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**DONOTDELETE** 11-12-2002 11:48 PM

Just Need To Vent
Bought a '02 Wrangler Sport about 6 weeks ago. Been in the shop most of the time. Already replaced the windshield, defrost vent panel, and C-Bar. Also had the rear quarter panels (to the front fender) both doors, the roll bar and the hood all repainted before I could convice the factory rep to buy the thing back.
Found a Rubicon for a less unreasonable price than most places last week. They said it would arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. They called the next day and said it had arrived and I needed to get up there. (Rubicons sell within a day or 2 here) Drove up to Pasadena Thursday afternoon and spent the next 5 hours trying to work the deal.
Everything was set to go, but Chrysler Financial required a letter from CHrysler Motors stating that they were buying the other Jeep back.
Do you think we could get anyone to fax that letter. Noooooo. It is now Tuesday and still no letter. No letter until we reach an agreement on the buy back numbers and it is a done deal. Grrrrrrrr.
I believe they will have an offer for me tomorrow, but it could take several days to reach an agreement.
I hope they don't sell the Rubicon before we can reach a deal. I really want that baby.
Anyway, just had to vent to some fellow Jeep owners.
Have only been a Jeep owner since June and really love it. What an off-roading difference over my old Durango.
Thanx for listening.

Brian [img]images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]

jamgood96 11-12-2002 11:53 PM

Re: Just Need To Vent
Sounds like an ugly mess. Did your Jeep just happen to be a lemon I take it? That sucks! Hopefully it all gets worked out ok for you. BTW - Welcome to the board and thanks for filling out your profile. Post often and keep us up to date on what's happening.

**DONOTDELETE** 11-12-2002 11:56 PM

Re: Just Need To Vent
Yeah, the paint is peeling off, inside and out. I think they missed a step in the paint process. It was at the point where if they didn't buy it back, I was going to insist that they strip it down to the bare body and completly repaint the whole thing, inside and out.


jamgood96 11-13-2002 12:24 AM

Re: Just Need To Vent
That really sucks dood! Hopefully you get your Rubicon! That'd be awesome! Post some pictures!!

knifeboy2 11-13-2002 12:31 AM

Re: Just Need To Vent
I've seen two cars that did that. Its been so long I don't remember who made them but I thought it was interesting that a vehicle could leave a plant and just start peeling like an Irishman after a day in the sun. Its obvious that you've been bitten by the Jeep bug and if you are willing to give up on one Jeep but go for another then you belong here. Welcome to the forum, and hopefully you get that Rubicon. There may never be a Rubicon where I live right now. We hardly ever get new TJ's. Our Jeep dealership has more non-Jeeps than it does Jeeps. Its sad really, but thats what you get for going to school in Bumble, IL.

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