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jeepsternaut 10-03-1999 11:03 PM

Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
Since I cant afford National Spring right now I will probably go with one of thse...Anyone have any thoughts on these two lift kits? I use the CJ as a daily driver, so I want stiff enough that it wont sag much, if at all, when loaded down, and rides well on the road. I am really leaning toward Black Diamond and I guess I am looking for someone to tell me good choice or dont go there because...



**DONOTDELETE** 10-04-1999 12:48 PM

Re: Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
I just installed the 3" Black Diamond lift with greasable shackles w/ 32 11.50 BFG M/T's. The ride is great and the flex is really great!!!!! The 32's are rubbing a little so I am looking into a 1" body lift "daystar, I think", Warn customer service is the best I have seen yet, I had a problem getting the right u-bolts for my factory 44 on an 86 CJ-7, they got them right to me UPS 2nd day, no questions asked. the price is a little more but the quality of the product shows where the extra money went.

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**DONOTDELETE** 10-04-1999 02:54 PM

Re: Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
I have the 4" soft ride from Superlift on my 84CJ7. I was really impressed with the ride but the height wasn't what i was looking for. My 33's were rubbing a lot. I now have 35s with a body lift soon to be taken off when I do SOA. Of course the only thing holdin me back is the Laws here in

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jeepsternaut 10-04-1999 06:06 PM

Re: Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
Thanks for the replies...the 3" kit with the greaseable shackles is exactly what I was looking at. I was also thinking about getting the 3/8" confer shackles to go with it. Are you using the Black Diamond shocks? and did the kit come with the shims for the driveshaft angle? thanks...JK


**DONOTDELETE** 10-04-1999 09:50 PM

Re: Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
<font color=blue>I've got the 3.5" Warn/Black Diamond lift, with A/T shocks on a 94 YJ, and 3/8" boomerangs... I love the lift, but the shocks are a *little* soft for the cornering on the street... (I drive it to work once in a while...)

My BD kit came with everything but the kitchen sink, including transfer case lowering bushings, instead of shims, for the driveshaft... It works like a charm... Couldn't go much higher, though...

I added sway-bar quick disconnects (I don't think CJ's have sway-bars), u-bolt skid plates, and urethane bushings...

Have you thought about 3/8" Boomerang shackle lift, instead of traditional shackles? They fold better behind the frame... at least on my YJ... I don't even know if they offer them for CJ's...???

try They just released 3/8" lift boomerangs with 9/16 greasable bolts (they're not on the website yet) for the YJ... As YJ leaf springs are wider, (more is better, right?), any thought to converting your CJ to YJ lift? just some grub for the brain... </font color=blue>

<font color=green>I'll be updating my website with pix soon.... you'll be able to check out the whole process... If I ever get around to it! (too many mods, too little time!)

Happy Jeepin!</font color=green>

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**DONOTDELETE** 10-05-1999 09:28 AM

Re: Black Diamond vs Superlift Soft ride?
The Warn lift for my 86 CJ-7 did not come with shims, You may or may not need to get your driveshaft length changed,I did not have any problems with mine. The AT shock's are a little soft but seem too work well, I also have the Con-Ferr 3/8 longer shackles, I am installing a 1" body lift to help with the rubbing of my 32" 11.50's. If you do run in to drive shaft problems, I say spend the little extra to get it fixed with out using shims. just my .02. Good Luck with your project. Let us know how it goes.

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