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Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

I came across a wrecked XJ today that still runs and drives (body and glass damage only) that I think I can get for about $1000 (maybe less). It is a 91 XJ with 122,000 miles, 4.0L Motor, AW4 Tranny, NP231 T-case. My thought are this:

1. I have been looking for a auto tranny. AW4 is a good one, and I think will bolt up with minimul cost.

2. 242 is a good engine, and could be swapped in or use the head and MPI from on the 258 block (that is currently in my CJ)

Now the questions:

1. Should I get it? (ya i know, vague)

2. Should I use the head or the entire engine? My 258 has 75,000 miles on it. It has the carter carb, which actually runs well. It has a little blowby and spits oil on the tranny and xfer case (aka the jeep never-rust system).

Should I make the swap considering the 4.0 has 122,000 miles on it?

3. Should anything be done to the 4.0 (rebuild, camshaft, etc) before droping it in my CJ?

4. If and when I take the 4.0 and tranny, what do I do with the XJ? Do scrap yards buy them, as I have never sold there, just bought. Are there any parts (beside the NP-231) that are worth trying to sell?

**One last mention: My daily driver is a 99 XJ, so having another 4.0 in the family would probally make things easier as far as buying upgrades & maintainence items...

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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

FWIW,right now I have a 94 ZJ with 155k it doesn't touch oil maybe a quart between oil changes.I also have two CJ's with less than 70k that are tempermental,leak and burn oil and one as bearing knock.With the 4.0 you will have fuel inj. and a more reliable engine that is easier to get parts for.
If you get the XJ it will have most of the things you need to put it into a CJ,like wireing harness computer and all the small parts you would have to chase down.If the XJ runs good and doesn't have any bad habits bolt it in place of the 258.
An adapter for a AW4 to D-300 is only a bit more than a $100 I think through Advance or Novak, its the same one used for the AX-15.
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

122K on a Jeep with no glass and body damage. I would think you could get it for less than $1000. Offer 400 and work from there I would say.
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

Thanks for the info guys, anyone else have opinions?

Also, what other items could I pull from the XJ that would be worthwile for the CJ?

How about:

1. Power Brakes
2. A/C (to use for compressor)
3. Heater Core

Any others?
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

You might want to consider pulling the dash wiring harness in addition to the engine harness. If you did that you might just take the fuse block and bulk head connector out and use them in your jeep. If I were doing it again, I would take the dash out of the XJ and modify it to fit the CJ. Who knows how it would fit, but at least with some work the gauges could be put into a different dash. I would also consider taking the cruise circuitry inside the cab out of the XJ and mounting it in/on the CJ. Be kind of nice to cruise down the road.
Don't forget the electric fan, etc. Have you ever thought of just putting the everything in your CJ?
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

Front diff is on the wrong side to put the whole thing in the CJ.

I'd part out what you need and try to sell it. If it doesn't sell, then part it out further and pick it apart (like Chicken!). Then if you can't get rid of it, call a boneyard and see how much they'll get for it. Personally I HATE to see them get anything, I'd rather give it to someone first.
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

Thanks for the info on parting it out. This is what I figured I would do, as I too would rather give away the stuff rather than let a boneyard have it. As far as axles are concerned, no worries there, I am swapping in a D44 front and a 8.8 rear (so now I will have 4 axles laying around, my jeepchick is not gonna be happy)

So does anyone know if I can swap out the MC + Brakebooster without MAJOR modification to the pedal linkage assembly on the CJ (or can I use the XJ assembly?)
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

I have done this exact swap (91 XJ 4.0 into 83 CJ-7) so here are some things to think about.
I ended up using the mopar kit wiring harness, computer, and some various other items, air filter kit, throttle cable, and distributor( a 95 item, different from the 91).
I had to buy a flywheel from mopar, as I had already swapped in a t-18 and I was keeping it.
I also bought a different harmonic balancer, to use a front mounted crankshaft positioning sensor, much better than trying to adapt one onto the bellhousing.
The water pump has to be changed out for a YJ piece so you can bolt a fan to it (look at the motor and you will see what I am talking about.
The 258 motor mounts bolt right onto the 4.0 block, except for tapping out one hole, the boss is in the block just needs tapped, had to a buy a metric tap just for it.
I kept the delco alternator and had to do some fab work on the alt mounts, it's been so long I can't remember exactly what i did but it works!
My 258 was a CA model and had a serpentine belt, so swapping some items was possible. For instance the ac pump on my 4.0 was trashed, so i pulled it off. i needed a pulley there though for the serpentine belt. I was able to use the ac delete/idle pulley off my 83 258 with only slight modifications. Also the fan off my 258 was reverse rotation so I was able to use it. I know a guy who did the same swap but used a regular rotation fan and couldn't figure out why it was overheating.
i used the pump out of the xj tank mounted on the frame. As i remember it had some strange inlet/outlet sizes that required much work to make work. The mopar kit pump has "normal" size inlet/outlets that is much easier to make work.
I used the existing fuel lines, but mounted the xj filter in the engine compartment on the pass fender, then the line passes underneath the motor to the driver side where it goes into the fuel rail. Used the existing fuel return line, just cut it and ran rubber line to it. Be sure to use rubber line rated for HI PRESSURE FUEL INJECTION, and inspect them periodically.

BIG NOTE; I installed a low pressure fuel filter between the tank and the pump for insurance. About 6 months after the swap I experienced a hi speed bucking/lack of power, like it wasn't getting gas. turns out this filter was completely clogged with bright silver metal chips. I can only figure that when I was cutting the various fule lines that some of the chips got into the system and circulated through unti being caught by the filter. "USE ONE"

Very happy with the swap. Plenty of power, very smooth, starts quickly, extremely hard to make it stall. top end much better than the 258 and while you can tell there is a little less low end torque, the smoothness and the fact it can't be stalled more than makes up for it. No more stumbling/stalling/hard starts on steep uphills. And as a matter of fact the bbd on the 258 actually ran really well, i had no complaints, just came across the motor for a really good deal. If I ever get another Cj with the 258, this would be a standard mod.

ps i have heard of 258/mpi kits running a little lean. To me swapping in the whole motor made more sense. It runs perfect. I have a digital camera so if you need pics let me know, any questions just ask.
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Re: Swapping from a XJ to a CJ-7 (need advise ASAP)

Afer reading some other posts had some more to add. I got a 91 XJ totally totalled for 300 bucks. I mean no glass or body panels were usable, none!

I sold the tranny and trans for 300 bucks and got my money back. could have got more but it was a Jeeping buddy in need.
It had a cd player that is in my 89 xj.
I sold the carpet (of all things) for 20 bucks.
TAZ floormats got 16 bucks on ebay.

DO NOT TRY TO USE THE XJ HARNESS TO PUT THE 4.0 INTO YOUR CJ. I tried and it sucked, you can try it i hope you have a better time than I did. ( I am a auto tech according to my college degree and have over 15 years jeep building experience).
Bite the bullet and buy the mopar kit pieces. I got them from HESCO, didn't have to buy the whole kit just the items I needed, came to around 800 bucks if i remember right, WORTH EVERY CENT.

I sold the body and axles to the boneyard for 50 bucks. The front axle suspension brackets were bent! who wants a dana 35? EVERYTHING else I stripped. Sold a lot of it on ebay. Not much could convert over to a CJ. Believe me i tried. I did adapt the glovebox latch to my Cj. Now I have a locking glovebox and it lights up inside to boot! Not hard at all, just have to cut a square shaped hole in your glove box door to accept the xj piece, proper placement is critical. I used a dremel with a cutoff wheel and a tungsten cutter. Kind of hard to get used to seeing that plastic glovebox latch on my all metal CJ dash though.

Also it seems that aw4 tranny has it's own computer. I don't know if you have considered that. I don't know if you can get buy without using it or not.

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