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I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Monday. HEavy traffic 'round 16:00. My work-2-home line is some 5 miles, and for the first 2 miles it took me 35 minutes! [img]images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] So, just after the big bridge I had to cross, I turned right off the road, over the grass 'n stuff, to get home quickly. With most of the other drivers around giving me thumbs up for the idea & the possibility to cut (nice Jeep [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] ).
And can you guess - I got stopped by the police right in the middle of the grass & dirt & stuff. In those 5 seconds I thought of the way to pull myself out (winch wouldn't work here, no?). I kept my idling hight (hand throttle), as the (stupid) PD asked me if I was crazy or what. I explained that my Jeep is out of order, and continues to shut itself down, etc, etc, so I'm keeping my gas pedal hight & cutting this way 'cos I wouldn't like to create more of the jam than it already is there. He bought it! I got off with no consequences (apart from a gallon or two of "lost" gasoline).
So, a week or so later, same street, same scenario, only it's friday afternoon, and it was some 5 PM. But this time I was getting clever: why to wait & pass the bridge, when I could go off(road) before the bridge? And so I did!
To explain: the bridge has 2 lanes per side plus a bicycle lane on each side plus a pedestrian lane at both sides. Pedestrians also have a staircase they can use to go down the bridge to the "coast" (sorry for the wrong terminology!). And so, I took off just before the bridge, got over all the bumps, water pots & similar (actually a 2+ trail in the center of the city! [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]). I found myself in front of the river, some 100 meters wide (should be about 5000") with perpendicular sidewalls of some 4 meters (200")
and no way to cross it. Also deep (over the top). Now what?
Looked around for a minute or two, and then I saw the divine light - the stairs! Stairs go up for some 10 ft, then there's a small platform, stairs change direction for 180 degrees, go up another 10 ft, change 180 degrees again, go up another 10 ft, etc. Some 6 platforms, all together.
Now, my stock YJ went up as if it was flat! Just like that, 4-LO and going straight up. [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] I was so happy!
The ONLY problem was that those platforms were like only 15" longer than my YJ and also only 15" wider. With steel borders. Obviously, I tried to make a turn there (180 degrees), but I got stuck very fast. [img]images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]
So, I thought, nuttin'. Going down, end of story. Gonna do the traffic.

But... Can you guess?

The very same policeman! [img]images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] The very same! Came down the same scales, to my door, pushed his hat a bit up with a finger, with his hand on his hip, and with a stupid grin on his face.
I was all out of myself thinking of how the hell am I going to pull myself out this time, when he said to me something like:
- Good afternoon AGAIN, Sir! Idling problems again?

I looked back at him, and when I saw his silly face, I just cracked. I was laughing my guts out while he was watching me surprised, a bit angry, confused...
He asked me again if I was normal, and what was I thinking of. Like in a movei I saw my situation like one would see it from the airplane. It became perfectly clear that moment that I ain't gonna get out of this one easy. If I get out at all. And I said the only thing that came to my mind: It's a Jeep thing...
He looked back at me, obviously not understanding what I was saying...

Anyway, I got down, and I got a ticket, a "symbolic one" - the maximum amount he can take on the spot by our laws, and it's not a joke here!
He didn't take my driver's licence just because I continued to beg for a good 15 minutes. Plus he told me that, since it's the first time he has ever heard of a "vehicle on staircase" (not blocking it, but actually going UP!) he'll let me go.

So, my wallet isn't loaded anymore (like it was before!). But, deep down inside, I still feel happy. I still remember the look on the faces of the people who saw the whole thing, faces saying "I can't belive he's actually going up!"

I think I'll do it again, as soon as I get the money for the ticket!

I'm just sorry nobody had the camera to take a picture or two...But I'm still waiting for somebody to contact me with photos. You never know...

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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

So, let me get this straight. In order to save 5 minutes, you make a COMPLETE ASS of yourself, ruin public property, endanger pedestrians, expose yourself as a liar, disrespect the law, and aren't smart enough to realize you got off easy, but want to do it again? You should have your Jeep impounded, fined for reckless driving, fined for destroying public property, fined for BEING STUPID IN A NO STUPID ZONE, and maybe spent a night in the tank. Do me a favor............

STAY IN EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Well yeah, it was a stupid and wreckless thing to do, and should have gotten into more trouble than he did; but you have to admit that it is pretty funny. The way he acted about it was a tad immature, but the whole thing itself is quite humerous.
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Gamble high or live in the swamps!
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Well.... as one who has done STOOPID things. And probably will STILL do stoopid things. I thought it was funny too!! I know I've been in traffic, and wanting a way out..... I've crossed mediums and went back to the next exit. I've never thought about crossing a river!! Maybe next time!!

Hey.... how about some pics of the steps? Maybe you can get your jeep up there one more time.. just for a photo opp!!!

GOOD STORY!! I hope they didn't beat you up too bad ($$).
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

I can see the humor in this only because it is so far away. It bothers me when people around me use their jeeps for things like this. I feel like they are giving Jeeps and Jeepers a bad name. When I go out and play in the mud, and I have permision to be there and I come back all coved in goo Jeep brown big smile on my face.... I want people to think. Wow that guy looks he is haveing fun, cause that is what it is. I don't want them to think. I bet that guy was breaking the law in some way or trespassing some place he shouldn't have been.

Every time some Jeeper does something stupid it makes the rest of us all look bad. I commend jeepers for doing good deeds. I don't really like to hear about Jeeps making a bad name for all of us. But like I said it is far away, and I can see some humor in it.
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Some of you guys need to sit in traffic. It can take me an hour on a sunday morning to move 3 miles on the Long Island Expressway (someone back me up here...right out of the mid-town tunnel???), and believe me, crazy thoughts start coming to mind of what I think my Jeep might be capable of!

Great story. I done a few sets of stairs in my life. That's what we consider rock climbing on L.I.
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing

I had a run in like that in college. On a bet, I drove my CJ up the front steps of our Fraternity house at a party. Well it worked great and was met with WILD cheers (I was Sober like all parties, so I have NO excuse for my behaviour!). It was a lot of fun.

Since I was one of few that were sober that night, the next morning, some of the fraternity brothers wanted to see me do it again, so I did. It worked again (imagine an old CJ5 with tools bolted all over it crusty mud etc... sitting with two tire on a 90 years old porch!).

Not two minutes later campus police were there. They told me that passerbys had seen us and had complained and that they had received 15 calls! Okay, not buying it. I told that how amazed I was that they had recieved 15 calls and were able to get to us in less than 2 minutes!.. (you have to understand that campus police where I went to college we beyond worthless - but still had some power).

Well, I saw that I needed a good excuse, so I told them that I was having binding issues with the front differencial and that the only way to test this was to brace it up on a staircase. Since we were the gearhead fraterinity, they didn't know what I was talking about anyway, and I obviously didn't care what they said, the problem resolved fairly quickly. I agreed to back it down as soon as possible once I had found my problem (which I obviously had [img]images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]) and they agreed to forget the whole thing.

Problem solved, great experience, and kept me from trying to run the student union stairs as well!

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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing!

Haha, we'll probably see this on The Learning Channel (TLC) on one of those "World's worst drivers" shows. Which, now not very surprising, usually seems to be about 80% European drivers. I can't even imagine what was going through your head to go driving up public steps in the middle of rush hour traffic.
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Re: I was (not) asking for it... it\'s a Jeep thing

Awhh ...no harm ...no foul. You're not the first person to get bored in traffic and try "alternatives". I didn't note any overt "reckless or endangering" acts in your excersion ...a little foolish perhaps (who hasn't been there?) Shame the steps were so tight. Would 4 wheel steering have helped? [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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