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Wrangler88 11-12-2002 08:50 PM

will this set up work? 95YJ
i've got a 4 banger stick, if i use 4.88's and 35's will that be ok on the highway, right now running 32's and 4.11's are fine using 4th gear, but will 4.88's and 35's be to much?

89yjsahara 11-12-2002 09:51 PM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
Id gear it to 4.88 if its the stock axles, and even lower if you have swapped axles that can handle gears lower. Id even go to 5.13's or 5.38's if you had D44's or bigger.

Norwayjeeper 11-13-2002 05:14 AM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
Hey 89Yjsahara

Do you have a picture of the Jeep with the AR-767 on it? I am wondering about bying a set of those, and wonder how they look on the Jeep.

Olin18 11-13-2002 06:36 AM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
I don't think that I would be very comferdable going with 35 inch tires on stock D30/35, you are asking for trouble. If in fact you do use those tire you are for sure going to want to regear. I would say 4.88 for sure, you can't go any higer with those axels, but swapping both front and rear is a pretty big expence. It would be a shame to spend that much money on an axel and then break it two months later with a 35inch tire. Throwing money at stock axels is really like throwing good money after bad.

Wrangler88 11-13-2002 09:11 AM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
well i'm gonna be using a ford 8.8 rear, i'm not worried about the axles right now, just wondering what axle ratio to use

toddw 11-13-2002 10:11 AM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
If your not worrying about the axles now you should be, the Ford 8.8 can easily handle the 35s with your 4cyl.. but the dana30 up front with 4.88 makes the gears the weakpoint....

I wouldn't suggest 4.88 in a Dana30 with 35s.. your asking for trouble there...

Wrangler88 11-13-2002 11:06 AM

Re: will this set up work? 95YJ
guys guys! thanks for the info, i get the idea of what your saying with the axles, future plans are an 8.8 in the near future, then using a waggie 44 front, but i'm just trying to figure out what ratio to use with the 4 banger so i can still drive it on the street and highway, if 4.88's aren't enough with the 4 banger, the i will have to swap out the 30, but for right now i'm just trying to get ideas, of what ratios to use for it... thanks ya'll!

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