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I am mad, why don't I hear anything from any other enthusiasts? Have you seen some of the new "concept" jeeps they are thinking of coming out with? One of them looks like a jeep car! They think they can pass off anything as a jeep but I know some of these new vehicles they are trying to make are just going to bring down the image of Jeep's ruggedness. I for one don't mind innovation but some of these ideas are just horrifying. I didn't mind the liberty that much even though the IFS system was a drag the vehicle's not bad over all....but some of these newer ones are going to kill Jeep! What do you think or am I just rambling nonsense?
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You are probably right, but it is demand and federal regulations that will kill the SWB Jeep. Remember this is all in the name of progress. Real progress would be reprogramming for any individual that has even the slightest Naderish tendencies and instilling common sense. But as we all know, common sense is dead and instant gratification rules supreme. Yes this is a rant, but Chrysler isn't killing Jeep, stupid people are killing the Jeep.
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who needs a new jeep anyway? Seems kind of senseless to buy a new truck just to rip it apart/modify it, then rag it out on the trial. But, I guess if I was made of money I would do it.[img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
Personally, I'm waiting for the those TJs to get a little older before I pick one up.

95% of the people I see, drive a jeep because it is cute. I say give those guys what they want. jeepn will survive.
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Who needs a new Jeep anyway?!?! Are you out of your mind?!?! Once upon a time CJ's were new. And so were YJ's. So look where ya'd be now without those. Most people don't buy a brand new rig with intensions of tearing it up. But give it ten years, and those TJ's will be old and cheap...or cheaper. And you'll be snagging them up to build for a trail rig. As for DC killing Jeep, I really don't know why we keep getting post on this?! Maybe because of that one post in the Rubicon thread? As far as I'm concerned, this is all BS. No one's said anything about Jeep cutting the SWB out of their lineup. But then again, looking at it logically, it has to happen sometime. And that sometime seems near. I've been thinking about it, and I know my heart is going to sink, and I mean SINK when I hear on the news or somewhere else that DC is pulling the plug. I mean, come on, it's our heritage! It's what most of us live for. We work hard all week to support out Jeeps, and most of us expect there to always be a Jeep. But there can't be. It just doesn't work like that. So snatch them while you can, and have some fun!!
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Man, you guys need to relax a bit [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] and take a good look around. Think about it....

We're still making TJs, and it's 2002. No end for the foreseeable future. We will have a supply of Jeeps for a long long time.

Now, can you still buy a '65 Mustang convertible? No. The new Mustang convertible has an injected v8, etc. etc.

Can you get a Willy's? No. The new TJ is injected, has air conditioning, etc. Some people would argue that "You killed the Willy's -- what is air conditioning in a Jeep -- it's our heritage!"

Do any of you remember the 1970's when the US stopped making 'car-style' convertibles? Had something to do with the Feds, and regulations, blah blah blah. Went on for a few years, if I recall. I forget the details. But, the convertible came back! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

I imagine we will continue to have some version of the Jeep as we love it today. It may have IFS, it may have IRS, it may have a more car like ride.

But, we are a formidable crowd, and we buy a lot of jeeps. DC knows that, and likely would not totally tell us to screw, by dropping a model targeted at us entirely.

Now, look at the small british car business. You can now buy an entirely new MGB bodyshell from British Heritage, and build a 'new' 1975 MGB from the ground up with all new components.

You can also buy a fiberglass jeep body, and I think a new metal jeep body, even a willys, a new aftermarket frame, a motor, tranny, etc., and make a whole new jeep!!! And probably for less than the 20-whatever thousand that a new one costs.

Where exactly is the problem? Seems we are awfully well supported here, so long as we don't get lazy.

Even if we ARE lazy -- DC is making the Rubicon -- that's an amazing feat in itself!! You guys need to see that for what it is worth. I can't believe that the greenies in one shape or another have not mounted an effort to kill this vehicle. It is intended, with lockers and all, to be an off-road vehicle.

OK, I'll get off my soap box now. Jeep lives! Stronger than ever! The Rubicon may be the finest Jeep off the line ever made. Lockers, injected engine, soft top, .... come on! You guys are killing me! Am I missing something here?

Of course, this is all just my opinion.
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pete, thats a great point..
look at things realistically.. and the truth is.. the tj.. with a d-44 in the rear.. is the most capable jeep ever produced. fule injection, soft suspension, 3.73 gears, ac, cruise, tilt, comfy seats, 2.72/1 x-fer case..etc etc...
I'd say chrysler has done more for the jeep than any other company.. most of the others were milking the cash cow.. DC is dumping a lot of $$ into looking at ways to improve the SWB jeep
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Before DC lets Jeep die... they'll sell the brand. Above all they are businessmen and if Jeep drops below thier expected profit margin and they can not bring up sales to their satisfaction they will attemp to re-coup as much investment as possible rather than kill the product.

The problem as I see it is what DC does to the product between the time of inital profitability loss and the final sale of Jeep. There are lots of hair bained ideas that can surfface to "spur" on sales... and not one of them worth a tinker's damn.

The only thing that will spur sales is to give the customer what they want...and if there are not enough customers to buy the product ... it dies.

IMHO, the best thing DC/Jeep could do is return to it's roots by making a very inexpensive, utilitarian, rugged and simple to maintain/modify basic Jeep... and let the marketplace beat a path to it's door and sell 'em in the millions.
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Most of the best points have already been mentioned, but I'll throw my 2 cents in.

Concept cars in general are just that. A concept, a study in engineering and ideas. DCX happens to be one company that very often puts their concepts into production (Viper, Prowler etc.) But for the most part, the only significant impact concept cars have on prodution models is body design. Lights, grills, hood lines etc. are all aesthetic changes that do not have an impact on overall vehicle performance. The Wrangler is unique in its design, to quote Jeep, "There's only one." I doubt DCX will radically change the Wrangler so that it resembles all the other "cute utes" out on the market today. The Wrangler is identifiable by its design and perhaps its strongest selling point. Take away that design and the Wrangler becomes just another SUV lost in the crowd.
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Before on my original message, I think people mistook me in thinking that I was talking about rumors for pulling plugs on the SWB. That's not true. If you look at the concepts page on, they have 2 or 3 new wrangler concepts which are all pretty much TJs with just minor, minor modifications. I'm talking about jeeps image dying because of certain concepts like the Jeep Varsity which is a CAR for crying out loud and the new G. Cherokee entitled "The Journey". It's a G. Cherokee surrounded by plastic like those Avalanches and new Nissans. Do you really want to be protected by a plastic body off road?
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I rather like the plastic body on my Saturn. That wouldn't be too bad offroad, no scratches or dents from mild hits.
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