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There is a current post regarding either the ARB or OX as your selectable locker of choice.
OX is aware of my opinion of their locker, and it seems that I have been locked out of that post, and can not post any opinion or response.
So, I must post my reply in a seperate post until Off-Road.Com restores my priveledge of posting my opinion, on what is supposed to be an open BBS.
In any case if this is OX's attempt to lock out my opinion of their locker, while they post supposed average Joe questions, to actually advertise thier product, then I will at least make my opinion available to anyone who wants to listen to it.
My less than stellar opinion of the OX locker, really stems more from there approach of marketing the product, rather than the product itself.
The OX has been known to have actuator problems from the start, by most anyone who has seen them being used on the trail. However, rather than focus on solving the problem they just denied that there were any problems for the last year, they have a new actuator, that supposedly solves the problem that never existed.
The next thing that is irritating is the remarks and adds that they are all billet or CNC'd components from solid stock, I have been told by my gear guru, that in fact they use stock D44 spider gears in the diff assembly. Sure the cover is all shiny and impressive, but what about the actual strength of the locker?...Who knows, they are not being tested in competitions or even openly, by hard charging trail drivers putting the units to the test. The product that they like to be compared to, is the ARB, which is currently being used by a large,.. very large percentage of drivers trying to make money competing with their rigs. How can they compare themselves to ARB when the locker is not even the choice of locker by even one competitor that I know of in the country? and we are talking about teams that are not even considering cost in their choice, only performance and reliability. The fact is, that the slow and unreliable engagemnet characteristics of the OX is the reason that they are not popular with performance oriented drivers.
Now they are going after the CTM market, they have not even put one joint on the market or in a competition, but they are advertising in every off road rag across the country that they are the strongest U joint system on the market.
Now dont get me wrong, Im not saying that they dont have a product that is up to competition levels, or that competition testing is absolutely neccessary to produce a strong and reliable product,(but it cant hurt to test at that level of stress), but if they want to compare themselves to other companies that are testing at those levels, than they need to test right along side with them.
In short, my money is on the on the ARB, (which is cheaper) as is hundreds of other competitors across the country, and also with CTM for the overwhelming success they have achieved, in competitions and on trails across the nation, and under the most grueling conditions.
Im always looking for better performance, and stronger more durrable products, so if OX ever does anything that convinces me that they arent just another snake oil salesman giving lip service, then I will be the 1st to say "nice product", and in fact I will more than likely be giving them my money.
Just my opinion.
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Re: ARB or OX

H8...that is a fantastically fair reply. Not sure what the deal is with orcbbs I think they are censoring us to ensure only what they want heard is heard. I tried to make a critical post of them a while back and it never posted!
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Re: ARB or OX

<blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

There is a current post regarding either the ARB or OX as your selectable locker of choice.
OX is aware of my opinion of their locker and it seems that I have been locked out of that post, and can not post any opinion or response.


Humm... DId I miss something?

There's no way of locking a thread to specific users, it's locked to all...

I just went out to <a target="_blank" href=;Board=offroadjeepshort&amp;N umber=888306&amp;page=0&amp;view=collapsed&amp;sb= 5&amp;o=1&amp;fpart=>This Thread</a> and added a test post and it showed up.... Sometimes the database gets "flakey" and posts go into never-never land. The test post included comments of those who couldn't post. HTH. I did reply to the original post. While in "search" for the thread I flew the mouse over the 2nd reply and got nothing. That's an error! I'm suspecting the database was corrupt on that reply and nothing could be appended to it if that's where you trying to make the reply.

Was this the post you were trying to reply to?

IMHO Ox is not bad for parking lot queens, but for the rocks... it's ARB due to it's quality, acceptance/longevity in the marketplace, service, and design.
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Re: ARB or OX

Nice post Jeff, well put. I know several folks who have gotten the OX lockers installed and every one of them had problems with engaging/disengaging (usually has to do with the cable). 2 of our jeeps have an ARB. We have had no problems with the ARB with the exception of an O ring near the ARB pump leaking a little (which did not cause any problem with the locker, just the pump would run more often than it should). I've never snagged an airline. The OX is a great idea, and I hope they can get things worked out... but I wouldn't choose them over ARB at this point.

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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: ARB or OX

That'll teach ya to have an opinion [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: ARB or OX

Thanks alot guys, I had no idea that there had been that many problems associated with the Ox. I had heard that there were problems at the beginning, but I thought they had fixed that. See, the guys at the 4-wheel drive store will sell you anything. Thats whyI wanted to get an opinion of others. I guess its ARB for me. Thanks.
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Re: ARB or OX

My Humble Opinion:
I have been sold on the ARB for years. I have had 0 problems with mine. I believe it has been tested in several countries in multiple situations/conditions whereas the OX Lock hasn't been through the same wringer yet. I am not saying the OX Locker is a POS, just that I an not convinced that changing to a OX Lock would be a drastic improvement in strength and performance. Jeff's post (from someone who sometimes puts large amounts of stress on components) now has me pretty much convinced to stay with the ARB.

William Dickson
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Re: ARB or OX

I tried to respond to your last post on your OX/ARB thread, but it still will not allow me to post.
So, heres a quick response here to your post over there.

Since I can not validate the mechanical skills of drivers I dont know very well, and since a poor install of any locker will lead to bad results,..I will refrain from commenting on the performance, of the rigs that I have seen on the trail, running OX lockers.
I will say that it is a common testimony even by devoted OX users, that the engagement and disegagement of the OX can be difficult durring hard turning manuevers.
As far as strength goes, the ARB's are rock solid,..and tried and trusted by hundreds if not thousands of hard core trail and competition drivers.
There are a few tricks, and upgrades to an ARB system that can make them even more reliable than a standard out of the box install.
If you decide to go with The ARB, post a question on the board asking for install tips.
Good luck.
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Re: ARB or OX

When I try and post on the OX/ARB post, it goes to a page that says,
"Unable to proceed"
"You have read only priveledges, regarding this post"

Whats up with that??
I better check the ORC front page, Eddie may have a new set of freebie OX's in his Jeep, that he is reviewing (with predetermined good results). Uh-Ohhhh. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: ARB or OX

Have anyone used Sun Performance pneumatic switches for ARBs instead of solenoid switches. I order a pair for my new ARBs, just wanted to see the opinions. To me it seems more reliable system.
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