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**DONOTDELETE** 09-27-1999 06:34 PM

oil in breather
well, after much thought and a little work, i made a container out of pvc pipe to catch the oil that was being blown into the air breather through the vent at the back hole on the valve cover. i caped both ends of the pvc pipe, drilled a hole in one end with media i used as a filter, and another hole on the side with a barb connected to a line from the valve cover. it catches the oil a lets the vapor escape. i thought about routing that vapor bak to the intake, but decided not to in case i do not empty the canister for a long period. right now i am empting it once every two weeks and adding about a qt of oil to make up the difference. and true, the rings are going, but i feel this engin has alot of life left in it and having clean air for it to breath, makes it run better. and also, i installed a new carter from autozone for only a 170.00 and that also made a big difference. it idles so smooth that sometimes i think it has stalled out! anyway, happy jeepin'.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-05-2001 03:04 PM

Re: oil in breather
Can you provide more info regarding your oil in breather solution ? I am experiencing the same oil problem and just found your posted solution . Thank you .

**DONOTDELETE** 03-05-2001 03:50 PM

Re: oil in breather
Hey-Yes It is the rings...its called 'blowby'. Its created in the lose of combustion normally maintained in the upper cylendar area. Even though it feels like you have gobbs of power left... you are still pushing down on your throttle alittle more than you should have to because of the lost combustion(power). I know its sad news..but I had to tell you...I take it you have a 258/straight 6?...its a common problem over 80,000 miles on these motors...even thogh I have seen some with 180,000 with no problems...yes happy jeepin'!


**DONOTDELETE** 03-05-2001 04:30 PM

Re: oil in breather
Some oil is to be expected from all that valve action slapping oil off the rockers. Too much is a sign of blow-by. You might try some zMax additive to tighten up your cylinders and rings. It works in about three to four weeks, it's relatively cheap, and only needs to be added about every six months.


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YJAroundTheWorld 03-05-2001 04:43 PM

Re: oil in breather
My old 258 had 235000 with no problems...
"had" being the keyword...


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