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FrenchJeeper 07-02-2002 01:33 AM

EFI, is it a good one???

I went to ebay and found this:
<a target="_blank" href=;item=1840248224> Click here...</a>

Do you think it would work well for my Jeep and will i have to buy a lot of stuff to make it fit???

Here is what i have on it now:
<ul type="square">[*]Mallory electric fuel pump[*]Mallory Fuel pressure regulator[*]Holley 390 CFM carb[*]Clifford water heated intake[*]Jacob's Omni torquer[*]Mallory Unilite distributor[*]Borla header[/list]and it is a 1989 YJ, AMC 258 engine with around 1000 milles on it...

Jim_Lou 07-02-2002 07:13 AM

Re: EFI, is it a good one???
Go to
and see if you can find out how expensive the parts will be. There is an e-mail contact on that page in case you can't find the answer there.

I asked a question there and it took a couple of days to get the answer.

Good luck.

WILL 07-02-2002 08:02 AM

Re: EFI, is it a good one???
It looks like an older analog pro-jection. I've had a few problems with my 2D and am still fighting to keep it in tune. I've heard others can't keep the mixture correct either.

darkskz 07-02-2002 09:38 AM

Re: EFI, is it a good one???
I just got through researching this same thing. They sale the Holley projection kit at I have talked to all the jeep guys in my area and Iím also into hot rodding and talked to those guys also. The only thing they all said is some people like it and some hate it. Now the reason I did not go with the Holley and went with the Howell was because my camshaft was not stock. Holley told me that I was looking for a 400 cfm unit but that did not change the computer at all. If you buy the Howell system from 4wd they will send the computer back to Howell for reprogramming if it have a problem working with my cam for free.

If itís the same kit as the one sold at 4wd then itís a good price. They want like $870 for it. Sorry if this does not help. Like I said I talked to about 100 different people about this and I got about the same answer, some like and others hate it.

LEVE 07-02-2002 10:34 AM

Re: EFI, is it a good one???
IMHO, which ain't worth a whole lot, the Pro-Jection System ain't worth the powder t blow it to hell.

One of the reasons you want to get rid of the BBD system is to remove yourself from hourly fiddelin' with the carb settings, cleaning, tuning, tinkering, swearin' and smelliing like gas.

If you just want the Jeep to run and keep away from the fuel delivery system, this system ain't for you. It's fully "tuneable," so you can tinker and play to your hearts content. It's also tuneable so that it fits a wide range of engines in varied states of repair.

From my experience most Jeepers are not really fixing problems as they crop up on the Jeep. Often the problems are masked. If it dosen't run too well just jack up the idle or enrichen the mix and everything's hunky-dory. Well that is not a good attitude to have. It's much better to find the cause and fix the problem.

"Work-Around" fixes cascade upon themselves. It's not too long before the owner is really lost amid all the "fixes" that's been done for this or for that.

So, if you really want EFI, try something like the:

Hesco SMPI, or
<a target="_blank" href=>Custom EFI</a>, or
and another <a target="_blank" href=>Better DYI, and if you'er really brave
<a target="_blank" href=>MegaSquirt</a>

Now I have my favorite (Howell) but you really need to do your research before you commit to ANY EFI system. You're not going to get something for nothing. You'll either pay in money, time, learnig or all three.

Think of the following:

1. The learning curve can be steep for some.
2. Installation is easy for the DYI'r if you understand basic wriing.
3. Are Parts easy to buy ANYWHERE?
4. Do you need a Manual to fix it in the field?
5. Do you need an 800 number to repair it?
6. Can the average shade tree mechanic diagnoise and repair the system?
7. Can the engine be modified and still have the EFI work?
8. Can future upgrades be done?
9. Can you take that expensive EFI to another, different engine (like AMC to GM)?
10. Will it really increase the reliability of the Jeep?
11. Once you install EFI are you willing to chase down all the other "Fixes" and correct them?
12. Is it worth the money?

These are only a few questions I'd be asking before I'd purchase. But which ever system you decide to go with... it WILL be better than the BBD or that Carb system trying to mask as EFI.

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