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**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 08:07 AM

BFG Trail T/A any good
Well I lifted my 80 CJ7, 4 inch Skyjacker. Now I need some new tires. What I wanted was BFG All Terrain T/A KO, but all I can afford is BFG Trail T/A. Is this a decent tire?

I will mainly be running on sand. Tire size 33x12.50x15 on a 8.5 inch rim.

97 Chevy Z71
98 Blazer ZR2
80 CJ7 waiting on mods

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 09:53 AM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
They're not too bad. A definate step up from the Mall Terrains that Jeeps come with from the factory these days. In fact, my spare is a Trail T/A and I've used it a couple of times. It seemed to break loose in the rocks a little faster than my no name all terrain's, but not by much.

95.5 YJ with "stuff"

DRM 10-07-1999 10:33 AM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
What is the price you found? My dad just picked up a set of BFG T/A ko's in a 31x10.5 for his Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 for only $101 EACH at the local Sears. I asked about the 33x12.5's and they were like $126 and the 35's were $134. Check around, I was not impressed with the Trail T/A's, I am sure you can find something cheaper and that performs better.
Also, a friend picked up a set of the old Goodyear muds for real cheap (33's for under $100 each) since they are changing their design - you may want to check around for something like that.

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schardein 10-07-1999 04:46 PM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
Saw this question and had to comment. I ran a set of 33x12.50 15's on my 80 Toyota and was really impressed with the quietness, smooth handling, and treadwear of this tire. Traction wise I ran mud bogs(OK), rocks(OK), and sand(excellent for my low horse four, anyway). If you mainly run off road or want a no comprimise off road tire, this may not be the best choice. But if you run mostly on the street, with a little off road, I bet you'd really like this tire. Also, I noticed once that the 33" looks a little different than the smaller sizes, I think we decided it had an extra row of tread blocks in the middle of the tread when compared to the smaller trail ta's.

89 XJ, 83 CJ-7, 79 Blazer, 67 CJ-5

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 06:51 PM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
As far as traction and tread wear are concerned there may be some difference between the Trail T/A and the All Terrain, but just looking at them, I don't see a lot of difference. The blocks of tread in the Trail T/A are at a greater angle. The AT seems to be more square to the road - less angle.
Big difference is in the sidewall. Trail T/A is 2 ply, AT is 3 ply.
The prices I have seen put the Trail 20% to 30% lower than the AT. If you use the Trail on the Trail, it would probably be very prudent to have full road hazzard - actually prudent to have it on the AT too.

Doug '97 TJ
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**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-1999 08:07 AM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
I have priced the Trail T/A at $96, and the A/T at $124. Would it be worth the extra $28 a tire, or is there a better tire that I don't know about.

97 Chevy Z71
98 Blazer ZR2
80 CJ7 waiting on mods

WalterX 10-08-1999 04:03 PM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
The BFG KO's are really nice tires. They are very quiet. When aired down to 10 psi they don't even look flat like some tires do. The new rim protection is also pretty cool. The raised sidewall tread is a nice addition and really helps out when aired down. BF Goodrich sets it's prices so dealers are only allowed to fluctuate a few bucks. If you want to look into another tire...check out the Yokohama Geolander AT. The tire handles better in the rain than any other truck tire I have used. At the same time they have a more aggressive tread design than the Trail TA. LT235X75 X 15s were around 80 bucks
each. Look at Pirelli's Scorpion AT. I keep reading great things about this tire also. The price on 235 X 75 X 15 is 85.00 each. I don't work at a tire store or anything I just purchased two sets of tires in the last 4 months and have done a bit of research.


Gibby 10-09-1999 04:02 AM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
The A/Ts are better but I ran the Rubicon Jamboree on 31 trails. Only problem was when I ripped
the steering wheel off my CJ5. But that was due to no P/S and not tire related.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-09-1999 08:12 PM

Re: BFG Trail T/A any good
At Sam's club you can get 10.50x15 ta's at $80.00 a tire put on with warrenty.
BUT I see where BF has changed the tire to a less aggressive tread.
IMHO I like the old ta's but think they are not good in mud .

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