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OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

I'm looking to get an inexpensive abrasive blasting cabinet (Bead Blaster, Glass Beader, or whatever they call them in your neck of the woods)

Anyone have any recommendations or warnings?

I've looked at Harbor Freight and I also found these guys on the web <a target="_blank" href=http://www.toolsplus1.com/blastcab.htm>http://www.toolsplus1.com/blastcab.htm</a>

I've got a healthy air compressor, and a shop vac to do the filtration and really want to stay under $400 (or less) if possible.

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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

I bought one from Harbor Freight, and then gave it away. It leaked all over the place. I then bought one from the Eastwood Company and could not be happier. I believe it costs about $225.00. Eastwood also sells the blast media. Also, make sure you use a vacum while blasting. It will keep the media in the cabinate and will clear the dust. Mark
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Here is another option,
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Do you Have a Mig welder? If so build one. I built one for a friend of mine, and we came out less than 200$ nad it is huge, He uses a shop vac for air suction, and a cheap campbell hosfeld sand blast gun, he has never had a problem with it. Now I get all my stuff sandblasted for free, It is big enough to put 2 16 in rims in it side by side with room to spare.
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Thanks for the responses.

twosocks - Thanks for the warning on the Harbor Freight unit. I checked out the Eastwood models online <a target="_blank" href=http://www.eastwoodco.com>www.eastwoodco.com</a> I'm guessing you have the benchtop Eastwood unit that sells for $229? (The larger Eastwood units get expensive fast, $525 and up!) What is the biggest thing you have had in there? (Would a cylinder head fit?)

jeepfreak - Have you ever used or seen a Tip tools model? They seem to be a good balance between size, cost, &amp; quality from their website. I talked to my cousin tonight (a MOPAR restorer who was kind enough to spray my Jeep green) and he recommended them too, but he doesn't have one.

Rio Grande - I wish I had a MIG Welder, but all I have is my Dad's old Miller Stick Welder &amp; I still need a lot more practice with it before trying to weld up sheet metal [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]! They seem simple enough that someone with the proper skills ought to be able to fab one up pretty quick, but I'm afraid I'm not at that level just yet. Good idea though.
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

I'm also from Virginia...what part of Virginia are you from? I'm always looking
for people to ride with.

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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Correct, I do have the benchtop model. I beleive it's 30" wide. Being that the whole top opens, Whatever is 30" wide will fit in. I did the valve cover to my 258 I6, so I am confident that the head should fit. Mark
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

While at a 4th of July BBQ I was looking at the grille and thinking about a sanblaster cabinet ( I know I'm warped) but this is what I came up with...Anybody want to try it? I'm going to as soona as I built the garage!

1. Buy an old 55 gal. drum.
2. Cut the drum in half.
3. Cut a 28X18" window out of the top half.
4. Weld 1X1" angle iron around the lip of the half cuts.
5. Buy sticky back foam door/window sealant... 1" wide by 1/4" deep.
6. Put sticky back foam sealant on the angle iron and around the window.
7. Put the two halves together and mark for hinges on the back and hasp on the front.
8. Drill and mount two hinges and a hasp.
9. buy 1' of 4" PVC pipe and 2 joint.
10. Cut the joints into 1/4" widths.
11. Cut holes in the top half big enough to slip the PVC through.
12. Cut 2 4" lengths of PVC Pipe.
13. Mount the PVC lengths in the holes, and slip the joint strips over and glue to the PVC to retain the PVC in the holes.
14. Slip some nice rubber gloves (your choice) over the inside PVC pipe and use hose clamps to secure them to the PVC.
15. Drill a hole in the bottom half of the drum and install a 2" PVC drain.
15. Mount 4 legs to the bottom half sides...at the height YOU want it to be.
16. Heat a little plexiglass or Lexan, form it to the drum radius and screw it down over the window.
17 Mount the hose and wand anywhere you want!

Your done...

The rest is up to your imagination... but the total cost is FAR less than $400...and I'd bet the cost would be &lt; $75.
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Just a couple of problems: Polycarbonate (Lexan) can be tricky to heat and bend. A thin piece, like 1/16" or less will bend to that curvature without heating, and serve the purpose. I think that the polycarbonate will better resist the sand that acrylic (Plexiglas).

Regular rubber gloves won't do the job. You will need to find some that are close to elbow length to allow your hands the necessary freedom of movement.

You're describing a siphon-feed system, with which I have little familiarity. I do know that there will need to be some sort of venturi to suck the abrasive media into the airstream. I'm sure it's simple in concept, but might have to be done precisely to work well.

If one had a siphon-type blasting system to start with, your cabinet idea should work.

One improvement would be to make a funnel-shaped bottom for it. Otherwise sand will get pretty deep away from the drain hole. When the blasting nozzel aims towards those piles of sand it will blow it around uncontrollably.
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Re: OT - Need an Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Fredericksburg Powder Coating
100 Truslow Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22405
(540) 371-5472

Thats my neighbors shop, you can try him, mention my name (web), he may be able to help you out some.

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