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**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 01:44 AM

Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
I have the front clip already off the CJ7 to make things easier with the engine swap. The more I look at the jeep the more I want to remove the tub for general maintenance and it would definately make life much easier when I try to position the huge T19.

I have no idea what to expect. Is this a pain in the rear or could a couple of guys handle this with no problems? Those of you who have done this before... do you wish you would have worked around taking the tub off? I have all electrical disconnected and Im also doing a body lift so I need to remove the bolts anyway. Im aware of all things that would have to be disconected or removed.

Just looking for a little influence or a definite "dont do it unless you have to!"


Larry 85CJ7,350TBI,T19

DanStew 10-07-1999 08:03 AM

Re: Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
Removing the tub isn't that bad at all. You just detach anything that is on the tub that will not remove easily wit the tub. Get some beer and invite some friends over. I removed mine with the help of three other guys. What made my incident a little more tricky is that my steering wheel wouldn't ome off, so we had to live the tub over the steering column. Be careful when lifting it off, just incase you forgot to detach a wire or two, and you probably will. Then clean up the tub and place back on. Then enjoy your frame off experience.
Dan Stewart
1963 CJ%

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 08:44 AM

Re: Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
I removed one off of a CJ5 a couple weeks ago. It was a piece of cake and only took about 4 of us to lift it off. The one thing I forgot to disconnect though was the speedo cable. Hope it helps

T-bone 72CJ5

LooseNut 10-07-1999 11:19 AM

Re: Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
You'll have a lot of rusty bolts to contend with. An angle grinder helps to cut them off. Disconnect the clutch linkage, master cylinder, steering column,wires to the back-up lamp switch on the transmission.....I'm sure there's something I forgot. If you don't remove the shifter, you'll have to lift the body up over it.

Loose nut behind the wheel
Another right-wing conservative.....

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-1999 11:57 AM

Re: Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
Pretty simple process. Make sure you've got everything disconnected as the other have said, and have whatever tools you may need to disconnect what you miss easily at hand.

I lifted my body off by myself with a come along rigged to the rafters in my garage. lifted rear end first and set it on some sawhorses. then lifted the front end and rolled the chassis out from under the body. I lifted the body off over both the shifter and the steering column. When lifting the front end it was lift a couple of inches, roll chassis forward a couple of inches, repeat process until I cleared the steering column.

Jaffer 10-07-1999 12:14 PM

Re: Tub removal - no idea what to expect.
I single handedly removed, lowered for fit and then finally mounted it on one inch blocks. I screwed four heavy "eye" lag bolts into my 2 x 8 my garage rafter joists. Then I used flap style cargo straps to hoist the tub one corner at a time. I could even pull it to a 45 degree nose up angle with this method.
Two straps went into the top holes of my windshield hinges and the other two went onto bolts and washers screwed into my CJ-7 tub's tailgate cable brackets.
Here's a pic ...


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