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The Rebirth of Common Sense

My November column for ORC, a few days late so I could
wait for the election to be over.

by Brad Ullrich, Land Use Editor

This month's column is a few days late because I
wanted to wait until after the elections to write it.
And since this column is opinion, and not news, let me
take this opportunity to say November 5, 2002 will go
down as one of the greatest days in the history of the
United States and the Republican Party. Personally, I
couldn't be happier, and hopefully you feel the same
way, because this nation and specifically items in the
arena of land use issues will most likely get a huge
boost from what happened on election day.

First of all, before I get to the impact on the issues
we hold as most important on this front, let me gloat
a little about the overall impact of the elections.
Let's start with Bill Klinton and his buddies. It is
patently obvious that the former president and lecher
in chief does not have the clout he thought he did,
his stumping around the nation for Democratic
candidates apparently had little or no effect, in fact
I'd like to say in some areas it had a negative
effect. Next on the list is Klinton's good buddy and
head of the Democratic National Party, that most
despicable of totally partisan jerks, Terry McAuliffe.
Let me be one of the first to say good bye and we
won't miss you to this inept holdover from the Klinton
era, I'm reasonably certain his total mismanagement of
the Democratic strategy nationwide has cost him his
job and any credibility he may have had. He not only
made Florida Governor Jeb Bush his main target, he
predicted a win, and then his candidate got blown away
by Bush. The same thing happened around the country,
look at Colorado, another of his main targets,
Missouri, and foremost, Minnesota, where a memorial
service turned political pep rally became the most
embarrassing moment in recent memory for the
Democratic Party and ultimately, I believe, had a lot
to do with their losses nationwide on November 5. And
finally, saving the best for last, Senate Majority
Leader Tom Daschle is no longer Majority Leader, in
fact I doubt he will even be Minority Leader. What
this means is no more obstructionism in the Senate,
maybe President Bush can finally get some of his
agenda, and also federal court judges, approved.

Rant over, but gloating is not over, at least not for
quite a while. But what do the election results mean
for land use issues? As mentioned above, in general
terms it means the President will be able to put forth
his agenda and vision for the nation, and this agenda
includes many issues that pertain to the use of our
public lands. Hopefully, our forests will now get the
protection they deserve, especially after last
summer's disastrous fire season highlighted the
extremely hazardous condition of our national forests.
Hopefully responsible exploration for energy resources
will not be blockaded on every front, it is bad enough
to have to battle the radical so called
environmentalists on renewable energy resources, but
doing battle with congress over this issue, too, made
this very necessary part of the nation's energy plan
an unobtainable goal. And hopefully, this
administration's plan to streamline the NEPA
requirements when it comes to plans or projects that
will have little or no impact on the environment can
be put through.

It appears that the president clearly now has the
mandate that so many liberals were saying he lacked
after the 2000 presidential election. Americans are
obviously tired of obstructionism in Congress,
obstructionism by so called environmental groups on
public lands issues, and general overall whining by
the misguided liberals that control these groups and
up until today controlled the Senate. But, don't hold
your breath in the hope that the mandate that
President Bush now clearly has will change any of the
diehard liberals such as Ted Kennedy or Hillary
Klinton. Furthermore, expect the shrillness of the
whining of the so called environmentalists to become
even louder and more desperate, it started with the
2000 presidential election, and you better believe it
will now go off the scale.

What's the fallout of all of this? Remember a certain
ex vice-president named Al Gore. Believe it or not I
believe the algore will actually benefit from this
election. He will be driven even further to the left
to try to reclaim and rally the Democratic base, and
more moderate Democrats or those that have agreed with
President Bush on recent events will be pushed aside.
It is very obvious that the Democratic tactic of
trying to appear more moderate did not energize their
base, and this is what cost them dearly on November 5,
2002. It's a sure bet they will not make this same
mistake in 2004, look for algore's friends in the
radical so called environmental community to be aiming
for his election at all costs in two years.

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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

Yesterday's election results almost brought a tear to my eye... there is still hope in the US!

I hope the Clinton era is soon to be a dim memory... it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

dim memory? it's the fikin' nightmare that wakes me up in the night! maybe after the onslaught of the repulican party yesterday I will be able to sleep at night [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Yesterday's election results almost brought a tear to my eye... there is still hope in the US!

[/ QUOTE ]But not for Kalifornia. I could have been happier. I'd have liked to have seen Gray Davis out. Here in Kansas Graves lost to Sebelius even though she was running against Shallenberger on the ballot. It was current Governor Graves' Lame Duck antics that lost the election. I'd have voted against Graves given his record the past year.

I'd have also liked to see the South Dakota senate seat go to the Republicans, and it may still, but the recount may be more fun. Other than that, I'm pretty much happy and will take this anytime.
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

The rest of the country had a victory, but The People's Republic
of California didn't.

Mexico will have the chance very soon to buy it for cheap,
as soon as Gray Davis declares California is Bankrupt.
He's done everything he can to achieve that goal. From a
state with a huge $$ surplus to BK in 4 short years, he's
good at what he does!

The next few days will be the last opportunity for Californians
to buy ammo. Stock up, when they come to take you away for
owning a gun you'll need it!


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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

I live in New Mexico, and the same crap happened here, virtually every state office went to a Democrat. I have decided to secede from New Mexico, I live only 14 miles from the Colorado state line, I've decided to call myself a Coloradan. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

The Clinton Inaugural 1 featured Fleetwood Mac - one of my favorite groups. I was watching when they fired up Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorrow. Wild Bill, acting like a bandleader, whipped up the crowd and kept the song going on and on. I almost hurled, and never felt the same about the song or the group.

Just a few minutes ago it came around on the radio, and I thought 'Yeah, this time for the good guys!'
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

In Wisconsin we suffered a blow by gaining former Atty. Gen Doyle(D) as our new Governor. He is bad as far as liberal Democrats go. Proposing (while Atty. Gen) Ammo bans, gun registration, "assault weapon" bans, and a host of other "Save us from ourselves" laws. Luckily, we regained leadership in the Senate, and strengthened the Republican leadership in the house, so not much will get hrough that Doyle wants. I am happy for the Country though...major victories!!!
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

I must say I am happy things went off here in Florida without a hitch. No stupid morons in Miami-Dade(who tried to basically set it up so their local governmetn was more powerful than the states) messing up THIS election and thus giving all floridians a bad name.

I am NOT happy with our selection of governor. I am not hard line democrat, nor republican. I vote for who I think will get the job done the best. I have ot been happy with Jeb Bush. McBride was not much of a better of a choice, but i dont like giving anyone eight years to totally screw things up. Oh, well.
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Re: The Rebirth of Common Sense

Yeah, to hell will trying to forge a fair and balanced government for the long term. Stick it to the other side while you can, ride the roller-coaster with the next Special Prosecutor. It worked so well for the "Republican Revolution" 8 years ago. Fun ride, but always ends up where we started.
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