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Electric Heater?

I have been doing some electrical this weekend and was thinking about adding an electric heater. Granted we seldom need heat here in AZ. But I love the mountains in the winter time. I would love to pull the existing heater out of my jeep as it is next to worthless. I don't want to enlarge the fan motor hole for the blazer motor mod either. That would affect my dual batteries.

I know a few of you are doing this and was curious what you used and how well it works?

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Re: Electric Heater?

I have a buddy who just bought what I think is called the Mojave heater. It runs off your heater core, just like stock but you can customize the ducting pretty easily. It ran him about $120 I think.
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Re: Electric Heater?

Not to nitpick anyone's project plans but I'd like to ask a couple of questions...

1. Why would enlarging the firewall hole for the larger motor interfere with your dual batteries? Does the tray come down that low? On my CJ7 there's plenty of room for both. The enlargment of the hole is no more than 1/2", and you can do it with 1/4" if you're really careful.

2. The Blazer motor upgrade will help with defrosting and keeping the windshild free of any ice or snow. It's WELL worth the $18 for the upgrade.

3. It WORKS!

4. Why not try a low buck answer first?

5. But then, it's your plans and your money...
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Re: Electric Heater?

Nothing is concrete yet Leve, but I plan on mounting the batteries lower to help with the center of gravity.

It may be the cheaper alternative to go electric (trying to find out)as the heater box is cracked and warped and would need to be replaced. Based on its prior performance, I would say the heater core is suspect to.

I am thinking a portable heater of some sort that I can throw in when I head for the hills. Anti fog solution for the defroster and my trusty plstic scraper for the ice.

This rig will be 90% trail if it ever gets done.
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Re: Electric Heater?

In the North Country where the CJ is driven - heat is a must. I did the motor upgrade and modified the plastic heater housing. The plastic housing can easily be cut. I eliminated the heater exhaust to the floor and increased the directional flow of air to the windshield. I used some heavy plastic that I glued. The windshield air will now blow your hat off.

I then picked up a rear van heater ($20.00 at salvage yard) that hooks up to the heater hoses. Split hoses in the engine compartment and ran additional hoses to the auxillary heater that I mounted under the dash. Even when the weather is 30 below that heater warms the inside so you can wear your jacket. It does have an adjustable fan. I attached fins to the underdash heater unit to direct heat to driver and passengers feet and up to prevent frying legs. Because it puts out so much heat, I was getting a tremendous amount of moisture forming on the inside of the hardtop. Insulating the hardtop eliminated that problem.

I also have a dual battery tray and although clearances are tight they work together quite well.
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Re: Electric Heater?

Those little space heaters that people keep under their desks are typically 1200 to 1500 watts. If you could find something similar for 12V, it would draw 100Amps +/-. J C Whitney sells some little ones with from 10-12 amp draw. You'd need 8-10 of them at $16 to $27 each. Of course they would be easy to mount where you needed the heat.

They also sell a 12v hair dryer with 12 amp draw, about 160 watts for $10. Again you would need about 8-10 of them. For comparison, a standard 110V handheld pistol style hair dryer is 1500-1600 watts.

A standard space heater could be run off an inverter, but a 1500W inverter is about $400.

If you're totally against repairing/replacing the OEM unit, there are under seat and under dash (looks like the add-on air conditioners) models. Check in hot rod magazines.

The salvaged auxiliary out of a van or a set of Carhartt coveralls would be the cheapest options.
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Re: Electric Heater?

I could have sworn someone here was running something electric.

I am not totally against redoing the stock stuff. It will just require a change in plans if I can't find a resonable alternative.

Suggestions for electric socks? [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img][img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
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Re: Electric Heater?

Taz hit the nail on the head here. Actually, you would need more than one of those 1500 watt heaters he mentioned. 1500watts X 3.4 BTU's/watt is 5100 BTU's. The stock heater is 20,000 - 30,000 BTU's. We're talking one heck of a charging system to power all this. You best bet is to get something like on of these <a target="_blank" href=http://www.jcwhitney.com/catsubpic.jhtml?CATID=3194&amp;BQ=jcw2>http://www.jcwhitney.com/catsubpic.jhtml?CATID=3194&amp;BQ=jcw2</a> That runs off engine coolant.
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Re: Electric Heater?

The heater in my 76 CJ had the motor mounted inside the passenger compartment. I never tried to remove the motor off the mounting plate and install a GM Blower motor but someone has to try it and then you can lower your batteries as low as you want. Otherwise the air flow is pretty weak, it probably makes yours feel like a jet blast.

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Re: Electric Heater?

I have a 2000 watt continuous inverter and a ceramic 1500 watt heater. I live in northern NY and when its -40 out-this sucker has my cab to 70 degrees in 4 minutes-I actually have to turn it down. Is it cheap?
2000 watt coleman inverter off ebay $200
leece neville 200 amp alternator $50 in the boneyard
ceramic heater $45 wlamart
total $295.00
But I also run power tools an duse the inverter for many other useful tasks.

I would say the best thing about it is the 1 hour install time. I also have the blazer heater motor upgrade and made sure my ductwork is sealed off so my defroster vents work.

I would say that after messing with other systems-for under $300-this isn;t that bad-it just depneds on your wallet and how much spare time you have.

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