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Engine Swap Cost??

Hey yall I just found this board not too long ago but it seems like a lot of yall have v8s in your jeeps. I have a 97 tj with the stock 6 cyl and i've been thinking about getting an engine swap but am low on money. Whats kind of a general total price for a used chevy 350, and anything else i would need to change out? Would I need a new tranny for all that extra power or could the stock one handle it?

I hope I have enough money for this but if I don't, I think i'm gonna start swappin out control arms & sway bars and such [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Re: Engine Swap Cost??

What kind of wheeling do you do? Do you really need that much more power? Swapping an engine into a tj gets expensive when you have to deal with emissions and most likely a new trans and t-case adapter or new trans. If your in a place where you have emissions you usually need an engine that's the same year or newer to stay legal. I would stay away from carbed v-8's since they suck on inclines and off camber, H8Monday said he'd rather have a fuel injected 4 cylinder than a carbed v8 and i'd have to agree with him on that one. Then you have to think about your trans. The ax15 and tf999 are both marginal tansmissions and with the v8 power and torque have a good chance of puking their guts out if you push them hard, people have killed them with stock 6's and some decent wheeling. So figure in the cost of a new trans which can get pricy though some trans will bolt right to your 231 t-case. You could go the route elusive went and build a stroker motor. Make your 4.0 and 4.5-4.7L and get some decent power an torque.

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Re: Engine Swap Cost??

Bottom line when it comes to V8 swaps. It is a large time and money sink. What ever you plan on spending... Add 50% and that will put you closer in the ball park. Some other things you need to keep in mind that were not brough up thus far are...
Cooling, bigger engine= more HP, More HP= more heat. Your stock rad might not be up for the job. A new rad will add about $300 to the mix. Then once you get the engine trans t-case all set you need to worry about your axels. The 30/35 wont last long off road with a v8.
And if you are going to be moving your T-case you are probably going to have to rework your drive shafts. That means getting one shortend, and buying a new one. The cost adds up, But almost anyone you talk to that has a V8 will tell you it is worth it. I can't wait to get mine !!
Good luck, and if you are serious about a project of this mannor the best thing to do it to take it slow, think it through, look for good deals, and have fun with it.
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Re: Engine Swap Cost??

" LOOK FOR Deals "

That's my advise [img]images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]
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Re: Engine Swap Cost??

When I first started looking into it, that's all I wanted to know either - was bottom line cost. "Somebody give me a figure, dammit!"

For JUST the engine swap, you are looking at at least $2,500 if you go with a basically stock but completely rebuilt 350 and buy everything new in terms of componentry that you will need. And BTW, the engine itself makes up less than half of that AND that's with you doing all the labor (which is a BUNCH!!!).

Go the junkyard route for your engine and all your parts, and you might get that figure down around $1,500 or maybe even less depending on your ability to find and wheel -n- deal. Again you do all the labor (again, a BUNCH!!!).

Have I mentioned yet you will need a lot of tools and/or a lot of friends? Access to things like a grinder, welder, engine lift, etc...?

We haven't even opened the transmission can of worms yet. In short, when you put that much power at the beginning of the driveline, everything else behind it needs to be able to put up with it. Your tranny won't. Your t-case probably will, but it may need some work. Your axles won't, at least if you put big tires on there...

I think you get the idea by now. Putting a V-8 in a TJ will get 'spensive, quick. Recognize that the only thing a V-8 really gets you is the ability to push big tires down the road at a decent speed. A 4-banger has more than enough power for 99% of off-roading unless you are mud bogging. Don't get me wrong... I like power too. I'd have a V-8 if I could afford it.

Keep your head (and wallet) and take things slowly with the mods. Most of the old timers will tell you that driving skill will get a Jeep a lot more places than a big lift and a V-8.
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Re: Engine Swap Cost??

Beat up old Crown Victoria - $400.
Rebuild/Blueprint the motor - $1,000.
Engine mounts - $160.
Fuel pump - $200.
MISC. - $500. So Far.

My engine isn't even in yet, by the time I get exhaust ($300.) in I will have spent over $3000.

Not what I was expecting but All the little modifications I am doing (Hydrolic clutch mech., Reinforced frame braces, Brake Mastercylinder, lines, porportioning valve) will make my Jeep a much more worthy ride.

I agree with the above post. Your stock (or near stock) ride has the capability of going many place so long as the driver, you, are concientious and plan where and how you drive an obstacle. I wheeled for 6 years on many of the toughest trails here in WA state with open diffs. 33's BFG ATs and a 2" shackle lift.
Now I've moved up to better axles, lockers, lift, etc.. but I learned how to drive my Jeep first BEFORE I made any mods.

Good luck,

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