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O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

there's a virus thats goin round. its actual name is YAHA.e

for the straight skinny on it, check here:


i havent opened up any attachments, but i have gotten about 20 emails from an address that im not familiiar with. attachments with random names and multiple extensions all around 38k to 39k in size. it has characteristics almost identical to what is described in the write-up's link. i did notify the domain's isp about this, but havent heard back from them.

just tryin to save some ppl some nasty headaches. btw.....dont open anything that has 2 extensions like *.exe.bat , even if its from friends.
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

I thought my old pentium II was just getting old and the Win 98 becoming incompatible with newer Explorer version, as things got slower and slower over the last 6 months. Bought Norton anti-virus after the kid's computer stopped working altogether, and discovered mine in fact was infected with 300 plus copies of some "love" virus. And I am very careful about downloads and attachment. Never running executables from emails,etc.

So, if you computer seems like its losing performance over time, it may not be what you think. Get an up to date virus checker.

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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

Since I own a computer consulting company that has experienced a lot of virus infections lately, I think I should breifly explain what the risks are:

1. Viruses are not only contained to attachments, downloads, and floppies. They can come in on CDs, and web pages. That is right, you can visit a web site, and get a virus from that website just by looking at it. The website owner may not even know they are infected. A case in point is the Nimda virus: It infects computers, and from there, can infect webservers directly, and other people from email, real nasty [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]. I saw it trying to infect my webserver farm one night, and have since cleaned several corporations webservers of it, who knows how many people visted their website became infected.

2. Viruses can piss people off. If you get a virus, and it emails itself to entries in your address book, corporate IT managers will block all email from you. So you will wonder why your freind doesn't get your emails. Freinds and family (not to mention customers!) will be upset, and may consider you rude [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img].

3. Installing a virus scanner after the fact is not always successfull. Viruses have been created that disable Norton, VirusScan, and others when the scanner is installed, thereby not allowing you to install it correctly. I have encountered this personally, and have to remove the hard drive of the infected computer, place it in one of my tech boxes and scan it manually [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img].

Viruses are serious business, and getting nastier all the time, please, please save yourself some $ and headaches and get some protection now. Also, you MUST keep your virus updates up-to-date. If you miss one, and one of the nasty ones gets thru, it will disable your virus scanning sofware, or worse.

I do not work for, nor have any investments in virus protection SW, I just have seen so many infections lately, that I would venture to say 70% of you out there without virus protection, or outdated virus definitions (updates) have one form of virus or another on your machine [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

If you have specific questions or whatever, feel free to send me a PM.
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

Thor, you might want to check out some of the tools from Winternals...in particular Remote Recover. It saved my bacon big time when I was cleaning up Nimda on my servers last year. Instead of having to remove drives from computers and place them in a 'tech box' (which can be *very* problematic if you're dealing with a RAID), you install Remote Recover on a clean secure box on the network, use it to make a boot disk with the correct NIC driver for the infected machine, and boot up the infected machine with the boot disk. Crank up Remote Recover, it'll detect any systems that were booted with the boot disk, and select the machine and drive that you want...it'll mount it as drive on your system and then you can scan and clean it. I had one server that was infected so badly that NT essentially no longer functioned and this was the only way that I was able to retrieve files off of it. They have another tool called Locksmith that works with Remote Recover to allow you to change the administrator password on a mounted NT/2000 box as well without knowing what the original password was. That one has saved me a few times as well when working on systems that were deployed by others when we bought out other companies.
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

If you want to see if you're infected, Symantec has a free virus scan that works right from your browser: <a target="_blank" href=http://security1.norton.com/ssc/home.asp>http://security1.norton.com/ssc/home.asp</a>
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

Thanks, I will look into remote recover. I have seen the online virus scan disabled by nasty viruses.

I use norton ghost for almost all my customers, best IT tool known to man.
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

Use MacOS/Solaris/Unix/Linux or other non MS product for your OS, and you will escape 95% of the viruses out there.

Secondly, in reference to "Locksmith" that allows you to bypass and change NT passwords, dunno if Locksmith costs money, but you can do this for free, so if anyone needs a prog that can do this, it is out there with wide distrubution.
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

I can't stress enough the importance of having a reliable anti-virus scanner installed and running on your system at all times. I personally prefer Norton AV, because I feel that McAfee isn't up to par with releasing patches and virus definitions. Make sure you have the scanner setup to scan e-mail AND internet connections/downloads for viruses. I also run a full system scan every week and my virus definitions are updated every day through my DSL connection.

Posting virus notification is fine here, but don't be an a$$ and e-mail everyone you know with a Virus Warning!!!!!!!!! e-mail. This goes for the FW: FW: FW:Virus Warnings that you get from others. Often, these e-mails themselves contain the very virus that it's warning about, attached through propogation. It's also not PC in the IT world to pass along these "chain letters".
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Re: O/T virus makin its rounds....be carefull

I have a cable modem and get about 100 emails a day. I also get a virus emailed to me almost every day.

I have a dedicated machine under the desk acting as a firewall/Anti-virus. The machine is nothing special a PII 450 with 64MB RAM. It has one network card that I plug my cable modem into and one network card that pluggs into my home network. The only thing this machine runs is WinProxy. WinProxy acts as a firewall/proxy and anti-virus. It scans everything that comes through my cable modem. I get email notices when it finds a virus. I get about one a day. It also automatically updates its anti-virus files.

I highly recommend it.
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