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Collection agency problem

I am getting what I consider harassing phone calls from a collection agency. Please read the following report that I intend to send off to the State Attorney Generals office. I talked to the state office today and they are expecting my complaint. Give me your impressions as to if you had a full understanding and even any grammatical errors or poor sentence structure that needs correction.

<font color="blue">I began getting automated prerecorded message calls a few weeks ago from a company who only identified itself as KCI, I believe the person who had made the recording said her name was Susan. The message stated that they were representing a client on a PERSONAL matter and asked me to call the number they gave.

Not knowing who they were or what their business was I ignored the message and did not respond. I've heard of people responding to one of these type calls only to find themselves transferred to a 900 number and later have a charge on their phone bill for a call they did not place.

The calls persisted, at least once a day and sometimes twice for quite some time. These were always the same prerecorded message. I was never called by a person even though some of these calls came during regular business hours.

The calls eventually ended for a period of about three days but started up again still as prerecorded messages, this time from a woman who identified herself as Rae. After two or three of these calls, I finally called the number, 913-307-0880 on 9/23/02. The person I contacted wanted my phone number but refused to give any information about the company. I refused to give my phone number without them telling me who they were. This resulted in me getting hung up on three times in three call attempts.

On the fourth call, the person I talked to reluctantly told me they were Kansas Councilors an accounts receivable company (I remembered another couple of call from Kansas Councilors but had not made the connection with KCI). I asked if that meant collection agency. After some double talk, he finally admitted that that would be a layman's term for them. Knowing I had no creditors looking for me, I gave him my phone number. After a few seconds, he responded with, "Michael Davis." I asked who Michael Davis was and why he thought I owed him money. I was told that my number, XXX-XXX-XXXX was the number they had for Michael Davis. I informed them that they were mistaken, that I had this phone for 12 years and there was no Michael Davis ever connected with this number during that time.

I further told them that they should check the number in a criss-cross directory or on the internet if they felt that I was lying to them. I was told that my number would be immediately removed from the list but I was given a lecture that I should have called earlier so they wouldn't have wasted so much of their time calling this wrong number.

With no apology and having been accused of prolonging the problem through my inaction of not returning their calls, I asked to speak to a supervisor. My request was denied, and I was hung up on. I placed several more calls, making requests to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on several more times. On my last call that evening, I was told that there were no supervisors on duty and that I needed to call back during regular business hours.

When I called back during regular business hours the following day, I was transferred to a supervisor who told me they had no reason to apologize to me, I was again accused of being at fault by not returning their calls earlier and was once again hung up on.

Now more than 24 hours after they were informed that they had the wrong number and being assured that my number would be removed from the list, I still got another call. I called again and was transferred to a supervisor. It was the same supervisor that I had talked to earlier this day. When she recognized my voice and problem, I was once again hung up on.

Maybe you can convince them that I am not the person they are looking for and get these calls to cease. I have been unsuccessful.</font color>
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Re: Collection agency problem

Sounds kinda like the same problem i had, only my problem ended up being worse. They had my address because some sleeze ball mother#*%&amp;ing A$$hole, stole my info, but used another name. The first few envolpes i threw away without even looking at them, then they starting calling and calling and calling, and that is when i started wondering what the heck is going on here. The first ahole i talked to just wanted to know when he was getting paid, even though i came out and said it wasnt my bill and we need to figure this whole deal out. It took 10 mins of him being an a$$hole and me being a a bigger a$$hole to finaly figure out what the bills where for. When i asked for his supervisor he said he was the supervisor, so i asked for the owner of the company and got hung up on. When i called back and got a women this time and started asking questions, she read me my social number i knew i was in for some $hit. So when it was all said and done i found out i had almost 10,000 dollars worth of cell phones bills, not in my name, but with all my other info. At the same time i also had my credit card number stolen.

My suggestion to you, is run a credit check, it wont hurt your credit rating at all. You are aloud to run your credit once and awhile. I also suggest going to your bank and having them do it. My bank did it for free for me but she said they normally charge a small amount, but for some reason my bank always takes good care of me. You may have some bullcrap lurking that dont relize yet, and catching it early will make lift much, much easier. Good luck and i hope everything works out.
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Re: Collection agency problem

I have a bunch of bull**** on my credit history right now too....a collection agency claiming that I owe $978 for stuff I never ordered. It's been a total of 7 months since my first official letter to them, and I'm getting close to the end. But I'm trying to buy a house and this is screwing me over....I wish they'd hurry up.....They keep telling me "It'll take up to 30 days" well those 30 days were up months ago!!! I feel for you guys...........It's definetly worth checking your credit report once or twice a year. It only costs like $8
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Re: Collection agency problem

I know what you goes mean, I was recently deinied my loans for a graduate school due to some false collections on my report. The sad thing is I couldn't get the money in time from the private lender to continue so I had to drop out. This is after moving from AZ to KY for the school. I am presently figting to have the collections removed but I am not getting very far very fast.
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Re: Collection agency problem

I don't think I've got a credit problem here, just some guy transposed a couple digits or gave a bogus phone number. Still, I think I'll take the advice and check after this is over just in case.
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Re: Collection agency problem

FWIW, I would replace "Maybe you can convince... ..been unsuccessful." with something a little more forceful, like:

"I believe these calls rise to the level of harassment, as defined by law and ask that you consider interviening on my behalf."

Just my $0.02. Other than that it is good.
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Re: Collection agency problem

This has little to do with your collection problem it's a very rewarding hobby though ,When I get a B.S. call they ask for Mr. @$$#%^ and I say Ill get him, please hold ,then I set the phone down and go about my business till I hear the beeb
beep beep then I hang the phone up. also when I get that junk mail in my bills or utility's I stuff it back in the envelope and send it back with my pmt. why clog up my garbage can ,sometimes Ill even throw in some cupons for some crap. Have a nice day F collectors
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Re: Collection agency problem

Another option you might consider Taz. You can call the phone company and tell them you've been getting harrassment calls from the number (I wouldn't get into the collections issue, just say harrassment). You then have several options, you can have the number blocked, or you can have them log it for legal action.

Oh, and another thing, there are STRICT FCC regulations about when creditors can call, and how people use automatic dialers (can't call on Sunday, can't call more than X times daily, etc). You might check up on those. You may be able to bust these idiots based on those infractions which would cost them money.

Other option you might want to explore is to hire a lawyer to write them a cease-desist letter and have it delivered via trackable mail (somebody has to sign). Typically these are fairly cheap, but they take notice of them better.
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Re: Collection agency problem

Yeah, I got the same thing as well.

Some nitwit decided to use my phone number instead of their own. I got calls ... the same pre-recorded calls you got. Ignored all of them. Then I moved, and the number changed..... but the people started calling for them at my new number....

Finally, I called all of them back a couple of times and when they found out that it was a new phone #, they let up and took me off their list. Apparently, they can accept the fact that it *might* have been their number at one time easier than they can accept the fact that it was never their number.

I think that might be the best bet. Instead of telling them they are stupid and that you have lived there for years, maybe tell them that it is a new phone number. You have only had it for 4 months, and you are getting all sorts of calls for the wrong person. That gives them some good reason to look for the person they are trying to find..... and maybe even pick up a ..... phone book.

On the identity theft part, I had a friend named "Jim Smith" Well, imagine how common that name is. Someone managed to get ahold of his SSN and ran up thousands of dollars in bills like 2,000 miles away from where we were. He was in court for months and had to do all sorts of affadavits proving he had never lived or visited said place. I bet he payed more in lawyer fees than he would have to just pay the bill. He finally did get it settled, but like you mentioned, the collection agency really did not want to let his credit go.

Then there was the guy who used my name and phone # for bad checks. I had collection agencies calling for me.... and I was only 13 at home no checking accounts, no nothing. We called the sherrif's dept, and found out the guy was in jail. The collection agencies liked that news... we handed them off to the local sherrif. "Uuhhh, the local Sherrif has informed me that he is in jail for check fraud. Contact the local Sherrif's office for information about filing charges.... here is the number."

One point about those sort of things... Write down the names and employee or badge numbers. They do have to give you that information if you request it.... but you have to specifically request the information. Include those names and badge numbers in the letter if you can. That gives them actual information they can use for charges and links it to actual people at the company.

Good luck, and I hope you get it settled.

Best regards

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