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**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-1999 08:09 AM

which wires do I keep?
Hello experts,

I have an 84 cj7 w/258. I will be swapping in a 304 within the next few months and would like to know which wires I need to keep under the hood and which ones I can get rid of since it currently has the computer. Do I take the computer completely out or do just find the wires that come out of the computer? How many wires will I keep? Thanks, please be gentle, I am no machanic.

Brian "A4x4jeeper"

WalterX 10-08-1999 03:31 PM

Re: which wires do I keep?
Is that the AMC engine from the 70's? I can't help with which wires to keep but are you sure the state will allow the swap? Here in California I BELIEVE you aren't allowed to place an engine of an older vehicle with potentially more pollutants into a newer vehicle. I believe you have to use the same engine or one that is newer. I don't know what your smog laws are, if any, but it's something to look into.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-1999 04:15 PM

Re: which wires do I keep?
Here in N.J. I don't

Brian "A4x4jeeper"

**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-1999 04:49 PM

Re: which wires do I keep?

I started with an 85 CJ7 258 and now it has a fuel injected 350. I retained 12 wires from the original passenger side of the terminal block on the firewall. The other side of the terminal block is for the headlights and horn.

I dont know anything about the 304 but cant imagine it needs much. Get rid of the stock computer.

retain at least these items...
Starter & coil wiring
misc senders
heater motor wire is also in the engine compartment
4wd/reverse wiring
electric choke related crap?

Good Luck,

Larry 85CJ7,350TBI,T19

LooseNut 10-08-1999 05:01 PM

Re: which wires do I keep?
I agree with LarryM. In my '84 I got rid of all the computer and wires associated with it. Kept the oil pressure wires, which include the choke wire. Also kept the heater m tor, back-up lights, starter (blue one). The wiring diagram in my Haynes was very usefull.

Loose nut behind the wheel
Another right-wing conservative.....

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