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**DONOTDELETE** 09-28-1999 10:28 AM

AMC 304 Info??

I am looking to get some info about the AMC 304. I'm no machanic but am learning and I need to swap a 304 into my CJ. Does anyone have any links or websites talking about the 304? I have the long block but need everything else.
Part numbers etc is needed. Will I able to use anything from my 258 on the 304? LIke the starters, coil, or anything else....(thanks)

Thanks for your help.

Brian "A4x4jeeper"

**DONOTDELETE** 10-10-1999 05:28 PM

Re: AMC 304 Info??
The 304 is a bolt in swap if you have the factory parts, most are still available new. You need to aquire the following parts (dealer or wrecking yard):
76-81 CJ right side frame bracket; rubber motor mounts; rt & lt engine to rubber mount brackets (different than pass. car or truck brackets that may have come with your engine); radiator hoses; fan shroud; recommend 7 blade factory fan and fan clutch; stock 6 cyl throttle cable is a little long but it fits ok (V-8 CJ cable is still available new last time I checked); 6 cyl trans fits perfectly including clutch and linkage, Flywheel bolts on but I'm not sure on the flywheel balance 6 cyl to 304 V-8,(360AMC is differently balanced for sure);
get 78-91 V-8 accessories and brackets from a fullsize Jeep or CJ, most are still available new but are expensive; p.s. pressure hose usually can be slightly bent to fit but it must match the style of fittings used on the pump ('76-'80 used double flare seat seals, '81 used o-ring seals); starters are the same; use '78 motorcraft type ignition system or even better the new MSD billet distributor and MSD module (50state legal); sending units fit perfectly; use AMC pass. car,truck or CJ exhaust manifolds; You won't have to change driveline lengths unless your Jeep has been butchered (ie. former chevy swap,accident damage etc.) I have converted 6 CJs to AMC v-8s and they all worked well, much easier than a chevy or ford and replacement parts are available at any parts house or dealer.


CJDave 10-10-1999 10:22 PM

Re: AMC 304 Info??
[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img] I have a little home-grown booklet that is specifically geared to the 304 as far as tear down, and a host of other topics, including the smog layout. The booklets cost me $4.63 each to make, and mail is another 2.10. I think it is about 38 pages. E-mail me if you want a copy.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


Scott_CJ8 10-11-1999 09:41 AM

Re: AMC 304 Info??
Starter, coil, ignition module, all electrical parts should still work with the 304. You are going to need a larger radiator and a larger overflow tank once it's up and
running. My 258 to 304 swap went smooth except for the overheating aspect. What tranny do you have? Some (like the T-5) aren't strong enough and were
never meant to run with a V-8. I'm still using a rebuilt T-5, but it'll probably go any time now... :-(

Keep on Jeepin'

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