the detailed stuff, where to get it, how to make it fit, etc.

THEN post an educated question to get that piece of info you need but just couldn't find.

And/or email the person who posted the useful info and has the setup you are interested in on their Jeep. Maybe they don't check the forum very often and will never see your post, even if they are willing and want to help out.

Anyway, that's my philosophy and it has treated me well.

I find that if you do some legwork FIRST, then ask questions ppl are a lot more willing to help you and share info with you. No one likes a slacker, and no one goes out of their way to help one.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks for being helpful.

I was going to post to your earlier flame, but decided not to. Part of that whole "winninng an arguement on the internet and the Special Olymics" thing, but dude, lighten up. Really.

You have been here a month and a half and now you feel like it is your duty to rip on people?

You have a problem on some Z board, keep it on the Z board. You want to rip on Jeep people, go to POR. You don't know what POR is, do a search.

Look at the other posts here, see any one else copping such a big 'tude?
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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade

If you have the money, or can save up around $300, go with the Weber. It's like night and day compared to the Carter BBD(even on a good day). It will take a while to tune it just the way you want it, but I think it is well worth the money.

Also, I wouldn't pay much attention to newbies who stand on their soap box and try to tell you how to use this board. If you don't feel the question is worth your time, don't reply to it. Plain and simple. Some people need to show a little tolerance here and lighten up. This is a board for questions and to share knowledge. We all know how to use the search function, but it doesn't always give you all the information that you need.
Do everyone here a favor and chill out and move on to another post if you can't handle seeing a question more than once.
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Re: Suggestions for 258 Carburetor Upgrade


I also have a 1989 YJ and i have a Holley 390CFM on it. It is a nice carb but it need a lot of work and adjustment to make it run well. I have heard that the Holley Truck Avenger is a real good carb which accept ti run at big angles, maybe you should try to get more info about it....
Good luck
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