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MNT 09-16-2002 09:04 PM

Rhino line under hood????
Hey all, has anyone rhino lined the underside of their hood. I'm not sure if it is a good idea, but it came to me the other day. I am thinking of getting the inside of the Jeep rhinolined and thought about the wheel wells and under the hood too.

Is there any benefit, or is it a waste of money.

I'm hoping if I have them do more, the cost will come down marginally. Want to get the most for my money.


**DONOTDELETE** 09-16-2002 09:48 PM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
That concept is what I am doing it is also something you can do your self and save a ton of money. If I could give you a word of advise though (Don't rhino line it) use a product called Rattle guard It is a Poly urethane/ epoxy based product which bonds better than Rhino liner and herculiner and that junk duplicolor sells.

You can do it yourself it is easy all you have to have is a Air compressor. Here is what is cool, they have a gun to apply it that is a throw away that fits right on the material container. They can also mix it to your paint code .

Here is there contact information 1-281-444-5995 ask for Ken Yonich

My background is strong in the Automotive refinishing area.

MNT 09-16-2002 10:02 PM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
Thanks, I'll look into that.

thejunker 09-17-2002 08:57 AM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
I personally painted the engine compartment (under hood, inside fenders, and wheelwells) with a gloss Hammerite paint. Reason: Much easier to wipe clean with a rag (cleanup oil, mud, whatever) on a gloss surface rather than a flat or textured surface.

My $0.02

mike34 09-18-2002 10:25 PM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
Hey Double, Do tell more about this product. Who is the manufacturer?
Thanx Mike

**DONOTDELETE** 09-18-2002 11:39 PM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
Ok here is what you do.

1) Remove seats etc...

2) Spray out the tub and engine compartment use appropriate cleaners. Dry 100% bone dry blow out with a compressor if necc.

3) Scuff the painted areas (with a red scotch brite pad) which are to have the Rattleguard applied.

4) Using a clean cloth wipe all scuffed areas with a good paint degreaser I used dupont fast drying.

5)get some good masking tape buy 3M green in 3/4" and 2" 1 roll of each will be plenty. Get thick biscayne(plastic) not the cheap thin stuff. Mask off everything on the outside of the vehicle. On Roll Bars use aluminum foil and tape it.

6)Mix the product according to the directions.

7)Spray the product on and CAREFULLY remove tape and any heavily sprayed protect or taped of areas before the product sets up or you will not get it off.

8) Go get a beer your done!!!

Olin18 09-19-2002 05:49 AM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
Double, do you have any photos of the finished product?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-19-2002 11:05 PM

Re: Rhino line under hood????
Here is the link to their website. My camera is not here now. But I will take a picture as soon as it gets back here.


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