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BigHG 09-16-2002 10:11 PM

Whats a 401 worth?
I recently found a 401 with about 100K miles on it. I don't really need it right now, but I know I'll be looking for a v8 down the road.

I figured I would just do a 360as they seem to be plentiful. Then I came across this 401. They seem to be a bit rare. Is this the case?

The one I found has around 93K on it. Owner says it ran but just lost power and was told by some mechanic it was probably a cam problem.

What do you think? What should I offer for this? The owner mentioned something about $300 which I summarily dismissed. I am thinking $150-200.

wades_76_CJ7 09-16-2002 11:42 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
Offer him 250 but if it is complete give the 300 bucks for it. they are rare and getting harder to find. the crank and rods in the 401's are forged stock. If i wasnt so far away i would come look at it!. Wade

ozarkjeep 09-17-2002 05:40 AM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
its worth alot more if the bore is stock, and will cleanup without too much overbore.

some folks say you might get overheating problems with them at 0.040 overbore, other say they are just fine.

either way a virgin bore block is worth $300 from what ive seen.

BigHG 09-17-2002 10:32 AM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
If these blocks are getting rare, what about parts availability? Do any parts interchange with the 360? Like exhaust maniforlds, mounting brackets and such.

I really don't know much about the AMC V8's and don't want to get myself into a money pit where parts are really pricey due to lack of availability.

WILL 09-17-2002 11:11 AM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
AMC V8 external parts are the same.

elusive 09-17-2002 02:40 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
buy it..
that same engine here would run about $700.
I can find a good block.. but a decent 401 crank is getting scarce...

Cerrals 09-17-2002 04:24 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
Use caution, internal parts are really expensive and the oiling system is weak at best. The 2 rear cylinders (7and8) are notorious for running dry and self destructing. A friend recently had one rebuilt, the pistons had to be custom made and the bill was around $2500

ozarkjeep 09-17-2002 04:39 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
its the exact same oiling issues that ALL late generation AMC V blocks have, and a $2500 rebuild with custom pistons is a BARGAIN!

there are off the shelf pistons available for 401s though, unless he wanted some strange stroke, or bore.

BigHG 09-17-2002 05:55 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
This begs the question then: 401 or 360 and why?

ozarkjeep 09-17-2002 06:05 PM

Re: Whats a 401 worth?
401 has forged crank and rods, and a bit more Cubic inches than a 360, alot more cool factor, and more power, also more expensive to rebuild ( the master kit was about $100 more than a 360 last I checked), and the forged crank and piston rods are expensive if you have to replace any parts, but how often do you need to replace a crank or rods?

the 360 is way more common, plenty of power for most folks, and slightly cheaper to rebuild, and WAY cheaper to buy a crank or piston rods for ( easier to find used parts than 401)

one thing to consider if smog and legality is important for you, the 360 was used up until 1991, I think the 401 was dropped in 79 or so?

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