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Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever went to do something and had a game plan and then everything you thought just goes haywire.

I am so sick of people at four wheel drive internet places either mis informing or sending the wrong stuff.

Is there a place out there that is worth a %&[email protected] That provides decent prices( heck at this point I would pay more just to get the right items.

I am to the point where I am ready to just go buy a rubicon

Sorry for bi$%@ing but I had to vent a little.
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it seems like you've vented well, but what exactly are you asking? Are there certain parts you are looking for? What went haywire? There are a lot of folks on this board that know quite a bit and also a lot of guys who have those odd spare parts laying around that they don't mind passing off to a fellow Jeeper in need. So now that you've had time to breathe, what went wrong and what do you need to fix it?
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I am just trying to make this thing too perfect. I have brought a lot of it on myself. I get to a point and get head way made and then I get told there is a better way to do it.

Here is what my original game was

1) Body
Install a new floor and line it with rattleguard (done)

Here is where all the head aches start
2)Engine Use the 4.2 which was a crate motor and go with factory carb etc... (The keeping it original thing)
a) I was told the carb set up and ignition sucked so I did the typical Internet research and decided that the Offy intake and Holley 390 would be a good upgrade to the carb and intake setup and complement the headers that I already have. I bought all the stuff to do the ignition upgrade.
(problem) No I am being told the carb is too much and I have to cam it up. (more research) Called summit and jegs (totally will never deal with ever again due to stupidity and lack of any knowledge)(so no progress on finding any info on a cam)
(problem 2 I am now being told that I need to go EFI)
(I am also being told to get a 4.0 head for the 4.2)
There is alot more to this but it just seems that it never ends.
I have 1200.00 in the jeep and probably have invested 14k in it. Just parts no labor
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, it sounds to me that you are taking everypersons word as Gospel. there is a lot of information flying around the internet, but I think there is a lot more BS than that out here. One thing you'll start to find is that there are people out in many Jeep and offroad boards that talk the talk but really don't know sh!t. or they are passing on imfo that they heard and actin like it's the right answer and the only answer to the problem.

I don't know much about the 4.2, but I have heard the offy and holley are good for that setup, EFI is obviuosly better, but by no means do you NEED any of that. just do your research, see how many references to the same bit of info you find and then come ask on this board. of all the boards I've visited, this one seem sto have the most consistent, friendly, and informative people on it. Posers are usually run off pretty quick.

but as far as Jegs and those companies, lke someone told me here on this board about parts store salesmen, you can't expect them to know EVERYTHING about EVERY engine made. they are probably reading a recipe book for engines when reciting things to you. or you got some one trying to make his commission that month [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

just my 2˘ on your frustration.

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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to be a jerk or anything, but what are you asking? Does the engine run? If it runs, what happens--lots of smoke, no power, what? What did you do when you upgraded the ignition? More information is needed.

There are alot of people on this board that can help you to get it running. Just a little advice--say specifically what is happening or not happening and you'll get help. Also put your subject line as something like "crate engine won't run" or "new engine floods out" or something specific and more people will open it up and read it.

I personally am still running the crappy 1bbl carb on my 258, but only until I can swap in the 360 that's in the garage. I know people that have the Offy/390 combination and it runs great.

One more thing, search this board and you might get some of the answers that you need.

Ken Linzmeyer
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya should 'a been doing more reading and do'in searches of this forum and less uninformed spend'in $$$$ on what looks and sounds good.
But that's OK. It's typical. We've all been there and are there cuz it's called a "learning experience". [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
There's ALWAYS something better around the corner ...
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude if you want a strong [censored] running 258 then I have your engine. It's nuttered and anti-smogged(EGR STUFF GONE) and is the screaminin' assed 258 on the planet. I have no aftermarket additions and my chit can easily rev to 6k and will smoke my 35X16X15 boggers without ever thinking about it. All you have to do is aplly the K.I.S.S. principle with your Jeep and you will be in hog heaven. Keep it simple stupid because the people at Jeep know what is up and their $hit is what it's all about.
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Re: Frustration factor is getting high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<font size="+2"><marquee> [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Long post!!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]</marquee></font>

Well, maybe i can help now (useally i ask for help!!!). I have the 258 on my YJ and had it stock. I am not going to say that what i have done is the best, just that it worked well for me.
First i put a Clifford intake and a Holley 390 carb. It made a difference but i used smaller jet than the stock ones (had to buy a few of them and check my spark plugs!!!)...

Then i did the Nutter by-pass, installed Mallory Unilite dist and coil and went a little further since i place a ballast instead of any electronic stuff.
<marquee>(check the diagram <a target="_blank" href=>here.</a>)</marquee>

Then i put a Jacobs Omni Torquer (Blue stuff on the diagram).
All of this gave me a stable idle at +/-600 RPM and could go up to 4000 smoothly (well i also put a Mallory electric fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator but don't know what it helped exactly, but sure cost a lot!!!!)...
Then, one day i went on a real bumpy road, climbing it at low RPM (+/-1500) and stalled, i restarted the engine and stalled again a few meter farther!!! I restarted and went up at 3000RPM with no problem!!! So, i went back into my carb adjusting float, changing needles..... (a lot of time and very frustrating!!!) so, after a few times i said " let's go for EFI and i waiting to receive my kit!!!

All this to say that it is just a question of money and what you wanna do with you Jeep... Sure, if i was able to i would have put the Clifford intake, Borla header and cat-back, jacobs omni torquer, and a complete MPI kit (i am going TBI cause money!!!) all the same week end!!!!

Since i have a Jeep i understood at least one thing: "got to be patient or very very rich to build it fast...."!!!

So, take it easy, a cam won't be a bad thing, a 390 cfm neither...but have a final goal and it will help you not spending money for nothing!!!

I don't know if everybody will agree but it is my point of view and my own experience...Hope it will help, and take it easy, it is so nice to add a thing to your Jeep and start it when you ve been waiting and working hard to get it!!!! (almost like woman, if you have it the first day is not as fun asif you have to wait a little!!!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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