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CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

I wanted to get some fresh points of view on a dilemma I have. I own a í83 CJ-7, it is the greatest vehicle I could imagine. It does not look great; it has rust in areas and a bent fender and bumper where a tree jumped out at me. I have always had 2 cars and this was my toy. This year I got divorced and this is now my daily driver. Iíve had all kinds of problems and fixed every one. The latest is a bearing and spindle problem. Recently, my father offered to trade me even for his í97 TJ. He will take the í83 and trade it in for a 2003 TJ. It is a great deal, and my father is doing this as a favor so I have a reliable vehicle. Iím not sure weather or not to take this deal or not for 2 reasons. Here were some of my thoughts.
1. as much as I appreciate the gift, I feel odd because I didnít earn it. Iím 33, not a teen getting his first car.
2. looking at this from a numbers point of view itís clear. The TJ is worth more, more presentable to women, and more reliable.
3. the CJ is a classic and the TJ is a Chrysler production line cookie cutter model (please no flames, I do like the TJ, theyíre just no CJ)
4. I know every part of that CJ (I fixed most of them) with the Tj I wouldnít be able to make most the repairs.
Thanks for you input.
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

First off, don't let your father "trade in" the CJ for a 2003 TJ, the dealer won't give you half of what it's worth. Sell it privately, he'd be much better off. Along those lines, you could sell the CJ, and use the money to purchase a more reliable vehicle.

You didn't mention your financial situation, but that's none of our business, however, if finances permit, why not park the CJ, and buy a newer vehicle (doesn't have to be a Jeep).

Does your father have another reliable driver, maybe you could do a temporary trade, he gets the CJ to drive around when necessary, you offer to help him with repairs, if needed he can drive around his other vehicle. Meanwhile, you drive around the TJ until the CJ is more reliable, or you can afford a newer more reliable vehicle.

You asked for options, I hope this helps.

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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

I agree. Dont EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER E V E R !!!!!! TRade a CJ to a dealer. They will rape you 6 ways from tuesday. If you HAVE to sell it, try Ebay....people are ALWAYS paying WAY TOO MUCH for CJs on there.

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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

If your dad is offering to trade you, go ahead and trade him.
You will have a more reliable Jeep than your so called old classic. Drive it, enjoy it, and see how you like it. If you decide to get rid of it, sell it and square up with your father, and go buy another Old Classic, its not like they arent available.
If you decide you like it and want to keep it, then settle with your father for what you think fair by doing something extraordinary for him, when you can afford it better.
Dads are one of the few people who can offer a hand and not make you feel beholding to them. Its his perogative, dont deny him of it, if he has the means and desire to help you.

Edit: Besides he may just be looking for an excuse to buy an new 03 Rubi edition TJ
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

I would prolly do the dumb thing and keep the CJ, mine means that much to me. I have a lot of blood, sweat and tears in her and would hate to have start over buying higher priced TJ stuff. Your right about one thing, you can work on the older CJs but the TJ is a differant story. My friend's TJ is in the shop with (he thinks) a bad $400 computer. I just smile thinking mine don't have a computer and a bunch of sensors. Like any CJ owner, I have fixed or replace lots of stuff on my old jeep and I would not be afraid to drive it almost anywhere now. YES, you can get to that point believe it or not! Like H8 said, dads don't mind doing for their kids. I don't think I would worry about it too much if I were you. We all need a helping hand from time to time. Doing something really nice for him is a great idea if you decide to trade. My friend just called while typing this and the computer price is up to $650, ouch! It does suck having your toy being your daily driver when you are having problems, been there, done that. I have had to bum a ride a time or two while trying to find parts. Do what you want to do and what makes you happy. Good luck!
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

I couldn't agree more. I Love my CJ, it seems like I am always fixing something on it, but it is mine, made the way I want it, actually most of the mods are home made with ideas from this board. I have a lot of pride in her, its a daily driver, driven about 60-70 miles a day (just to get to work and back) on some of the most treacherous rodes around Detroit. I had a TJ, too expensive, and I know that whatever breaks Ican fix it for a very resonable price without much troubleshooting, simple stuff. My wife has a '01 sahara, and it is nice, but I still rather drive mine, lifted with 33's, and a lot of other stuff. Uncomfortable as it may be sometimes, it still turns heads because it is a CJ, and CJ's are becoming more rare around these parts. Good luck with the descision.
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

Well, thanks for the input guys. It's good to know there are die-hard CJ fans out there that understands my dilemma. I guess Iíll do the trade and start saving up for another CJ.
Thanks again
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

regarding the whole CJ or TJ thing.... that is personal preference. TJs are new now, not much time or use has passed to age parts and wear out parts - so they will be more reliable. When CJs not yet classics but AMC cookie-cutter models without many years or miles... seems like to me - they also were reliable. The trick then is to replace everything on your CJ... (hehe) yeah right.
You make that call, on which to drive. I've owned both. I liked both. Each has good & bad points... already mentioned in this thread.

Which better suits your needs and wants? My wants are a CJ-7 w/258 and 33s but my needs are a reliable second car for work and family, that uses less fuel. So... I have a '95 Neon to meet the needs and a rusty CJ w/leaky 258 and 30s which I am excited for every foot I get to drive.

regarding working on a TJ because it is too complex... don't sweat it. You can fix it. An '83 CJ is more complex than a '53 CJ ...think about a while. Yet we still consider the '83 CJ "simple". A TJ is just about the most "simple" and "archaic" (good things) <font color=red>new</font color=red> vehicle available today. TJs have computer controls on the engine... what else? In a world of computer controlled transmissions, climate systems, sound systems, traction systems, headlights, brakes, all wheel drive, etc, etc, etc ...TJ keeps it simple. TJs are not packed into a 'cab forward' unitized platform where engine mounts need to be removed to replace spark plugs. TJ still uses the same basic technology that has been building trucks since the 50s.
You can maintain, modify, fix, repair and whatever else on a TJ. You may need to buy a few more special tools and you may need to use a shop for diagnostic service if you don't want to purchase a home model diagnostic computer. Don't be afraid of aluminum, fuel injection and plastic interior... it is still nuts, bolts, clips and plugs - same as it ever was.

last - I agree with the others... do not trade the CJ in to a dealer. 99 times out of a hundred, a CJ is worthless to a dealer. That poor Jeep will likely not get the treatment or home it should have. You, the Jeep too, will be much better off to sell it outright. Much.
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

Been there too...still there!!!!! Engine went...could have sold but am upgrading to 4.0L almost done! IT's been a year...SEE PIC
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Re: CJ for TJ, even trade. What do you think?

dude don't do it, you have put tons of time and money into the cj, if worse comes to worse find a civic or something to drive when the cj is down. If your dad was going to keep the cj then that would be a different story but if it's getting traded in dont' do it. Maybe jeepngreg will chime in on this one he just traded his cj in for a tj.

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