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**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 03:16 PM

tj door top sliders
I have a 99TJ with soft top and half doors. Winter's coming. No surprise there. I was thinking about getting the soft upper doors that have sliding windows (made by either Steelhorse of Bestop). Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these? I would especially like to know how much quieter these are than the soft upper windows and whether they leak. I need to decide soon whether to go this route or to suck it up and buy a hardtop and hard upper doors for the winter. Thanks.

E. Adams
99 TJ 4.0 with stuff

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 07:30 PM

Re: tj door top sliders
Choice between Steel Horse and BesTop, I would go with BesTop. I have a '97 TJ with all the tops and all the doors - exception is the slider you are asking about. I have come to realize that each set up is real good for what it is designed for and not so good at anything else, and it always seems that I need the things that one of the other articles provides, and that other article is home in the garage.
Hard Top: Great in bad weather, great for staying clean (stuff inside the veh, like people), great for enjoying your sound system and great for keeping unwanted people out of your Jeep. Terrible for removing, terrible for enjoying the elements, terrible for not looking like a Jeep (run around looking like a family station wagon, not a real Jeep) and the worst thing is it's an on/off situation. You have to take it or leave it. There's no inbetween.
Factory Soft Top: Pretty good for keeping the weather out, fair for keeping clean, can be taken everywhere and raised and lowered at will, but when raised is noisy, easily broken into and when lowered is in the way and looks funny. If you take the windows out and leave it up, it still looks funny and rattles worse.
Bikini Top: Good shade most of the time. Worthless for anything else, but looks better.
Full Factory Doors: Quiet, roll the window up and down, very good in all kinds of weather, but still looks like a family station wagon, not a real Jeep. They are heavy and cannot be carried in the Jeep if removed for that real Jeep look and feel. Only thing they are good for is rolling the window up and down.
2-Piece Factory door: Looks a lot more Jeepy, very good arm rest on top of the door. You can look out of them without seeing them because they are so much shorter, but the window part really sucks, but it does remove and is easy to carry. Both halves can be carried in the Jeep reasonably well, and the bottom half is light enough to handle easily.
2-Piece BesTop fabric doors: Mine should be here tomorrow. Will let you know. My full doors have been taking up garage room all summer, my hard top for 2 years, and my factory soft top is taking up room on top of one of my shop machines. Have opted for the Safari top, 2-piece soft doors, wind jammer behind my head and a large Tuffy cargo box in the back covered with a BesTop toneau cover. I'm gonna try that year around in all kinds of weather. Can take it all off and carry it or choose different combinations to take off or leave on and still carry all the pieces and parts easily, and any combination still looks like a Jeep. Security is not a problem because I lock everything up in a center Tuffy console or in the back Tuffy cargo box, and I seldom leave it anywhere that is a likely break in spot.

Doug '97 TJ
My Web Site

CJ7Taz 10-07-1999 09:37 PM

Re: tj door top sliders
I bought a set of sliders for the CJ7 off of ebay for about half price. They are new, factory seconds, the
guy sells them all the time, just need to be patient and wait for the right style and color. I haven't tried
them out yet, actually I've only got one of them adjusted to fit the holes in the door so far. I've got
fiberglass half doors (I think from 4wd) and I glassed in the tubes to hold the windows myself, using
some soft upper doors to locate the holes, so I'm not sure if they are in the exact right place or not and
I had to adjust the pegs. Still I'm assuming some adjustment of the pegs is required even on factory

I hear it doesn't get that cold in Seattle anyway, we've only gotten down to 23 below here, not in a few
years though. Funny part was we set the record for the highest temp ever recorded for the date the day
before. With 100 degree temp changes in 24 hours here in the midwest, I may want to put the top
down when it hits 95 in the middle of January so I avoid putting the hardtop on. Looks like it's going on
this year though, we've already been down in the 30s.


CJ7Taz 10-18-1999 08:07 PM

Re: tj door top sliders
I got my slider upper soft top half doors on yesterday when they correctly predicted near freezing temps
over night. I was very surprised at how quiet this made the Jeep. Visibility is greatly improved by being
glass but it takes a few trips to get used to the latch hardware in the peripheral vision. It's supposed to
get back up into the 80s on Thursday, so I may take it to the car wash and check for leaks. I don't
expect any leakage though, they're made pretty well.

My upper doors are actually for a YJ. I used fiberglass lower half doors which I custom 'glassed in the
tubes to hold the upper doors to go with a YJ factory top.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-19-1999 10:34 AM

Re: tj door top sliders
I have a '98 TJ with a factory soft and hard top and half doors w/ soft uppers. I am looking into either getting full roll-up doors or fiberglass uppers with the sliding glass. The problem that I have is my soft upper doors won't fit with the factory hard top. The weatherstrip gets stuck at the header and rolls out. Does anyone know for sure of any fiberglass or cloth upper doors that will fit into the hard top opening? If not, does anyone know of somewhere other than the dealer where I can get factory full doors (junk yard, wholesale, etc)? Near Indiana...

**DONOTDELETE** 10-19-1999 12:20 PM

Re: tj door top sliders
ThinkJeep (Leon Rosser) and Don-a-Vee Jeep both offer Factory full doors (you'll need to paint them though) brand new for what many junk yards sell used ones for. You may need to buy the interior panels, and some trim pieces seperately, but they can set you up with all the parts needed. The other option would be to check on-line (since we know you have access) at some of the off-road classified listings. Dirt Road has a pretty good listing of Jeep parts. Well, I hope this helped. Happy Jeepin'!


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