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Raduckal 09-27-1999 08:42 PM

Cooper Tires , Anyone running them?
I'm running Mud Track radials 10.50x31 which have given excellent service, but are worn out. I'm not sure who makes them, although a local dealer (Shelby's) still sells them. I've been offered a good price on Cooper SST's and would like input. Judging by a truck on his lot which sported SST's, looks like they pick up gravel bad. I had some General Grabbers that picked up little stones so bad it cracked the paint on my front fenders; looked like a spider web. Do'nt want that.
Thanks, Larry

**DONOTDELETE** 09-27-1999 09:49 PM

Re: Cooper Tires , Anyone running them?
I run small STT's on my jeep and have been very satisfied with them. They wear very well, the jeeps light weight could contribute to that, and they do not make very much niose. I do hear stones hitting my tub every once in a while, but overall I have been very impressed with them. They have about 4000 miles on them and still look brand new.

TEX 09-28-1999 09:43 AM

Re: Cooper Tires , Anyone running them?
<font color=purple> I've run Cooper STT's for years & they are a fantastic tire. Much cheaper than BFG, better warranty, and they last longer. However, they will get louder once they wear down to about 1/2 tread. At that point, the staggered outer lugs wear down to a similar pattern. As far as picking up stones, probably no better or worse than most tires of similar tread. BTW, as to that warranty, Cooper light truck tires come with OFF-road warranties. I once tore up a sidewall 4-wheeling & it developed a large bubble. I went in to get it replaced & was informed of this warranty. At the time, I'd had my tires for 26,000 miles on a '78 GMC Jimmy with a limited slip in the rear & full-time T-case. A check of the tread depth showed I had 50% of the tread gone, so the tire was replaced for 50% of dealer cost. At that time, (1987) that was $36 for a 31X10.50. The only sizes I'd avoid with STT's is the 85 series tires for 16" rims (235/85 & 255/85). This is because those sizes have a raised center section that essentially makes the tires a "slick" across the middle once you get down to half tread on the outer lugs. This cuts down considerably on usable mileage. Not a problem on "C" range tires though. </font color=purple>


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